Tashan e aashiqui (Episode 14)


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Here is episode 14

(Uv is reminscing flahback ,so it is flashback )

At Night

Yuvi was standing near window . Her eyes was filled with tears . Some rolled down on his cheek . Then he felt a hand on his shoulder . He realized it was of twinkle.

Uv = i was about 9 years old when a girl came in my life , she was about 3 years old . Dadda told me that she is ur sister . But mom and dad ‘s dad fights go on increasing .
(Crying )
Then one day i came to know that chinki is dadda ‘ s illegimate child . Mom was not ready to accept her . Then me and mom shifted on 1st floor . And dadda down . But for me chinki was my little sister . Like this 2 years passed . But no one was happy .

One day

Mom asked dadda about his right from the property . Then again fights began . Then one day
(His eyes got widen with tears rushing out )

I saw dadda was carrying Chinki in his hand . And he left in the car . He never came back .

He has named all the property on mom’s name . Then we came to know before naming the property he had bought a house for himself . But where it is we never came to know .

Then mom started becoming rude day by day . She even forgot that i am her child . Got fed up with her so i decided to go in hostel . I went . But when i returned , i was enough grown up . Then i decided i will bring dadda back and complete my family with chinki .

But when i returned , I tried a lot to find them but in vain . Then one day Mom came to me and said i know what u need .

She added = i know u r finding chinki and ur dadda .

I was shocked . I dont know how she came to know about this .

Then she said that she knew their address but she will give me only , when i will avree to do one work .
(His voice got stammer )

The work was marrying u .

(Twinkle got tears in her eyes.)

Uv = but i was in middle . So i decided to marry u but the matter was not so much easy , the work was to play with ur emotions .

(Both got years in their eyes )
When i refused then she started blackmailing for chinki ‘s name .

After marriage when i asked her about chinki and dadda . She said she never knew about them . It was all her plan to make u marry me.

When i listened this i became super shocked . Many questions revolving in my mind but without answer . Then one thing i understood that she has became inhuman .

(Both were still in tears)

But what i did with u i was not able to even watch in ur eyes . And what today mom has did, i will never be able to forgive myself .

Plz if u can forgive me Twinkle then ……… (words got stuck in his throat )

He joined his hands , in the seek of forgiveness.

But twinkle holds his hand and says = dont do that u r not at fault . U know i alwas felt that u r a good guy and see my doubt cleared . now our mission will be to find dadda and chinki . And we will do it together . Ok . Now sleep .

Uv = u sleep on bed i will sleep on floor .

T = we both will sleep on bed (uv looked at her with surprise ) we will make partition with pillow.

He nods and they slept by doing partition .

Flashback ends


Scene 2

Usha , twinkle and mahi were waiting 4 kunj .
Kunj came and gave all 4 bags 2 mahi .

M = these 3 are mine and………. 1 is of twinkle .

Kunj and usha get surprised . Before they can speak anything . They hear some voice .

It was of a boy who was host (lets first hear what he want to say then we will judge him and let us name him aryan )

Aryan = hello everyone today i came to choose a singing talent from all of u , those who want to take participate just come we will judge . And the winner will get awesome amount . So whose ready for it . And yeah there are few instruments u can use them also . So hurry up and give ur name wid fee .

Kunj , usha,mahi and twinkle were listening to it very keenly .

T = i think u shud try (in teasing manner ) mahi

U = dont say this twinkle . If she will sing then full mall will get empty in just few seconds


All laugh . Mahi gives fuming look

M = what do u want to say ma , that my voice is this much bad .

U = no baby i just said that u have bad memory .

K = leave it now .lets go home.

M = bhai wait na lets see who will be the winner .

U = beta let them enjoy

Kunj nods.

For participation there were not many people. As they were not taking part in it .

Competition started .

Many participants sang and many went by making others laugh . Just then a boy came .

B = from a long time , i want to become a singer . I am orphan . But my teacher is my mentor . So a tribute to him . And i must tell this song belongs to him .

He started singing the song .

It was ( dua from film shanghai )

When the music played ,twinkle feels attracted towards the song . Her feet automatically start moving towards the stage . She then went on stage .

She started the song .

Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai

Boy got astonished but continued the song.

Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

(And then they song together very well. )

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye
Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

Then song ends.

(Not to make it more confusing the singer boy was the student of mr. Manohar sarna . But he was much senior from d batch of twinkle and uv )

Precap =

Twinkle in office ……….


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