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Tashan aur twists (episode 31)


Hey guys.. how r ull.. actually i was so very busy.. n also.. was not well frm saturday.. n finally now m better… so thought to write 1 episode… so here we go.. bt b4 dat thnks to evryone 4 reading n commenting.. n yea less commentz is a subsidiary reason for ending dis ff.. actual reason is my health issues n lack of time.. n thnx again 4 ur comments dear… srija.. adina(a silent reader.. finally).. puru(purnima).. kruti.. sayu.. angita.. sidhanshi.. aayushi.. aamu.. twinj forever always.. n babes(baby).. thnk u.. ha ha i know u wanna read d episode.. haa so lets start.. 1 more thing.. m happy.. actually very happy to see myself registered.. n now can post as many articles I want to.. so get ready for my torture.. hehe.. jst kidding…😜😜😜

Fb cont..
Kunj talks to shopkeeper n leaves within a second.. bt thinks abt d trio.. n says.. 1st I hve dem.. dey r my kids.. I need to go to dem.. n he comes back.. he finds d trio waiting..
Ki- daddd…!!!
Ta- wer is mommaaa…!!!!!!
Ro- arre momma wld b behind only na..
Ta- haa…
Ki- actually..

Kunj comes to dem n says.. we need to leave right now.. I’ll explain u evrything later..
R- bt wer we need to go..
Ta- n wer is momma..
K- say na dad.. wer to go n wat abt momma..
Ku- nothing has happened to ur momma.. n jst come.. n he drags dem inside a cab..
Dey go to Delhi star hosp.. n kunj enquires abt twinkle.. he shows her pic n tells abt her accident.. d receptionist denies 4 any such patient.. still checks n says.. no sir.. ders no such case…
Kunj is all heart broken… wer as d trio hear der conversation n uncontrollable tears start frm der eyes making dem red n swollen..
Kunj enquires in all near hospitals.. bt still no sign of twinkle.. finally dey r soooo much broken.. dat dey decide to go back home..

D nxt day.. dey get d news of a lady’s death in a truck accident neaf delhi zoo.. n all d dressup mentioned were exact to twinkle.. n as dat shopkeeper said to kunj.. dat d accident was so harsh dat der was absolutely no chance 4 d victim to b alive..
D trio r broken.. kunj is totally shattered.. bt seeing d trio.. he decides to b a dad as well as a mom 4 dem.. n frm den.. he has showed himself strong.. bt wen he is alone.. his loneliness cld b felt..

Fb ends..
N kia is crying uncontrollably hugging twinkle’s pic.. n sighed.. mommaaaaaa… shanaya.. asma n ananya console her..

Nxt scene..
Nxt day..
A girl.. actually a lady is shown coming to a city entrance.. she is dressed well.. in salwar- kameez.. n seems to b a dupatta around her neck.. her back is shown.. her hairs r tied in a bun.. she hires a cab.. n asks d driver to take her to a place.. n he drives off..

To b cont.

So guys.. hope u liked it.. n want a happy ending?? Yea.. sme of u told me to give a happy ending.. so jst wait n watch.. how I mke it true.. n if u cld plzzz take the time to comment… do it please.. n also wait haa.. coz d nxt episode is d most suspense episode.. i mean suspenses gonna reveal.. n as u know it wont b widout twists.. so yea.. d maximum twists in d nxt episode… byeee.. tc.. n love u all.. do comment.. as it will unlock d nxt episode…

  1. dreamer..arundhati

    Oh my my…aliza dear …maaf karde …I missed so many epis…sorry itna late hone leliye …osum stoy..too gud..sorry darlo
    Ctd soon

    1. Mantasha

      Its ok aruu.. n thnks 4 commenting.. n I wld post nxt episode maybe today only.. bt if not today.. surely on monday.. n 1ce again thnks

  2. Kruti

    Superb epi Aliza….. Waiting to see d twist in nxt epi

    1. Mantasha

      Thnks kruti..

  3. Aamu

    hey first of all congo!! …..for regestring… i m also registered…yea
    n now u hav to bear us by writing
    n dis epi was awesome…… cont asap

    1. Mantasha

      Thnk u sooo much.. my dear aamu.. n I wld love to bear u.. n write as much as u wish.. thnks..

  4. Srija

    amazing kahani main naya twist
    great πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

    1. Mantasha

      Thnks srija 4 ur support.. do cont to..

  5. Angita


    1. Mantasha

      Thnks dear angita..

  6. Wowwwwwww aliza di loved it yr actually I didn’t xommeneted because I was hell busy and read your all epi today wowwwwww yr loved it diiiii don’t fell sad and ya always aad 1 comment from ny side di and sure write new ff and diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yr the twist you gave in your ff was just amazin I mean how anyone can write so.goood and ya you have to promise me two things firstly u will not get sad because of less comment and I also use to get less comment but yr value them who comment and love ur ff so much and secondly u will not quit tu plz if u want to end this its ok I will not end meri samajhdar aliza di ne khuch soch samajh ke hi decide kiya hoga but u have to promise that u will comeup with a another blockbaster ff…..I am waiting for ur ans. Promise?????

    1. Mantasha

      Awwww.. my dear nicknamed sissy.. 1stly thnks 4 such a cute comment.. n yes I promise both d things.. n now u may hve gotta know y i told i hve nickname manu.. coz aliza is not my real name.. its mantasha… n yea thnx again my cute si sissyy… love u..😘😘

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome….eagerly waiting for next part…..

    1. Mantasha

      Thnk u soo much dear puru..

  8. Isha_

    Aliza amazing

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx isha..

  9. Sayeeda

    HEY…. Aliza sorry for the late comment….
    Loved the episode to the core… Amazing yrrrr… Tooo good… 😘😘😊..
    I’m so happy that finally u r registered…
    Love u

    1. Mantasha

      Thnx my sayuu.. n I never mind late comments.. n yea m also so happy to b registered.. n know wat.. my real name is mantasha.. n not aliza.. so hope u dnt get confused..

  10. Baby

    ohho finally meri pyaari si aliza dear registered so happy jitnma pakana hai pakaa kunki pakne me bhot maza aata hai yr u r jst fab yr amazing episode w8ing fr nxt 1 post asap itna suspense jo hai n sry fr late cmnt ws busy wid studies

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