Tashan aur twists (episode 23)


Hey guys.. aliza's back..i know m late.. ahh i know xtremely late.. i kept u waiting for 2 months… bt i dont wanna waste still ur time by doing my silly bakbak.. n i hope ull hve not forgotten me… actually its not my fault.. urhhh i again started wid my bakbak.. lets go to the episode..

The sarnas n luthras r abt to go inside n hve tea after kunj n uv's marriage talks n turn thier back towards the entrance wen dey hear a voice "HOW DARE U?" All r in shock.. the v cont "HOW DARE U SID?? HOW DARE U CHEAT HER??" Now all understand who the person is… (n u all too wld now remember- jst remiced the ending of the previous episode..) n then uv hugs her..

The episode begins NOW…

Anita asks nisha- wat happened princess.. y r u asking such ques  to kunj dat he cheated her n all such..
Nisha- coz maa sid has cheated my frnd..
Usha- which frnd?? N how he cheated.. dat all u tell.. bt 1st come inside n sit.. hve smething n then tell evrything in detail..
N- bt masi..
A- yes usha is right..
N- mom bt..
A- no buts.. do as said..
N (frustrated)- ohhhkkkk mmmom..

They all go inside n arrange themselves again in the lounge..
Bebe calls the waiters n orders to bring tea n snacks for all n a glass of water for Nisha.. they do as she says..

After abt half n hour nisha is allowed to speak.. while all the time kunj was biting his nails with a mixture of feelings wer 1 side he was feeling light- heartening coz his secret was going to b no more a secret bt at d sme tym wat reactions his fmly wld giv was a big ques n many sorts of thoughts were goin on around his mind..

"Now," said usha..
U- now can u speak nisha.. wat u wanna say..
N- ohhh.. finally… now hve i got d chance to speak so… sid.. r u ready?
B- nisha tu usse q puch rhi h.. batana jo batana chahti ho..
N- thik h bebe.. as u wish.. so sid ne aapko dhoka diya h.. usne 1 bohot bada sach chhupaya h…
U- kaisa sach??
N- masi wo.. sid is already MARRIED..!!! (Echoes) he married my frnd in london n now set to marry again.. (she says dis all in 1 breath with her eyes closed..)

(Hey dont tell them.. let them know.. let the fun begin..??)

Now all the members who were looking at nisha turned towards kunj n found him all embarassed his head bowed n eyes overflowing wid tears (bhai sharma gya bechara?.. aha again back to a serious mode?..) there was complete silence but.. but.. the silence broke wen usha went forward n chatttaaaakkk..!!! Yes.. she slapped him hard… n was ready 4 another..
K- sorry maa.. i m really sorry.. plzz no.. plzz..
Usha shook him- kya no.. arre kya hua kunj..
Suddenly kunj came to senses..(yea.. dreaming..??) n found usha hugging him instead of d slap.. n realized it to b only his imagination..
U- kunj u shld hve told dis to us b4..
B(twists his ears)- puttar if u wanted ur choice wife n u had already chosen u shld hve informed.. n still u married her n dint inform us n we saw sme girl n u even said yes for her..
A- kunj i dint expect dis frm u.. huh… i thought that twinkle taneja wld b the lucky girl for u n u've already married..
N- mom.. ek minute.. wat did u say.. twinkle taneja..??
A- yes.. the girl we saw 4 him was Twinkle.. bt now all our dreams r smashed..
(Uv is quiet all d tym as he thinks its better not to speak anything than to create more confusions..)
N- no mom ur dreams r not smashed…
A- wat do u mean.. NOT smashed?? He has already sme1 else na..
N- nah.. sid has married twinkle only..
All together- watttt???
Nisha then narrates the whole past of how they met, fell for eo n decided to marry..
N then b4 any1 cld speak.. kunj speaks up..
K- n dats d reason I agreed to marry twinkle wich wld b d 2nd tym but n official 1.. aur aap khud hi meri aur twinkle ki shadi karana chahte the to mera to kaam ho gya na.. (n u only wanted me n twinkle to marry so it made up my work..) so I thought I wld disclose dis truth at d right tym.. lekin nishu ne aakar saara bhaanda hi fod diya.. (bt dis nishu came n spoke up evrything..)
N- arre but sid.. wen i came i heard ur marriage fixing n so i was worried for tee.. as she wld b cheated na..B- ok ok.. now evrything is clear n all truth is out.. so no more arguments n roothna manana.. ANTA BHALA TO SAB BHALA.. (all's well that ends well)

Again ders a voice frm behind- entrance..(arre fir konsi musibat.. will der b more confusions..?? dont u worry u ld end up laughing..) " EK MINUTE BEBE" All turn..
B- arre leelaji..(ooh nooo… its leela.. now wat if she heard evrything..) twinkle puttar.. chinki puttar.. aap teeno.??(ohh godd.. twinkle n chinki also.. oh no ab to mar gye.. ab kya hoga..)
L- bebe.. twinkle aur kunj ne inni vaddi baat humse chhupayi aur jab hume pata chala to hum unhe aise hi maaf krde..(twinkle n kunj hid such a big truth from us n shld we forgive dem so easily..) looks at twinkle.. twinkle.. teri shadi to kunj se hi hogi.. bhale vo 2nd tym ho.. aur teri saza ae h ki..(ur marriage is gonna happen wid kunj only.. even if it is 2nd tym.. n ur punishment is..)

