Tashan aur twists (episode 5)


Thnx evry1 fr commenting n I hope dis episode is long actually it is short coz its like a mahaepisode…..n yea do mention wich part u like so dat I can add dat type of scenes…Lets start wid episode 5..

Scene 1(TH)

Twinkle is resting in her room wer as chinki is waiting for her reports, sitting in d hall n reading magazines her eyes r like stuck on d door..

After a while d bell rings.. n chinki rushes der… postman comes n gives n envelope she takes it n reads to find twinkles reports… while Leela comes der to check who’d come.. she finds chinki crying silently.. tears rolling down her face.. she goes to find out wat happened
L- wat happened chinki?? Y r u crying???

Chinki stands still wid da reports n doesn’t utter a word… leela takes d reports from her n reads it… she feels dizzyn cries bitterly.. chinki takes her inside n makes her sit…

L- dis cant b true.. dis r fake.. chinki tell na… (cries vigorously)
C- maa .. m also shocked bt dis d truth…mma plz b strong… if u n me vl brak down like dis den who’ll handle twinkle?? Plz sambhalo apne aap ko maa… plz….

They hug each other while twinkle hears some crying noise so she comes down 2 check.. she finds leela n chinki crying…

T- wats d matter?? Y r u both crying??
Twinkle asks again n again bt they don’t speak up… finally she finds d reports n reads dem… at first she’s also shocked bt smiles naughtily n says…
T- ohoo u r crying for dis… aap don one to mujhe dara hi diya??

Leela n chinki r hell shocked 2 her reactions as well as surprised… they r speechless they think v had 2 console her bt is opposite…!!!

C- wat twinkle? Wat u said???
T- I said u were crying for dis report… which says I’ve got BLOOD CANCER n dat u scared me as if wat happened…..(smiles naughtily)
C- twinkle.. I think u’ve gone mad or u dint understand wats written or I don’t hve words to ur reactions….. u’ve got BLOOD CANCER vo bhi last stage pe n u r saying isme kya badi baat h????? I really don’t understand u….
T- arreee chill na … mai tere saamne fit n fine acchi bhali zinda khadi hun aur tujhe uss reports ki padi h!!

Chinki gets a call she finds unknown number yet she picks up
C- hi.. whos dis??
P- hi miss chinki… its uv..
C- who??(gets confused)
P- dr yuvraj luthra
C- oh.. yes doctor…
Uv- u wld hve got 2 knw abt twinkle ji… bt I wanted inform n even if u don’t mind for me to do ur sis’s treatment….
C- (not confident) oh yes.. v don’t mind.. as it is v hve 2 get her treated….
Uv- I think u r nt confident .. its ok u cn tell me 2moro…
C- oh tysm… byee
She ends call..

Scene 2 (Luthra’s mansion)

Uv is goin to his room while thinking of twinkles blood cancer when he accidently collides with anita..
An- uv.. baby tumhara dhyaan kaha h…?? kiske khayaalon mein khoye huye ho??
Uv- (still in his thoughts) twinkle…
An- (confused) who is twinkle???
Uv- (comes to his senses) arre mom.. (pulls her in his room n makes her sit) twinkle is my patient.. she has blood cancer on last stage n Ive asked chinki for her treatment by me…
An- ohh… god save her…. But now who is chinki??
Uv- chinki is twinkles sister…. Bt don’t start thinking of my wedding n all… plz mom..
Uv- ok ok… bt I knw they’ll get twinkle’s treatment by u only as u r d best cancer specialistb in d whole Punjab..
Uv- ohh thnx mom for complimenting(makes shy face n den laughs) I hope so… n for dat I ve 2 prepare also… I ve to get a blood donor.. her blood is O-ve which is very rare…
An- bt she has got a sister.. right?? y doesn’t she give her blood??
Uv- yea mom she cld hve given bt she has got O+ve n even her mother.. actually twinkles blood is from her fathers heredity.. bt he’s no more….
An- ohhkk I get it… bt chill I’ll think of sme1who cld donate

They both think for sometime n den…
Uv- yes mom .. I remember who can donate…
An- who??
Uv- KUNJJ.. he has also got O-ve.. I’ll call him n get my work done…(sighs relief)
An- okk bt call 2moro.. its very late now.. go to sleep… good night…
Uv- yea mom… good night…

Precap- Uv calls Kunj n gets his blood tests done…

hope ull like it n plzzz do comment…!!!

Credit to: Aliza

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  1. Awesome yrr Alisha… Wanted 2 noe d next part ..plzzz plzzzzz post ur next epii soon….I am dying 2 noe ur next part

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  4. Amazing episode yaar

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