Tashan aur twists (episode 25)


Dgj Hey guys.. today m on time… n now m not gonna drag my storyline as der is very less time for aug 1 n i applied many times for registeration bt its not getting approved.. so i wont drag n complete d story.. n many of u said dat i shld cont d way i write.. sorry for confusing ull.. n also dat was my time pass episode.. now lets move on… now no time for bakbak..

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Its night uv comes home tensed n tired.. nisha asks her wat happened..
U- wo actually.. i m selected from India for doctrate camp in germany for 20 dys.. n dat..
B4 he cld cont.. nisha hugs him tightly n congratulates him..
N- woww dats grt.. bt den y u seem tensed..
U- coz I hve to reach on 1st of aug morning 9 am.. n for dat I hve to catch flight on 31st 1:30 am.. n u know na my wedding is on 30th so.. m tensed…
N- ohh god.. dats a big prblm bt no worries… tmrow morning we shall call panditji n sarna n taneja families n change ur marriage date..
U- haa dats nice.. bt kunj n twinkle..
N- let dem get married.. as it is its 2nd time…
Uv hugs her- u r so brilliant di jaan… i love u so muchhh…
N- i love u too bro… now u go n sleep…

Next day..
All gather at LM.. n panditji gives mahurat of 1 month later.. n all agree to it.. they decide for yuki's engagement instead.. n panditji approves… all r happy.. they hve lunch der only..

Next day..(SM)
D bell rings n manohar opens d door.. d wedding planners come.. n kunj comes down for breakfast.. (latelatif kahi ka..?) manohar brings dem in.. n starts discussing abt d planning weras kunj overhears dem.. he starts coughing.. he comes go dem n says..
K- papa.. i hve already decided to plan my wedding…
D planners burst out laughing.. wer as manohar stares him angrily..
M- kunj.. hve u lost it.. wich groom plans his own wedding.. ohh.. so u dont wanna njoy ur wedding n look after d preparations.. u hve really lost it..
Kunj realises dat n says- arre haa.. i just forgot abt it.. bt I've already selected a design theme..
M- arre bt dey hve made d bst design.. how can I reject dat..
P(planner)- haa so wats d big deal mr. Sarna.. we can sit together n mke a combined design out of it..
M- hmm good idea…
N den dey cme up wid d bst designs

Days pass by n time comes for Haldi function in Jaipur..
"Woowww d setup is so beautifulll…" xclaimed chinki while she n uv were checking d decorations…
Uv- bt not more dan u..
She blushes badly.. n says u hv bcm naughty nowadays…
U- ab kya karu.. itni hot n sweet gf h meri to control nhi hota na..
Chinki runs from der blushing badly.. while running she bumps into anita..
A- arre kaha bhaagi jaa rhi ho..
C- s.. so.. sorry..
Just den anita notices uv coming behind.. she understands..
A- bhaagoo.. run fast.. goo..
N she runs away thinking how she got to know.. n again bumps.. into nisha..
N- arre I was jst cming 2 u.. we need to go to market.. sme stuff's needed.. y u sweating.. were u racing wid urself.. n starts laughing..
C(diverts her)- ohh.. nisha we hve to go market na.. n dey go to market..

To b cont..

Hey guys.. did u like u it.. plzzzz do comment coz.. 7-8 episodes more n m gonna end it…plzz comment..????

Credit to: Aliza

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  1. Kruti

    Nice epi aliza

  2. SidMin

    cute episode 🙂

  3. Sayeeda

    Soooooooooo cute episode Aliza ….amazing ….loved it …
    Plzzz don’t end ur ff ….plzzz continue with it …
    love u

  4. Romaisha

    Heyy superb epii i like the way Anita was telling chinki to keep running ? tht was funny 🙂 … Hw abt trying to .make a new email and u will then have to register with a new name…i had the same problems too yaar but just try it nahh … Hope I’ve been of help .. 🙂

  5. Ria

    Hey, it was amazing.
    By the way, please don’t end your ff. The registration does have issues. You’ll receive an email and it might go into your spam folder. Please check and if not then please contact the page. They’ll tell you what to do. I did the same. Please, try it out and don’t end your ff.

  6. Angita


  7. Love it to the core.

  8. ??????????????????

  9. Baby

    hey aliza dear cngrx fr ur silver jublieeee i luvd d episode bt no twinj scenes today bt it ws amazing wid yuhi scenes n luvd it pls dont end it n u no try agn to register ur self pls dear

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it

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