tashan e aashiqui (Episode 2)


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so here’s the episode 2

Epi sode 2

Its morning . Twinkle wakes up . and found herself in the corner , with no time she realized that she slept on the floor only when she was crying . she immediately stood up . and saw uv sleeping on the bed . she goes to bathroom and comes after wearing pink and purple colour salwar suit . she is looking stunning in it . then she rushes to downstairs.

At Luthras house
Uv wakes up and doesn’t find twinkle there( . he was wearing black coloured trouser with black coloured upper wear. )so started searching in whole house . but doesn’t find her anywhere . so he started calling anita .
Uv = mom mom plz come out .
Anita comes out yawning and she was wearing cream colour gown .
A = what happen uv why are u shouting In the morning.

Uv = mom twinkle was no where seen . so I become tensed. Then thought to ask from u .
Anita ‘s eyes become wide and started smiling, says =
That means she have left this house . now I will tell taneja’ s that how much her daughter was weak that she wasn’t able to spend a single day in her in law’s family . wow . new morning with this much good news . if she commits suicide then it will be much better
Uv who was fed up and seems tensed .
Uv = (shouts ) stop it ma .

Anita = don’t u know how to talk with your mother . u are disrespecting ur mother 4 twinkle .now twinkle and her mother will have to bow their heads before me .
suddenly they hear a voice that was of twinkle, who was standing on door and listened everything . She shouts
T = that will never happen because u r like my mother so daughters don’t touch their feet they hug each other .
Anita gets irritate with her answer and leaves
Uv = twinkle where u went I was so tensed ( thinks as u became my responsibility after our marriage )

Scene in gurudwarah
Twinkle is sitting over there and reminding about yesterdays incident . tears rolled down from her eyes.
T ( thinks ) = baba g what had happened with me I never evr expected dis . ma was right always but I always neglected her advice . now what I shud do I don’t know . I cant even step back . what will I say to ma , if she will forgive me then also I will be become the reason of her disrespect . bcoz society wil think this only that I was not able to handle my family so I return back . what shud I do baba g plz help me.

She stood up and come forward and bowed her head ,bend down, making her forehead touching the floor . when she stood up and turned back she saw a priest standing in front of her .
Priest = the questions u kept before the god was already answered by u , u cant return back , u told this , so u know what to do , if savitri can bring her husband back into life then a lady can do any thing . have patience. Some one is waiting for u but god has given u some work . so first complete it . then the 1 who is waiting 4 u will took u with himself.
Then he left .

Twinkle was confused . she was’nt able to understand any thing.
Flashback ends
Twinkle = I went to gurudwarah ( who is still angry after the last night incidence , gets astonished why he got worried for her ) yuvraj g
Uv = don’t call me g and I have opened the room next to my room , u can live there . Because there is no relationship of husband and wife between us.
Twinkle Feels hurt after listening this.

uv = mom made me to do this . But I can’t escape from my responsibilities.
He leaves

Twinkle also the leave for her room. She entered her room and sit on bed . She start reminding about recent twiraj’s conversation .
She thinks = now which side of uv was it . He said I m his responsibility and he is only who broke my trust . and that priest what he was saying I cant understand anything.

Precap =

uv = its sari i brought it 4 u …………..
………..uv mesmerised to see twinkle in sari

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hey mannat is its twinj r twiraj ff…if its twiraj ff I’m nt gonna read it as I’m fed up of psycho UV in two serial…plz make it twinj ff

    1. Sidmin
      After few epi it kunj will get entry
      So it will becum twinj ff
      But u have 2 wait 4 it

  2. yrrr vvv nice.. bt is kunj waiting fr tw.. and uv does he loves her.. its twinj or twiraj pleazz clear this confusion

    1. yashu it will be cleared soon.
      just wait and stay tuned

  3. it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice
    loved it
    waiting for next epi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks fiona

  4. hey it hv 2 b nyc bt yah as u said i ll w8 fr kunj n read it

    1. thank u baby

  5. Awesome loved it

    1. thanks sam

  6. Twinju(Bhavika)

    hey mannat actuaaly i got your ff’s name in another ff “ishq ka junoon” and so i started ed this episreading it is really fab but i am really sorry to hurt u but if it is twiraj ff then i would not read any episode and if it is twinj then i will not miss a single episode …..also please read my ff “dilon ki dastan” if u get time and also please please please comment …loved this episode …do cont..

    1. twinju thank u that u read my ff
      and i m reading ur ff sometimes. but now onwards i will drop comment
      about twiraj or twinj epi i will reveal it soon
      plz be it suspense 4 some days

  7. Oh I got it firstly twiraj n den twinj btw ws osm n amazing epi dear loved it

    1. N waiting for kunj to cum……

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