tashan e aashiqui (Episode 10)


episode 10

Yuvraj got tears in his eyes . And he ran to his room . And slammed the door .
He started crying bitterly .

U = god why u did this with me .


Twinkle and uv again decided to go to sir .and this time twinkle got ready and came down wearing red saree with curls

When she came down . Anita was sitting in hall. So she noticed her and came to her .

A = where are u going ?

T = mummy g outside

A = outside and this much heavy sari , not fair .

T = what do you mean

A start shouting a maid girl name , and says ” bring ur dress twinkle from now will wear that 1 ”

Tears rolled down from twinkle’s eyes .before she can speak anything anita opened her sari’s folds.
Twinkle started crying and saying ” plz mummy g don’t ”

Listening twinkle ‘s plea . All servant gather in the hall , one of the women got pity and started running towards her with a cloth in her hand to cover her .
Anita = I will fire if u did this .

She turned back . Twinkle get shocked . And was In tears

Anita started trying to remove from shoulder . But wasn’t due to twinkle’ s hand and her pin attached . Then she tightly slapped twinkle due to which her hand got from shoulder to face and just at that moment , she forcibly removes her sari from shoulder resulting tearing of blouse .

Twinkle started crying . Just then door opens , twinkle ran toward him and hugs uv tightly and started crying . Uv after noticing her , understand everything and hugs her . Tears rolled down on his cheek .his eyes filled with anger .

He eyes the servant and see the maid holding same cloth . He signs her to bring it to him . Uv took that cloth and wraps twinkle in it .and hold her hand and bring it to anita .
He confronts her.

U = what was this ? ( in top of his voice )

A = keep ur voice low . Otherwise………………

U = other wise what ………… ha what … u will throw me out of this , never mind I will go by myself …………..

A = (slapped him ) uv

U = what was this for doing this deed with twinkle or regretting for what u did with daddda and chinki .

A = uv what are u saying

U = m speaking a truth that u are the only reason that I m far from dadda and chinki . I wil never forgive u never ever and we are leaving this ur so called house .

He holds twinkle’s hand . Twinkle looked at him with wet eyes . And they both left that house


At dining table

All were eating silently . Then kunj remembered something .

K = ma tomorrow I have 2 go early as tomorrow is important contract to be signed . And I have
make an important presentation , as employee who was expected to do this work fell ill , so I have 2 do this work .

Usha nods.

In morning

Everyone wake up and got ready . And they went to temple .

In temple

All were praying .

K = lord , always keep twinkle happy . Tomorrow when she was crying I felt so bad for her . And alos give her some sense of humor ( irritatingly )

U = lord , plz keep my children happy .

M =lord plz keep my bhai and ma happy . Also shower happiness on twinkle . She is very nice .

T = lord , plz keep this family always happy . They are very nice .

Then a priest come . And he started applying teeka on every one’s forehead .

P = I have never seen such a family , whose none of the person is selfish . May lord always bring happiness in your life .

U = pundit g , what do you want to say

P = I just want to say that the time is near when u all will be tested by lord . Don’t loose faith on him ………………….just remember him .

And he leave

precap =

twinkle again remembered something .


how was the episode ?

Sorry readers I m feeling very guilty for the last episode . Actually I written epi in MSWORD and when I copied it then it got that mistakes . I m sorry . Plz forgive me . I know most of u felt it inconvenient but plz forgive me . And saya I never felt bad because if u will not tell me my mistakes then , i will never come to know about it .

And some of u have asked me about the end it will be with twiraj or twinj ?
Then I must say that it is the only biggest suspense of my story . So suspense and secrets are only disclosed with time .

Plz do leave comments .

love u loads .

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Nice…. Waiting for the next

  2. Hi mannat. It’s ok dear ? . No need to apologize again and again ?? . Coming to the episode, it was really nice. The flashback part was really sad but I liked the way yuvi supported twinkle. According to your storyline, I’m liking the pair of twiraj and I hope that they’ll be the ultimate pair * fingers crossed* . But the story is yours, so proceed like you want ?

  3. no yr pls we want twinj only 2 unite sry saya if u feel sumthing bt i watevr n d episode was very nyc mannat

  4. awesome episode

  5. ur suspense is really appreciated ….. bt i dont mind it whether twinj or twiraj.. bt i can guess a lil..which i wont tell now..lets see..waiting for the next one

  6. Nice dear BT add precap fr each episodes

  7. No need of any sorry bcz ur ff is amazing n d epi was jus osmmmmmmmm do cont soon plzzzzz

  8. I love suspense and also ur ff keep up the good work can’t wait for next episode

  9. wowww!!!!!!! nice yrrr and no need of sryy

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