Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 21)


Recap = uv tells leela about what happened with twinkle and twinj romantic dance…

Episode 21
Twinkj feels awkward but thought not to show to each other .

Mahi and usha were standing together .

Mahi to usha = ma u r also thinking the same what i m thinking .

U = i dont know what are u thinking (Funny tune plays) but i m thinking that whether there is a relation between kunj and twinkle .

M = ma m alsso thinking the same i think twinj have feelings for each other .

U = if it will be true then will be most lucky mother in law .

Mahi = ma but still we have to know that thay are in relation or not .

Usha nods .

In morning ??????

Twinj and mahi came for breakfast .
Mahi thinks to tease them .

M = bro u r such a gud dancer , u hid ur talent so easily from us . And that too u r a couple dancer . I…….. ……….. i mean great .

K = mahi so what big in it .

M = big its huge ………….. u know i feel there is something between u and twinkle . (In teasing manner )

Twinkle spills water???? from mouth and coughs badly .

Kunj also shocked ????. But her anger got lost when he notice twinkle coughing badly . He offers her water ???.

K =u ok

Twinkle nods .???

T = (acting sweetly ) mahi i think u r thinking so much and also i must say that ur thinking level has grown so high bring it down and also there is nothing between me and mr. Sarna . Right mr. Sarna. ????

K = offcourse miss . Twinkle .

They nods.

In office ,????
Twinkle was busy in doing work . Then she got a call??? from kunj who ordered her to come in his cabin .

When she went in his cabin . He was busy on the call ???.

After call

K = Miss . Twinkle i called u here because i want u to do a work . Actually Mr .Raheja owner of biggest fashion ???industry , wants me to sponser a fashion??? show . So i want u to do full research and tell me it will be benificial for me or not . And plz tell me before afternoon??? because clients will be coming i have to answer them .

She nods and leaves .

In afternoon ????

Twinkle = Sir according to me u should invest on it . As it will act as a advertisement for our company .

K = Miss . Twinkle i hope u would have taken such a decision with much understanding .

Twinkle nods and says yes sir .

K = then its okey after 1 hour ⌚⌚clients are coming . I will say yes to them .

Twinkle leaves .

Scene 2

Anita consoles leela and make her drink water .

Anita = actually i came to tell u that your and my company has been merged as per ur wish and i have made u as a owner of 51 percent shares …… (leela looks at her )

L = i know what u needed give me papers i will sign it . ( tries to smile )

Uv gave her papers and she signed it .

Uv = ma now u can relax at home even u can come to luthra s mansion . U can spend some time with us rather than been lonely .

L = beta i feel connected with twinkle over here .

All nodded after spending some more time they left ……

When they left .

Leela (thinks ) = twinkle of u would love then u could see ur both mouthers got united ..

She cries a lot ….

Leela = i know twinkle u r alive . Plz come baxk to ur mumma . I missing u alot . ….. ( she sobs ) .. and these luthras i know they have done something with u … thats why i decided to stay in touch with them so that i can get any clue about u ….. ( her eyes became red that was due to anger and crying ) …….. and this merge of company is just to gain their trust ..

Scene 3

After 1 and half hour⌚⌚⌚

Twinkle got call on her mobile ????. She picked it . It was of mahi .

Mahi = Hello twinkle .

T = hi mahi .

M = twinkle actually bhai was not picking call . So thought to call u .

T = actually mahi Mr. Sarna is busy with clients . Any special message .

M = ya offcourse , actually inform bhai that i need money for a fashion show .

T = ok i will inform .

M = twinkle u know its one of the famous fashion show .

T = what s the name of the show .

M = twinkle seriously i dont remember the name clearly . U know its the first show which will be sponsored by a big company of delhi . And this show is of Mr . Raheja .(twinkle shocked ?????) ……… …………

She dropped the phone and started running towards , kunj cabin .
When she entered , she saw kunj was about to sign the contract papers .
She ran and throw the contract deed .

Precap =
Kunj tells twinkle to leave her job…

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