Tashan aur twists (episode 32)


Hi guys.. how r ull.. ha ha i know m late.. bt maine monday ko bola tha so here I m.. n I know mai time waste kr rhi hu aap logo ka.. bt kya karu frnds mai hu aadat se majboor.. accha accha ok ok.. gussa mat kro.. u wanna read d episode na.. so we’ll go bt I request all my silent readers.. to plzzz comment… n reason..?? Arre dat u will get to know at d end of episode.. so.. ha.. lets start..

A short recap-
Its kia sarnas wedding.. twinkle ki death wala twist n at last wo lady ka entry.. now we vl get to know who dat lady is… sorry if recap is short bt.. I dont wanna waste ur time as well as mine.. so now we go to d episode n know more abt dat lady..

Episode 32-

D lady reaches airport.. n it seems to b London airport n evening time.. she boards Amritsar flight..

SM.. morning..

Kia’s haldi cermony goin on.. Kia n Tarun(obvio his goin-to-be-husband) r fully covered wid turmeric..

Note- u can imagine kia- tarun as naksh- tara of yrkkh… actually dey look cute so i jst said.. u can imagine anyone of ur choice..
Tara asma ananya shanaya yuchika (yuki’s daughter) nikasha (nisha’s daughter) raina(tarun’s sis) r seen dancing in front of kia.. n leela usha n others r applying haldi on kia.. rohan nibir (nisha’s son) n chiraj(yuki’s son) r playing d music.. n den joins d girls.. kunj is sitting besides kia..
N den dey hve der lunch after d function.

Note- bebe is no more..

Afternoon.. kia’s hands r filled wid mehendi..

Evening sangeet ceremony-

After every1 reach.. kia comes wearing biscuit golden coloured lehenga wid chocolate brown embroidered designer lehenga.. n tarun in a simple chocolate brown tuxedo n cream bow.. which perfectly matches wid kia.. dey cme n d function starts.. dey hve a ballroom couple dance.. rohan dances wid nishika.. chiraj wid raina.. nibir wid yuchika.. yuki n others too r der.. kia n tarun r also dancing.. dey all dance on sunn sathiya.. bt all insist kunj to dance.. bt he denies.. den sme soft hands tke him to d dance floor.. n he finds it to b twinkle.. n dey dance on sab tera.. n kunj lifts twinkle up n dances wid her gracefully.. suddenly he gets a jerk n finds kia dragging him.. ohh shii.. it was jst his dream.. den kia n kunj.. dono baap beti dance on manva laage..
Evry1 clap 4 dem n function goes on..

Nxt day.. wedding
Kia n tarun come to d mandap wearing gorgeous golden n maroon attires.. dey start d rituals.. wen dey r abt to start d pheras.. ders a voice frm behind saying…”PRINCESSS…..WAITTTT….”
Kia understands who SHE is.. bt thinks.. how can dat b possible.. how can it b her.. how can it b MOMMA.. coz none other dan momma has d right to call me princess.. not even dad.. than…
All turn behind to find… TWINKLEEE…. yea twinkle.. while others r in utter shock.. kia runs to her n hugs her tightly… n cries like hell..
Ki- momma..momma.. i missed u.. i missed u.. n cries heavily..

To b cont..

Ohh want precap.. ok ok.. so..

Precap- truth revealation…

Ha i know k aap soch rhe hoge ki ye kaisa precap.. lekin sabr ka fal meetha hota h.. so wait till den.. n haa nxt episode special h so comment kro to nxt episode milega warna.. samaj jao..
Okk bye.. tc.. love u all…

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  1. Aamu

    hey it was just awesome waiing for next1
    n dont tell dat next is ur last epi

    1. Mantasha

      Thnks my dearieee aamu.. n yea I will post nxt 1 tomorro.. n abt d last episode u ld get to know soon..

