Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 15)


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Episode 15

Recap : twinkle sang and uv throws chinki out from room and some flashback seens .

At luthras

At luthra’s

Chinki , started crying . She came down weeping and she got hit with Anita . Anita noticed her .

A = y are u crying

C = none of ur business .(sobbing)

A = chinki y u r behaving like this with me .

C = this behaviour of mine hurts u , ha . U know when i lost my mother ur behaviour also hurts me . And u know dad took me from here but i never got what i have lost . And because of u bro in this state….

A = y u r alleging me for twinkle ‘ s death .

C = i m not alleging u for twinkle ‘s death but for bro ‘ s condition . Because if u would have filled bro ‘s life with love then he would not have crying by loosing his love …
She leaves …..

Anita (thinks) = u r saying right chinki in my whole life i have not filled colors in any one ‘s life . But always made their colorless. Now see my house itself got colorless . This house has lost all his happiness . (Tears rolled down from her eyes .)

The she went to uv ‘ s room . She knocked the door . He didnt opened it. Then she insisted to open d door . After her much insistence he opened the door .

A = uv ur and mine pain is same . We both have lost our loved once . When they were with us we never cared for them much but when they have gone . We have became a dead life .(crying and sobbing)

Uv = but ur pain is for 1 person i have lost my dad and twinkle . (Crying )

A = but pain is pain . U know i dont want to loose now any single person , that s why i accepted chinki . (Sobbing)

U = mom ………(sobbing)

A = uv i dont know what was the matter but u should not have treated chinki like this …….

U = ma i m sorry i will say sorry to her ….

She nods and leaves from his room .

Uv reminscing a flashback


In morning???

Twinkle wake up by a knock . She stood up from the bed and was going to open the door , just then she remembered the pillows partition and she hurriedly removed all pillows and kept them on their place. Uv was still sleeping . Then she opened the door , it was Madhav .

T = uncle aap (u ) ………….

M = daughter i have brought tea for u both ????

T = uncle why u are doing so much for us , u should have called me for help .

M = daughter u enjoy this . We will talk later.

Twinkle nods

Twinkle holds tray from his hand and came inside .
He placed the tray on the table .And went for taking shower ?????.

When she came . Uv was wake and sitting on bed ,enjoying tea .. ??. She came wearing Light green colour salwar suit . Uv looked at her , mesmerised . But he came to senses soon and

T = u go and freshen up i will go and check what can i cook for breakfast .

Uv nods and went to bathroom .

T (thinks ) = uv i know u r sad as u always get loosing the relations but now i will join u with ur dadda and chinki soon .

Then she went in kitchen and made breakfast . ????As she was cooking , just then madhav came . They started doing work with gossiping .

M = daughter uv is just like his father .

T = i dont know uncle because i havent seen him.

M = but i have seen him u know he havent changed till now , he is same till now.

Twinkle feel something fishy .

T = uncle if i ask anything will u tell me truth fully .

(Uv also came there , but no one noticed )

M = offcourse daughter .

T = Then tell me where is dad and chinki ?

All became shocked .

T = i know u know his address plz tell me . (Tears rolled down her cheeks ) u know uv was searching them from so many years . Plz tell me 2 uncle , i want that uv unites with his family . U know uncle how much uv has searched for them . Plz uncle tell me.

All became emotional.

M=ok i will tell call him.

Twinkle turned and find him standing . Uv got the address .

U =twinkle come we have to go.

M = uv ur dad is in hospital and he dont know anything about ur marriage . Doctor has told not to stress him . So i must tell its better not to take twinkle with u .

They nods . And uv leaves ,leaving twinkle with uncle .
Flashback ends .

Scene 2

When the song ends ,twinkle came to her senses . Then she came down from stage .

T = (thinks ) how do i know this song . I think i should ask from that boy .

Before she can walk towards the boy , mahi came to twinkle .

M= u didnt tell that u r such gud at singing

Twinkle didnt respond as her eyes were searching that boy .

