Tashan aur twists (episode 28)

Hey guys how r ull.. so.. r u ready for d shocking episode… hold on to ur hearts.. as we move to d episode..

Yuki r married happily.. n abt nisha it will b revealed later..

Leap of 1 year..
Twinj r blessed wid twin babies.. a boy n a girl.. n chinki is 7 months pregnant.. 2 mnths later.. she is also blessed wid a baby girl..

(20 years later.. SM
Sarna mansion is decorated so beautiful.. it seems as if it is a wedding house..
A voice comes from a room..)

“So dis was d story.. of my mom n dad.. ie mr. Kunj Sarna n mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna..” said KIA KUNJ SARNA.. to her frnds Shaina.. asma.. n ananya..(remember in d intro suspense characters.. nisha kia n rohan.. nisha is uv’s sister.. n kia is kunj’s daughter n m revealing rohan.. he is also kunj’s son… ie kia n rohan r twinj’s twins..)
Shaina(sh)- yaar.. kia.. i really dont believe.. dat its d real story of ur mom dad.. grt yaar..
Ananya(an)- haa kia.. it was really like a movie story..
Asma(as)- i totally agree wid dem kia..
Kia was in tears holding their family picture.. wen a voice comes.. “kia di.. dad is calling u…” n listening dat kia xcused her frnds n replied..”haa sissy.. coming..” she goes down n finds a girl waiting 4 her.. she turns.. it is revealed to b TARA.. twinj’s 3rd child.. who is 3 years younger to kia n rohan.. she says.. arre di wer were u.. dad is calling u in his room..
Kia- ha sissy.. lets go..
Meanwhile a handsome dashing boy comes n says.. hey my behnas.. goin to dad?? (Hope u understood who it is.. yes.. it is rohan)
Both reply- yes bhai(tara)/ bro(kia)..
R- so.. may I join u too??
T- of course bhai.. y not..!!
N they 3 head towards kunj.. n knock d door.. the trio together.. DADD!!
K- come in..

They go inside.. kunj is sitting on d bed.. he is having specks.. n looks old.. (obviously age badhegi to old to hoga hi na..??) bt his charm is still d sme.. hey bt wer is out siyappa queen.. 1st lets hear wat dey r talking..
Ku- so u 3 of u here!!
T- yea dad.. actually u told me to bring di.. n den bhai joined us.. so.. we 3 r here..
Ku- hmm.. i see.. kia.. tomorrow is ur haldi function.. so hve u got ur dress ready.. n 4 sangeet n..
Ki- ahaa dad.. evrything is ready.. dont u worry..
Ku- dats like my girl.. n rohan.. d decoraters.. u told dem d design theme as per our princess.. i mean kia..
R- ohh dad.. y u worry.. i know.. actually we all know dat it is ur princess’s wedding.. bt dont panic.. evrything is done.. n i hve not missed anything.. decoraters.. caterers.. music n band.. panditji.. invitations.. camera man.. lightings.. n most importantly.. ur princess’s wardrobe.. i mean her accessories.. evrything according to her..
Ku- very good.. dats really praiseworthy..
T- bt a very important person is missing- momma.. dad.. m missing momma.. kia di wld hve evrything in wedding.. xcept 4 momma.. n starts crying…
Not only her.. kia rohan n kunj also cry… kunj hugs d 3 tightly.. n says.. plzz baccha dont cry.. plzz..

Precap- ab kaha h twinkle.. kis haal me h.. jaanne k liye intezaar kriye.. mere aglae episode ka.. aur agla episode sirf aapke comments decide krenge.. so comment kijiye aur hamaare sath bane rhiye.. TU pr.. dhaniyawaad…☝☝…

Did u like d episode.. got shocks..?? Do tell me through ur comments…

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    So awesome…..??????

  2. Angita

    Emotional but great

  3. It is really awake can’t wait for the next pot it asap.
    Love it

  4. Kruti

    Aliza this was seriously shocking
    I mean suddenly 20yrs ka leap and twinkle gayab
    But I’m impressed…… Lovely epi
    Can’t wait to see the nxt epi

  5. Aliza.di just loved it yr awesome and plz don’t.say that tw died yr no I want a happy ending and ya 1 more ques di how did ur ff get posted and u have not registered it is getting post with registered no. Plz do tell me thwn I will write a mew story plz reply in ur next epi plz plz plz and ya isse bhi zayada plz pzl plz plz pkz plz plz post ur epi asap…..

  6. Awesome epi dear…

  7. Srija

    aliza it’s really great ??????
    but what a twist leap of 20 yrs
    well continue soon as i am eager to know where is twinkle

  8. Sayeeda

    Soooooo emotional episode …
    Kunj old man…hhaahhaa …to imagine kunj like that was too good yrr…
    Amazing …awesome ..loved it …
    Aliza can u tell me from where do u belong from ?….
    If u r not comfortable telling this ..then it’s OK…
    love u..

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome yr…aur ye toh bhot saare shock h…twinkle kaha h?????

  10. Baby

    omgggggggggggg aliza dis was a gr8 shock for me lyk 20 years leap suddenly phele toh i didnt understud wts hopning firse pda tb smj aaya shck se abhi tk nhi nikal payi hun men post nxt 1 asap dear

    1. Hey dear babes.. i felt literally good dat u enjoyed d shock n read it twice.. n dear I hve already posted d nxt episode.. do read dat.. n enjoy.. coz now all d episodes till d end r goin to rock me n shock u.. haha.. enjoy.. n thnks 4 d comment…

  11. Shatakshi

    Loved it aliza

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