Tashan aur twists (episode 33)


Hey guys how r u all.. m back with the next episode of TASHAN AUR TWISTS… n thanks for your lovely comments… now let’s see what this episode is special for… so here we go..

Kia n twinkle r hugging each other wen they are joined by tara n rohan.. kunj is still in utter shock.. wen twinkle comes to him now hugs tightly.. he hugs her back n cries with no control over his tears… they realise that they are in a wedding n break the hug..

Kunj- twinkle where were you.. u know how much we missed you.. n how we have been without u.. just tell me where were you from the past 12 years.. will you please specify me.. y r u standing like a dumb.. answer me dammit..
Twinkle- if you are done with it.. then I will speak..
Kunj- so now will u do the honour to speak..
Kia- dad.. momma aaj meri shadi h.. n u both started again.. what is this.. but momma plz tell us where were you the past 12 years..

Twinkle- so.. 12 years back when I had that accident.. actually there was no chance of getting me to life back.. but babaji sent an angel to save my life.. he was dr Viraj Rathore.. brother of Nisha’s husband Kabir Rathore (remember the guy who bumped into Nisha in market.. during twinj’s wedding.. n had selfies with her n chinki )

he took me from there to hospital bt der were no sufficiant doctors so he directly took me to his nursing house in Delhi.. did my checkup n gotta know that I am in coma.. then some time later he took me to London.. his actual home.. n from then he took immense care of me and after 12 years I gained consciousness and that too just before a month.. n still I suffered memory loss.. I just remembered my wedding and when uv went to Germany.. buss..
n now 3 days back I recovered my memory due to a very friendly psychologist of London.. Dr Tiana Jones.. she treated me n just when I was cured I rushed here.. n m standing in front of you…

Kunj hugs her again n says y didn’t dat Viraj not inform us.???
Just then a voice follows.. “COZ I REALLY DIDN’T HAD ANY IDEA OF HER IDENTITY..” They turn to find Viraj..

Viraj- yes kunj I had no idea of her identity.. n from past 12 years I have just done my duty of a doctor to save a person ‘s life whether you know him/ her or not.. so I did.. n wen she gained consciousness.. still I couldn’t get her.. what she was speaking or anything.. but when she gained her memory she recognised me n I just did what she wanted.. to bring her here..
All meet her n tara n rohan hugs her..

Then the girls take twinkle inside n she gets dressed up in breath taking navy blue attire.. as kunj had also worn navy blue sherwani.. though they have grown old still kunj ‘s r not getting off twinkle.. she comes down n snaps his fingers b4 his eyes n he comes back to senses.. n she stands beside him..

The marriage rituals start n u know our rohan is so dramatic.. so he copied her mom’s tantrum- selfie wala during twinj’s wedding..
Kunj – bilkul maa pe gya h.. usne bhi aise hi hamari shadi pe selfie lene k liye shadi rukvai thi.. h na twinkle..? ?
Twinkle- haa so u mean i create tantrums ???
Tara – arre momma.. dad please don’t start again.. come let’s have a selfie.. n all hve selfies n then finally the marriage rituals start…

After all rituals kia n tarun take blessings of elders n it’s time for bidaai.. tears blur kia’s vision.. when tara says.. no di u cant can’t cry.. otherwise all your makeup will be wasted n then bidaai time selfie will not come nice and then you will be angry with me.. n tell me that I don’t know to take pics..
Listening to her every one started laughing n then kia said OK I won’t cry.. happy..??? She nods in yes in a childish manner n pouts..

Bidaai is done n kia leaves for airport.. followed by sarna family..
They bid her.. n she leaves for Paris.. yea Paris..??..

To be cont.

Hope u liked d twist.. n enjoyed d episode… dont forget to comment…

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  1. Amazing ……!

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    awesome amazing epi

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    Lovely episode….

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    Superb epi aliza…..loved it❤❤

  6. its awesome i knew it tw cant die wow im so happy n yes w8in 4 new twist 2 come post soon

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    pta hai aliza di subha subha scul jane se phele chupke se cmputer kholke pd kr gyi thi aap ki ff was jst w8ing fr it jb dekha ki aagyi thi kudne ka or cmnt krne ka bhi tym nhi tha bas pda or chli gyi scul di kya khun sch an amazing twist srsly its tashan aur twits luvd it 2 d core itni amazing osm di luvd it post nxt asap speechless

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