T (thinks ) = where he has gone now (she was unable to find due to heavy rush .

M = where have u lost .

Twinkle still doesnt answer .then mahi shakes her . Twinkle came to senses .

T = ya

M = where u have lost

T = no where , where is aunty g ?

M=i dont know let us find .

They found them . And saw usha was looking tensed and kunj was asking 4 the reason .

M = what happen bhai ?

K = see ma is looking so much tensed , still she dont want to share with us the reason .

U = leave it , lets go home .

They all leave for the house . And twinkle was still in confused state

Precap =
Twinkle in office


i know it was short but plz bear it .
As my eyes are not still allowing me .

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Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Sidmin(twinj)

    Hey mannat take care of ur health first later u cn write…n cuming to epi it ws k…plz end dis fb n show twinj scenes… dis UV s really irritating both in ffs n serial…btw I’m having doubt whether it twinj ff r twiraj ff… plz clear my doubt

    1. Thanks sidmin

  2. Good going mannat

    1. Take care abt ur health dear

      1. Thank u so much anushka

  3. I just hope it’s twinkle and yuvi.. ??

    1. Mariah it will be revealed with story line only

  4. Wow….really liked trhe ff….

    1. Thanks rashi

  5. Good one …..

    1. Thanks panchi

  6. Amazing epi dear loved it

    1. Thanks zikra

  7. Twinju(bhavika)

    mannat dear i am really sorry to say but i did not understand anything it is tooo much confusing if you can then plzzz write a short summary otherwise i would not be able to read so plzz i want to read it as in starting it was awesome but now i think i have to leave it so plzz if u can then write it

    sorrrryyy if i hurt u

    1. Twinju so for u summary is here .

      As we know uv throws chinki out of his room , because due ti her twinkle ‘ s photo was broken . Then chinki came down crying . And she hit with anita and then they had a convo . Then anita went to uv ‘ s room and made him realize that he does not behaved gud with chinki . And with their convo came to know that for them twinkle and uv ‘ s dad is died. And anita has accepted chinki . She went leaving uv and then uv returns to flashback . …….. in flashback twinkle understood by madhav ‘s word’s that he knew some thing about uv ‘s father . So she pleads him to give his address . And he gives but also tells them that uv s dad is in hospital ‘, so he should not take twinkle with him . And he went leaving twinkle with madhav uncle . Back in present , twinkle sang song and when she came in senses she realized that she sang a song . So she decided to talk to boy with whom she sang but before she can talk the boy went and mahi took her . And when they came to usha and kunj ,they find usha tensed . ……… reason unknown …….

      For reason plz read my next epi

      Hope ur doubts cleared now

      Thanks for commenting

  8. Mannat take care of ur health.
    Yrr plz show twinj scenes …waiting for their story to start.
    Plzzz don’t make it as TWIRAJ.

    1. Sure dear
      Thankz sayeeda

  9. Is it twinj or twiraj ff??? Take care of ur health….

    1. Thanks keerthana

  10. awesome epi mannat
    please take care of your eyes wear sunglasses when writing ff or working with phones or laptops as it protect your eyes from uv rays and take care

    get well soon 🙂 .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanks fiona

  11. mannat i srsly missed ur ff dear…. the epi was damn good butwht happened to ur eyes

    1. Thanks ritzi and sorry got late

  12. It was really really nyc episode…. and concentrate on ur health… get well soon?

    1. Thankew Hima .S

  13. Hey, take care of your health! Hope you are feeling better. Great episode! And get well soon 🙂

    1. Thanks jaya

  14. Hi dear. I liked both the flashback and the current track. I was really waiting for your ff. take care and get well soon ??

    1. Thaank u saya
      Love u

  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    is this a twiraj or twinj ff.?plz make it twinj….n show some twinj scenes plz….otherwise…it is the good story line

    1. Thanks tamanna

  16. Awesome but longer next

    1. Thanks sam

  17. Awsum… 🙂

    1. Thhanks ruchi

  18. awesome…… keep it up…

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