Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 17)


So sorry got late as my exams are going on so got little time and thought to write next epi .
Thanku all my readers .

So here is the episode

Recap = Twinkle came in the office and got a car and mobile from company . When twinkle was showing her modelling skills to mahi , her foot got stuck and she fell in the arms of kunj …..???????

So here is episode

This time no when disturbed them . But kunj came in senses .

K = u cant see and walk . (Speaking slowly but they were still in that position )

T = i just got stuck .

K = u r so heavy . (Still in that positon )

T = then leave me . (Irritatingly )

And kunj left her . Twinkle fell on the floor . Mahi stand their shocked . ???

T = (angrily )what u have done .???

K = u told me to leave u , so i left u .

Mahi helps her in standing up . Kunj leaves from there .

T (angrily) = khadoos .????

So finally day comes , when twinkle work have to be checked .????

In morning ,

Twinkle was praying .

T = god u have given me so much , i have forgot even who i am but u took care . So today i will not ask for acceptance of my presentation . Because i know u will give me the best thing i deserve .☺☺☺☺☺

U = twinkle driver have came.

Kunj and mahi shocked . And says together =driver .

Usha = actually twinkle dont know about delhi ,so she asked me for keeping a driver . And now driver has came . Kunj u know he is the father of our driver , raghu .

Kunj nods.

In the office .

Kunj was checking her presentation . Twinkle seems to be tensed .

After few minutes .

K = presentation is very nice , twinkle .

Twinkle got a broad smile on face .????

K = ur ideas were very good. And what about i gave u to check the details of land .

T = ya here it is …

K = so what are ur views about it .

T = sir u should not buy that .

K (looks shocked ) = can u tell me why .

T = sir actually that is forest covered area , we cant desroy land for our selfish purpose .

Kunj gets satisfied by the answer but did’nt show to her .

K = miss twinkle u r telling geographical reason can u tell me some economic reasons.???

T = sir economic reason is u have to pay first for clearance of land then u have to pay for the employees who will employed ther to take them there .. and many wild animals must be roaming around. So i should say no to u .

K = ok but ………….. let me read ur file .

He reads .

Kunj after sometime . = miss twinkle very well done . Good job .

T = sir if u dont mind can i ask u 1 thing .

K = whats that .

T = sir this work not only done by me , that is my team who supported me . I want u to appreciate my team also .

K = offcourse i will.

After few minutes her team came . Kunj congratulate them and they ??? clapped for themselves .

In afternoon .

Twinkle was so tired . She ordered for a coffee . An old man came (lets name him shambhu )

Sh = coffee .

Twinkle was busy in doing work .

Sh = beta coffee .☕☕☕☕☕

T = oh ya , uncle keep it .

Sh = daughter all have gone 4 lunch .????

T = ya i know but work is also important .

Sh = but u should not mix health and profession.

His words touches twinkles heart .

T =ok bring lunch for me .

He brought lunch for her . He was leaving but stopped by twinkle ‘ s voice .

T = uncle u have ate ?

Sh = no , just going to eat .

T = will u eat with me .

Shambhu was so much surprised .

Sh = daughter no one eats with a peon .

T = so what u r my elder , and u r like my dad will u eat with me . Plz dont say no .

She insisted so much (that i would not be able to say no ???????? just jocking ). Finally he agreed and he bring his tiffin .

Sh =what’s ur name daughter ?

T = Twinkle .

Sh = very nice name .

And they were eating silently . Just then kunj enters . He was astonished to see them like that . But before he could speak anything ……

Shambhu = kunj beta see twinkle is so much nice . With a peon , some people even dont talk with me properly and she insisted him to eat with her . MAY god bless her.

Anf he leaves .
K .(thinks ) =twinkle ‘s heart is so pure and filled with love . I wish she get love in her life in return of this love .

K = Miss Twinkle actually i came to tell u that the presentation u have made was for a contract and clients are coming to see in evening . I want u to present in evening . So be prepare at evening

Twinkle nods.

In evening .

Twinkle presented the presentation and clients liked it very much . So they got contract . Kunj and twinkle was very much happy. Kunj smiles at twinkle.

Precap =

Kunj and twinkle ‘ s dance . ????

Credit to: Mannat

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