tashan e aashiqui (Episode 12)

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Episode 12 ( )

Twinkle become tensed . Kunj notice this .

K = mom who was that .

U = I don’t know

K = so let me guess . …………………………………………………Its twinkle…..

Twinkle became surprised .

K = u know how I guessed . Because ma and mahi never did this . Why you did this

T = ( gets afraid ) actually yesterday I wasn’t able to sleep , I was feeling thirsty . I came in kitchen to fetch water . When I was returning and was passing from outside ur room . ( I forgot to tell that their rooms are in same corridor . ) then I listened ur computer making sounds for battery low . I felt something fishy . Then I came in ur room and found u sleepy . And then when I gone through documents I felt it very easy . So I did it .

K = why u have done it u know because of u , I …………………………

T (thinks ) = again a new siyappa .

U = kunj tell ……….. What happened about the contract .

M = bhai tell na what happened ……. ( tensedly ) u …. Did not got contract

K = no ………. ( all become tensed ) ………………….. ………………… I mean I got contract ……

All become happy .

T ( thinks ) = khadoos sarna . Rather than saying thank u he is scolding me . Khadoos .

M = congo bhai . So lets celebrate .

K = off course mahi .

U = 1 second kunj ………. I think u r forgetting something .

K = what ma ?

U = u should thank twinkle . Due to whom u got this contract .

K = oh ya , so twinkle tell me what u want ?

T ( in her mind ) = still did not spoke thank u seriously khadoos

T = ( in stumbling voice) = what I want …….

K = ya tell me , I can give u what are in my capability .

U = I know what she want , kunj u have seen her work . So give her a job in our industry .

K = what ? ( shocked ) .

U = what happen ?

K = nothing I was just saying she won’t be able to stay even 1 day under my rules .

T = ( disgusted ) oh hello mr . Sarna if u don’t want to give me job then say it clearly . Don’t make excuses .

K = what ……………………… I am making excuses . I bet u want be able to stay even a week .

T = bet

K = bet ( they joined their hands ) .

K = so miss twinkle u have been appointed as vice president of SARNA INDUSTRY . For that I need ur presence in my office from tomorrow by 9 .

M = not tomorrow bhai . As we all are going for shopping tomorrow . So I guess day after tomorrow .

K = ok . Mahi but surely day after tomorrow .

In morning ,

Kunj came down wearing dark brown coloured shirt with mustard color coat and brown color pent . Mahi and usha start laughing after seeing him .
Mahi was wearing beautiful white color top with black jeans . She was looking stunning .

Kunj notice them laughing .

K = why u people are laughing ?

M = we r laughing because u forgot we have to go to mall .

K = no I didn’t forgot . I remembered that , even I m ready also .

M = u remembered still u dressed like this .

K = like this , means ?

Usha = kunj puttar actually mahi wants to say that u shud wear some formal like t-shirt and jeans

K = but ma whats wrong in these clothes .

U = son go and change ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for my happiness .

He nods and went .

He came back wearing light blue color shirt and black color jeans . He was looking dashing .

K = ma now ok

They nods .

Just then twinkle enters . She was wearing blue color jeans with sky blue color top . She was looking awesome . All looked at her with surprise and……………….. ………………….. ……… …………………. kunj was awestruck to see her beauty with simplicity .
When she was climbing the stairs . Kunj’ s mouth started opening . But before anyone notice he closed it .

Usha remembered how she agreed twinkle to wear these clothes . As she was going to wear suits given by usha . But just then usha entered and told twinkle to wear these clothes , which she once bought 4 mahi . But she didn’t wore .

usha = lets go as all are ready ,

they all leave.

precap =

twinkle fell in the arms of kunj .


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