tashan e aashiqui (Episode 11)

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Episode 10

They all come back home .

Twinkle was remembering that priest’s words . Suddenly he saw un clear flashes . And due to which she stood at door only . Usha called her but she didn’t listened . (She was remembering flashback when after marriage she was sitting at gurudwarh and what priest told her . )

All feel something fishy . Then mahi shake her . Twinkle came came in senses .

T = ( unable to speak properly ) yyyyy………..aaaaaaa….mahi

M = where have u lost .

T = actually I saw a priest told me ……. ( and she tells them whole story ) . I m unable to understand anything .

All were not finding words .

U = lets have breakfast .

At break fast table

M = twinkle will u come with me .

T = where ?

M = to meet my friends . So will u come .

T = ya i will come .

M = okey then change and come , we will go .

T = change………….

M = ya wear something modern plz

T = but I don’t have any modern clothes .

U = so what’s the problem today we will go to mall and buy it . As I have to buy many things for home also . And for kunj I have to buy some shirts . So we all will go .

K = not me mom . (he stands up from table ) As I m going to office as its presentation . ( he leaves )

M = mom now what ?

U = we will go tomorrow , ok twinkle .( she nods )

Mahi leaves . As she also have to go for modeling .

In evening .

Usha and twinkle were working in kitchen . They were sharing a great bond . Just then mahi enters .
U = came my doll .

M = twinkle see what I have brought for u .

T = ya empty box ( funny tune plays )

M = no my that prank is over . U see this . ( she shows her a costly mobile set )

Twinkle was shocked to see that .

T = what is this ?

Kunj enters but no one noticed .

M = idiot , its mobile phone (giggling) . (funny tune plays )

T – that I know but I cant take this .

M = why

T = actually mahi this family have many favors on me . ( she became silent for sometime ) . I want to earn all my necessities , plz try to understand don’t take me wrong .

M (confused ) = but twinkle its just a gift . Ok I will not force u . (after sometime )
wel twinkle who will give you job …. (before she can complete )

T = I know what are u talking about ………….. But I think , there will be any company who will judge me with qualities . Not with papers . ( she is not having any degrees in hand ) .

Kunj make some noise to gain attention .

U = u came my son .

K = mom today u know any body have made my presentation in our house , yesterday . ( In angry but still low voice )

Twinkle become tensed . Kunj notice this .


precap =

T (thinks ) = again a new siyappa .

U = kunj tell ……….. What happened about the contract .

M = bhai tell na what happened ……. ( tensedly ) u …. Did not got contract


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  1. Sidmin(twinj)

    nice ff mannat…its unique…I too hv doubt is dis twinj ff r nt…plz make it twinj ff n show sm scenes of twinj…can’t wait to read further plz post asap

  2. Jaya

    I love your ff!! Its going on really well 🙂 Eagerly waiting for the next part. In the meantime, all the best for your exams!

  3. Cutiepie?

    It’s really has a vry gud storyline …n plz make it twinj ff n plz a bit longer episodes they r jus awesome waiting fr next post asap

  4. Mannat amazing epi dear loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz eagerly waiting for d nxt update plzzzzz update soon

  5. l
    and dear u still not answered why did usha and kunj dont know twinkle plzzz tell and i think that kunj would be happy about presentation as it would be good and he will take her in company
    sorry if u feelbad that i yold it and again sorry if i am wrong

    • Mannat

      Thanks twinju

      Anf ur ques was answered in epi 7 , in which its told that for usha ‘s family manohar sarna has been died years ago in accident . So they don’t know about twinkle .

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