Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 18)

Thank u alll my readers . I know m very much late but m sorry actually i was trying to post it from so much days ,firstly it was not written up due to my exams. And secondly tu was not pasting . I dont know it would be posted or not .

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And about sid leaving tei i m feeling so hurt but i think these ff will make his memories alive in our memory . So dear writers dont quit writing ur ff.

Enough of my bak bak here is my ff


Recap = Twinkle work got selected by kunj and praised . Kunj wishe s for twinkle . Some past scenes about uv and anita

Now in present

At night .

Twinj came back . Usha was busy in kitchen .

K = ma where is mahi ?

U = woh beta she would be coming ,may be struck somewhere . U both go and change .

Just then mahi enters .

And she started revolving twinkle .

M = i m so happy. I am so happy . Twinkle .

T = but what happen ?

M = I am getting a lead role in film ……….. yeah .

All become super happy . ?????

T = congo mahi .???

U = Congratulations mahi , may god always bless u .
(She hugs her )

M = Thanks ma

K = Hey doll congo . (Hugging her )

M = Thanks bhai .

M = so all of u tomorrow , I am throwing party for myself in this u all are invited . And the party is tomorrow at 8 pm .

All in one tone = Yes Mam

Then they all laugh .

At night

Twinkle was in her room . She thought .
I HAVE TO BUY A DRESS ???FOR TOMORROW’S PARTY …….. I WILL GO FOR SHOPPING AFTER OFFICE . ………………………………………………………………………………YA BUT FROM WHERE I WILL GET MONEY .?.?.?…………………………………….. TOMORROW I WILL THiNK ABOUT THIS…………………………………………………………………………………

And she slept .

In office

Twinkle was all day busy in doing work .

In evening

She dont even realized that her working was over . She was still busy in doing work .

Kunj came out from his cabin . He saw twinkle still busy in doing work . He entered his cabin . But she was so much busy in doing work that she didn’t noticed him . So he cleared his throat in a manner of getting attraction .

Twinkle = gud afternoon Sir .

K = gud evening miss twinkle.

Then twinkle noticed its the time of her pack up.

Twinkle = oh my god its 6 . (Panicking)

K = yess mam its 6 . Come on lets go as today is mahi’s party also.

T = oh ya i totally forgot . Ya u go i am coming . (Twinkle thinks = its better if i will not go )

Kunj nods and went .

Twinkle came out after 30 mins .
When she came down , kunj was still waiting for her . Twinkle shocked .

T = u………. (in stumbling voice )

K = actually i was waiting for u .

T = but why (in stumbling voice )

K = actually ur driver told me that he needs a leave . So he went ……and i was waiting for u as u dont know the path .

T = okey lets go . (Thinking = oh god now what excuse i will make for not attending party , i dont have dress and money ………what i will do know)

K = lets go (shaking her )

Twinkle nods .

And she drives the car by following him . She was still in trouble .but with no answer .

Finally home came . She come out of car with trouble in her mind . She started moving towards door of house . But with much difficulty , fully lost .

Just then kunj calls her
K = twinkle .

Twinkle turned back and looked at him .
K = twinkle i have brought something for u .

T = what

He handles her a packet and told it to wear on this party .
Twinkle looks in her eyes .

Kunj (thinks ) = i knew u was not having any dress so i brought for u ..

Twinkle (thinks )=but why ?

Kunj (thinks ) = dont know

Twinkle nods and went inside taking packet .

When they entered ,

Usha was busy in doing work ,when they came . Usha tells them.

U = kunj and twinkle u r coming now . See how much work is left and u both even have ñ’t got ready . Go first get ready and then come down quickly .

K = ma u dont take tension ,……

U = dont talk to me , first get ready and then come to me ……

Kunj and twinkle leaves …….


Twinj romantic dance . ????


Sorry if it is short . But my exams are going on . So was able to write this much only . My exams are upt 19 . But i will try to post in between.

Love u all

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