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Tashan aur twists (episode 6)


Thank u guys for commenting…. N I m sorry if da episode is still short.. forgive me … bt dis is only my limit…. I cant type more… n yes do tell which scenes u like so I can entertain u wid those…. Plz do comment….plzzzzz……. n 1 more thing I hope m not boring ne1….!!… more blabbering…. Lets start wid episode 6……

Scene 1 (TH)

Its morning… chinki is busy wid her phone… leela comes der…
L- wat r u doin chinki??(angrily) don’t u remember u had 2 search d best doctor for twinkles treatment???
C- maa I remember it v.well n m doin da same work.. in Amritsar or can say in d whole of Punjab ders no better doc than dr yuvraj as a cancer specialist….
L- wat.. (b4 she continues chinki makes weird face)
L- I mean .. den wat r u waiting for?? Lets go to d hospital n get twinkles treatment started….
C- calm down maa… I’ll get d appointment fixed n den v shall goo…
Chinki calls uv fixes d appointment..

Scene 2 (hospital)

Uv calls kunj…
K- hey bro!! wats up??
Uv- hi kunj… actually I called u 2 inform u…
K- (Interrupting) hey evryones fine na… or is some1 to sleep (gets worried)
Uv- arre no … everyone n everything is fine here… bt once u told me na dat as m a cancer specialist.. I may get a cancer patient whom u can donate blood…
K-yea… I remember… did u get some1???(curiously)
Uv- yeaa… I think YES!!
K- great den… who is he?
Uv- not he… its she!! Anyways u go to ur doct n call me wen u r der…
K- ohkk byee…
Kunj goes to his doc, dr. Watson n calls uv…
Uv- haa kunj…
K- yes uv, ders dr. Watson here… talk 2 him..
Uv- yes dr. Watson.. u have 2 get kunj’s blood tests done give me its reports by E-mail.
Dr- yes yuvraj…I’ll do dat …. I know u need ur patient 2 b treated…. i’ll snd d reports ASAP…
Uv- ohkk… ty.. tysm…

Next scene

Uv is waiting for reports though being very busy… he gets an email wid reports… studies dem well n says
Uv- (excitedly) yes… it matches perfectly wid twinkle’s blood…
He calls kunj n informs him da same.. n asks him 2 cme ASAP as da patient doesn’t have more time 2 live widout his blood now… he agrees n says 2 b der in 2 days..
Den uv calls chinki n informs bout getting sme1 who’ld give life 2 her sister.. chinki gets very happy n asks him abt d blood donor bt uv avoids it n asks her 2 bring twinkle after 3 days n dat she shld continue her medicines till den… chinki assures him n ends call… screen freezes on uv n chinki’s excited face ….

Precap- y did uv avoid dat que …. 2 know more keep reading….

Credit to: Aliza

  1. Hey a!iza osm epi dear loved it so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz bt a longer one plzzzzzzzzz jus can’t wait 4 d nxt update plzzzzz update asap luv u….,……….

  2. Meghna shanti

    Nice update dear

  3. Wow your ff involves a lot of twists, tashan aur twists just the perfect name

  4. Loved it awesome

  5. So sorry dear that I couldn’t comment yesterday as I had my exams
    U r fab as always .. mwaah♥♥♥♥

  6. Its awesome but is it a twiraj ir twinj ff..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell

  7. awesooome…loved it

  8. awesome epi ……

  9. thnx evry1 for commenting… n yes chehak its twinj ff…. thnk u evry1 i feel like m in d sky high above wid ur comments…luv ull loads…. n i’ll cont soon…..:):):):):)

    1. n yea d next 1 is longer…

  10. nice episodeee

  11. Osssssssum aliza

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