Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 16)

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Episode 16

Scene 1

At luthras
Yuvi came down and ask for forgiveness from chinki .

Uv = chinki m sorry ….

C = its ok bhai …

And the duo hug each other .

Anita comes there and see them hugging and smiles ……

A = my lovely children …….???

Uv and chinki smiles .

A =uv lets go to temple , i want to pray lord for my house happinesss and also i want to ask forgiveness of my bad deeds ….

In temple
Anita uv and chinki pray .

They all start serving the poors . Uv saw an old man and offered him some food .???

Then old man start murmuring .

” Child for whom u r mourning , she was never ur’s . She have came in ur life to make it livily . She have gifted u so many things just look around and look ur family . She have gone with her hapiness . Forget her . ”

And he became silent and start eating food . Uv stands their numb .

Then anita comes to him and they went .

In car ???

Anita tells uv to take them to leela .

Scene 2
At sarna ‘s ?????

At home .

U = twinkle how do u know this song .

T = aunty g even i m confused about it . My head will blast thinking it .

U = dont take tension ,go to ur room and take rest .

Twinkle leaves.

K = ma whats the matter .

U = kunj plz ………………

K = ma plz tell

U = kunj , the song today twinkle sang was actually made by ur father and me

Mahi and kunj gives confused look .

U = ur father and i made this song on the name of our love .

K = ma , papa died . Then who taught this song to twinkle .

M =this question can only be answered by twinkle

U = we have to wait for her memory .

In morning .???

Kunj came down wearing white color shirt with black jean .

Mahi came wearing one piece of red color .

Twinkle came wearing black jeans eith red top . She was looking stunning .

All have their breakfast silently . Then all started leaving .

K = twinkle i have told driver?? , he will leave u . As i have some work , i will come later .

T = nods .

Twinkle left in a car?? .

Car stopped near the building of a office named SARNA INDUSTRY . ???

She went inside . She saw receptionist (lets name her sonali ) and she went there .

Sonali = how may i help u ?

T = actually i want to meet MR. KUNJ SARNA .

S = does he know

T = yes

S = what’s ur name ? Mam

T = Miss twinkle .

S = so u r twinkle . (Twinkle get surprised )

Actually sir called me and told me that u havee been appointed as vice president of this company . So u r welcome mam??? . Let me take u to sir .

Twinkle nods. Shonali bring her in kunj’s cabin . Kunj was busy on working with laptop . Shonali ask 4 permission and she got . So they both entered . . . . . . As they entered , just then few more people entered .

K = so ladies and gentleman here is our new vice president . Miss Twinkle ….

( all people came and congratulate her . Some present bouque???? to her . And also kunj was introducing to everyone . So to make easy for her .)

Then all left except shonali and twinkle .

K = so miss twinkle , shonali will show u ur cabin and i hope u will do ur work with full dedication . (With full attitude )

T = (thinks) ya offcourse khadoos

Twinkle silently nods . And they both left . Shonali shows her cabin and she went inside . She looked around . And there was window she looked through it she saw big big roads of delhi . After mins she sat down on her seat . Just then phone kept on the table rings ☎☎☎. She picked it .

It was of kunj .

K = miss. Twinkle plz come in my cabin .

T = sure .

And she went there .

K = miss twinkle from company u have been gifted a car ??and mobile??? . (Handling her keys a???and mobile ??)

And u have to make a presentation for the project . (He tells her detail ) u have time of 2 days and also i have made team for u , with them u have to tell me whether i should buy this land (giving file ) or not . Ur team will come to ur cabin .okey

She nods .

K = now u may leave .

And she left .????

Then she went to her cabin . After few mins their was a knock on her door.??

T = come in .

Then she saw their was a full team .

T = come in mishra g .

Then they talk about their project .???

In evening .

All left and twinkle came out of her cabin with the keys in hand . She went outside and found a brand new car???? standing there . She went towards it . When she was opening the door . Her eyes fell on the door of office. Kunj was coming out . She says thank u from facial expression. But he didn’t respond and went in his car .

Twinkle feels disgusted .

T = khadoos .

And she drove off . But she was not knowing the way , just then she got kunj ‘s call.

K= twinkle just follow me.

And twinkle followed him.??

They reach home .

At home

Twinkle and kunj enters . They saw mahi was doing modelling by seeing on tv . Mahi notice them .

M = hey twinkle (came to her ) how was ur day .

T = It was very nic Mahi . U know ur brother that kha….. ( she forgots kunj is standing behind him , but just then she remembers ) i mean Mr .Sarna has given me a car and this mobile . So u can expect how was the day . (Happily )?????

M = that i can judge from ur smile .

T = yup , u was doing modelling .

M = ya u know .

T =nope . But let me show u once .

She started doing modelling .she was looking awesum . Then she turned , stopped in middle and started moving . Just then her foot got stuck and she was about to fall …….??????

But kunj hold her on time . Twinkle’s hand rested on kunj ‘s chest . ????Kunj ‘s hand on twinkle’s waist and 1 at her back .??? Both were looking so cute . ????

Precap =
Not yet decided


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