Tashan aur twists (episode 30)

Hi evryone.. all fine.. ok lets go to episode.. BEWARE.. der r twists n shocks over here too.. coz its gonna reveal d past.. so here we go…

Twinj r fighting in der room wen d trio kids come home frm schl.. n find der parents fighting..
Twi- i said na v r goin to pune.. so dats final..
Ku- bt i m goin to tke u na.. so i said we ll go to mumbai.. dats it..
Twi- no i said we r goin to pune..
Ku- no.. mumbai is final..
Ro- arre arre momma.. dad.. wat r u fighting like kids…
Ki- yess momma.. dad.. y u fighting.. Ta- arre dad.. see we r kids.. bt we dont fight n u.. who made u as our parents.. haa.. i m gonna complain to dadi.. come wid me bhai n di.. u come..
Twi- arre u shut ur mouth kiddoos.. n go.. today i m gonna win..
Ku- ohh.. so i will also see how u win.. (in a sweet bt bit angry tone) n my dear children.. u go n change ur clothes n hve sme food.. n leave us alone here..
The trio leave.. n twinj again start fighting..
The trio come down in hall n finds usha reading news-paper wid her specks on..
Ta- dadi.. dadi..
U- haa tara.. wat happened baccha..
K- dadi.. wo actually.. upstairs.. momma n dad r fighting on sme topic..
R- n we tried to stop dem bt dey.. urhh.. dey just shoood us away..
U- arre baccho.. y did u try to stop dem.. n u did so wat u got is actually wat dey give wen sme1 stop dem.. arre aaj tak mai unko control nhi kr paayi hu.. to tum teeno ki kya majaal.. dey dont listen to anyone..
K- chhodo unhe.. roh.. tara.. lets go n chnge our uniform.. n dadi.. giv us food.. we r hungry..
U- haa.. u chnge n cme.. i wld serve ur lunch…

At night..
Finally twinj stop fighting.. n still no 1 has lost.. dey decide to ask d kids only wer dey wanna go..
Both of dem head towards d kids’ room after dinner.. they find kia doing her home work.. rohan playing wid his ball.. n tara deciding her night suit..
Kunj- hey kiddoos..
Tw- hi princess(kia).. princee(rohan).. n my darlo(tara)..
Trio- hi momma.. hi dad..
Ta- so u r finished wid ur fighting..
Ku- umm.. actually.. (n sits on d bed n takes tara n kia in his lap.. n twinkle sits beside taking rohan in her lap..)
Twi- actually.. we wanna know frm u.. wer u wanna go in dis vacation..
Ku- mumbai or pune.??
R- actually to say dad.. we wanna go to delhi zoo..
Ki- yea dad.. we hve studied abt sme animals in geography dis year.. so it wld fun.. to see dem..
Ta- arre haa… i also wanna see tiger n lion n hippo n peacock n…
Twi- ok ok.. darlo.. we understood… so u wanna go to zoo.. dats final.. right kunj??
Ku- yea.. obviously.. its n order 4 me..
Ta- ha.. now dont act dad..
N dey 5 start laughing..

Nxt day..
They set out 4 delhi.. reaching delhi dey cme out of airport n hire a cab to delhi zoo (idk… if it really exists..??)
As dey reach d entrance of d zoo.. n cme out of cab.. twinkle asks dem to cme back in 10 mins.. as she wanted to buy chocolates 4 all.. (actually m very fond of chocolates.. so i just add it.. wer ever i feel like..??) they head towards d entrance ticket counter n kunj asks to wait 4 twinkle.. dey agree to it n wait.. due to long queue.. kunj takes time to cme to dem.. bt wen he cmes.. he still finds dem alone.. dat is waiting for twinkle.. she dint come yet.. he asks if twinkle came.. dey reply in no.. n he gets worried.. he says.. wait here.. I’ll check.. n he goes to check.. bt doesnt find any1.. he starts.. showing twinkle’s pic n asking abt her.. he reaches a general store n shows her pic.. n asks if hr saw her..
Shopkeeper- bhai sahab.. dis madam cme here to buy sme chocolates.. bt wen she was crossing d road.. wat to tell.. she just came in front of a truck.. n had a very bad ACCIDENT..
Kunj was in utter shock listening to accident… he said- wer is she.. i wanna know wer she is..
Sh- arre bhai sahab.. accident was so bad dat.. der was no chance 4 her to b alive.. anyways.. ambulance was called n she is taken to hosp..
K- wattttttttt… she is my wife.. tell me wich hospital.. she cant leave me..
Sh- woh.. haa.. delhi star hosp.. ha.. dat only.. she is taken der.. u shld go der asap..
Kunj within a second leaves..
To b cont.

So.. hope u guys liked it..!! N waiting to know if u r happy wid my work..!! Plzzzz comment… n I hve a question.. is my ff dat bad.. dat 1 hve to wait to get at least 10 comments b4 posting d nxt episode.. bt as my time limit goes off.. i check d comments.. n dey reach till 9 n den stop.. y guys… u know dat i m gonna end my ff soon.. maybe jst 2 episodes more.. den i think u dont want me to write anything else.. right?? Answer me through ur comments.. plzzzz..
N those who commented.. sayeeda.. krystal.. baby.. kruti.. aamu.. sidhanshi.. angita.. megz..n chandra.. thnk u 4 ur comments.. thnk u.. n 1ce again.. plzz comment…

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  1. Srija

    amazing and please don’t end it please please
    it’s fantastico?????????????

  2. Awesome going ..keep it up

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….bt plzzz don’t end it…& don’t separate twinj…..

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….bt plzzz don’t end it…& don’t separate twinj….

  5. Kruti

    Superb epi Aliza…….and I dint like it I loved it
    And I surely want u to write something else after ending this and I won’t tell u not to end it coz dragging has no point it’ll just make d story like a ekta kapoor show

  6. Sayeeda

    U made me cried ….episode was too emotional nd sad one …
    Feeling so bad for kunj ….
    Loved it ….waiting for next one..

  7. Angita

    I’m very impressed
    Hope twinkle
    Didn’t die

  8. Nice episode

  9. Amazing epi

  10. are are i know m laate
    chalo its k
    right?…kyuki der aaye durust aaye
    it was fab……plz dont kill twinki plz
    n if u r ending ur ff coz of cmnts den dont end as more dan cmnters silent readers r der…………….here with me also it is same…m getting very less cmnts but himmat rakho dear
    aaj bohot badi cmnt ho gayi naa so bye

  11. Twinj foreever always

    Its very nice … pls continue and dont be disheartened

  12. Baby

    omgggggggg aliza emotional episode post nxt asap dear

  13. Baby

    omgggggggg aliza emotional episode post nxt asap dear bt u r very sweet y r u ending it dear n bechara kunj luv u yr osm episode

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