      1. Aamu

        ♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥ |_| $¤¤¤ m|_|C# ♥♡♥♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♥
        IF U R GPING To stop plz change ur mind……. n if u r stopping it dan u hav to promise dat u will cm with next story soon ♥♡ 😛
        :-$ :-$

  2. Kruti

    Wow Aliza this was good
    Eagerly waiting for d nxt one

    1. Mantasha

      Ohh my kruti.. thnx fr commenting.. n nxt tomorro..??

  3. Fatima.z.khan123

    Pls tell how to write a ff?i mean ehre to write a ff???

    1. Mantasha

      Well dear fatima.. I dont get ur point.. bt if r talking abt how to post n ff.. den u can go to the topmost menu symbol on right side.. bt at d top.. der u can see n option submit article n as u r already registered.. u can post der.. I hope if I hve helped u.. bt still if any query u can ask..

      1. Fatima.z.khan123

        Thank you so much for the help ? so sweet of u?

      2. Fatima.z.khan123

        It isnt submitting? what to do???

  4. Awesome it was….excited for the next episode….

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx rashi dear n yea nxt tomorro

  5. Angita

    Great Aliza….

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx angita..??

  6. i told u na twinkle is alive see i m so happy…i know…i know…i know…there must be some more twist 2 spice it up…do post asap…n hsppy belated frienship day…aliza

    1. Mantasha

      Yea.. u got it right.. wait to see.. y she dint show up.. n sme to u dear.. n thnks 4 commenting…

  7. Wowww twinkle is alive.. Yeaaa i’m so happy… Plz post the next epi asap… can’t wait to read it… Btw superb epi…

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx sidhanshi.. n yea I will post nxt today only.. if possible…

  8. Sayeeda

    Wooooowwwwww Twinkle is alive…
    I was knowing that u can’t separate our Twinj… What a twist yrr…
    Amazing… Loved it… ??

    1. Mantasha

      Thnk u sooo much.. my sayu/di.. may I plzz know ur age.. in order to address u di..??

    2. Sayeeda

      I’m 19 yrs old… But I want u to call me Sayuu only ?

      1. Mantasha

        Okk.. as u wish..

  9. Amazing…….Awesome
    Just post soooooooon

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx zakiyah…

  10. SidMin

    I knew it was Twinkle I knew it !!!!!
    Very happy to know Twinkle is back please post the next episode soon Loved the episode 🙂

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx sidmin.. happy to know u liked it.. n do see how twinkle is back…!!!!

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx puru..??

  12. Baby

    omgggg aliza dear wt a twist oh god post nxt asap dear cnt w8

    1. Mantasha

      Thnk u soo much babes.. n yea I’ll post asap coz I was jst typing d nxt episode bt thought to check notifications n I found ur comment so as I complete I’ll post it… love u dear.. keep supprting..??

  13. Shatakshi

    Wow wow wow Aliza
    It was damn Awesome
    Just like u??

    N sorry for being late
    Hope u forgive me
    Loved it to the core

    N love u shoo much❤❤❤?????

    1. Mantasha

      Awww my dear shatu.. love u too.. n thnx 4 a cute comment same as u… n 1 more thing… as per my knowledge.. u do play pokemon game.. so I wanna ask u to plzzz if possible send d link of dat game.. n if not den.. u cld snd a pic of its icon through mail.. if possible plzzz…???

  14. Mantasha

    Awww my dear shatu.. love u too.. n thnx 4 a cute comment same as u… n 1 more thing… as per my knowledge.. u do play pokemon game.. so I wanna ask u to plzzz if possible send d link of dat game.. n if not den.. u cld snd a pic of its icon through mail.. if possible plzzz…???

  15. Baby

    hey dear eagerly w8ing fr ur update episode wen r u gonna post dear?

    1. Mantasha

      Actually by tomorro morning u shall b able to read it.. n shooo shoorrryyyy for d delay..???

      1. Baby

        no its f9 dear bt itne suspense mein hain naa toh kya krun

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