Twinkle n all others full tooo tensed n were waiting to hear wat nxt wld she say..
L- ur punishment is dat u hve to… give me the best hug on ur bidaai..!!!!
All together- aaaahhh!!!! Wat a punishment…!!!!!
T- sure maa.. (n hugs her tightly wid tears in her eyes..)
C(thinks)- bt twinkle.. i wont spare u.. i'll punish u at d right tym.. u hid it frm me too na.. so just wait n watch bacchhooo.. wat chinki taneja can do..
All start talking in a mess wer nothing is clear..
N- ahem ahem..(clears her throat) evry1 listen..(all calm down) so d wedding is on nxt saturday ie on 30th july.. in jaipur, rajasthan.. a destination wedding.. of both my bros.. n therefore shopping is essential.. n so.. I along wid both my bhabhis tee n chinki r to go on shopping tomorrow.. right.. tee n chinki??
T n C- yea thts a grt idea..
Bebe usha n leela leave..
Uv- hey wait.. chinki dont buy ur wedding suit as I've already purchased it for u as well as for me..
N- ahaa.. already purchased!!! (naughtily)
Twinkle also smirks to chinki teasing her..
C- umm.. so twinkle now I think we shld leave..
K- haa haa chinki u shld leave na.. (he also teases her..)
Uv- ohhkk now stop it guys..
N- anyways my sweet lil bro.. we arent goin to purchase any suits for d brides b4 confirming wid thier mother in laws.. get it..
N dey start laughing..
Now twinkle n chinki leave to their home..

Precap- uv in tension…

So did u like it… i know u wld b upset as i dint show for a loooong time n left u all confused wid such precap.. bt watever.. throw ur precious comments… n tomatoes sandals eggs n all rotten crap allowed.. n sorry for boring u all…. plzz forgive ur sissy..
love u all..
Bye.. tc..

Credit to: Aliza

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  1. Shatakshi

    Finally Aliza u continued this Amazing story
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤

    1. Thnx shatu.. i had a gut feeling smewer in my heart dat u wld b d 1st to comment n u did.. thnk u sooo much…..

  2. Nice

    1. Thnx maya

  3. SidMin

    Lovedbwas waiting for your ff fir a long time ?waiting for the next part pls post asap

    1. Thnx dear sidmin… n yea i wld try my best yo post the nxt part by thursday..

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi aliza..n welcome back..i missed ur ff so much…

    1. Thnx fan.. n yea welcoming accepted.. hehe.. jst joking…

  5. Missed u…
    loved the episode♥♥♥♥♥
    Plz update next episode asap

    1. thnx chehak.. wld b trying to post by thursday..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….loved it…..& missed you & your ff very much….& next Saturday….yani 30th july ko mera birthday h…..aur twinj ki shaadi…wow…..

    1. Thnx puru.. hope u dont mind me calling dat.. n happy bday in advance.. i wld b posting d marriage spl epi on 30th only…

  7. Romaisha

    Arre yaar missed u so much!!!! And tthis epi was hell funny usha ‘slapped him’ ??? too good do post ur next epi soon aur haa no disappearing for another 2 months ok? Bye
    I forgive u ?? ?

    1. Thnx dear roma.. n now even i cant stay away for 2 months from my lovely frnds

  8. Mahi

    Aliza miss u so oooooo much
    I thought ur ff will be in complete now
    A one episode

    1. Thnx dear mahi.. n how can i leave it incomplete.. wen i know my dear frnds wld b waiting…

  9. Baby

    hey aliza misd u a lot yr n osm episode 30 ko kafi kuch spcl hai hmm sid on tv n wt nt w8ing fr nxt episode so post asap dear n d episode ws jst luvly wt 2 say sid ki shkl dekhne layak hogi jb usha ne hug kiya or usse lga slap haha n yah jasmins punishmnt luvd it

    1. Thnk u soooo much babes…. i donno wat all spls on 30 bt yea for dis ff it wld b spl as its gonna make ur stomachs pain out laughing….

  10. Sayeeda

    Thank u for posting ur ff ….since long time I was waiting for it ….
    Today only I replied to ur comment on my ff nd asked u to post ur ff nd u posted it …..
    When I saw ur ff I was so happy ….
    Loved the episode …mind blowing ….
    The way Nisha bursted out the truth was so good …..
    Plzzz post next one soon

    1. awww… actually thnk u my dear sayuuu… n yea i read ur reply… n thnk u for waiting for such a long time n missing me…???

  11. Angita


    1. Thnx angita..

  12. fINALLY u posted Thanks
    epi was amzaing
    post soon

    1. Thnx dear zaku.. n yea FINALLY I posted.. hehehe…

  13. Ria

    Aliza, I was so happy to see your ff after such a long time. It was a really good update. Please update the next part soon.
    Also, try reading my ffs. They’re called “I Love You” – A Twinj journey and IS EVERYTHING REALLY SO PERFECT AS IT SEEMS TO BE? I hope you would like it.?

  14. Kruti

    Wow aliza ‘s back I seriously thought u left d ff half way but ur back thank god
    Amazing epi eagerly waiting for the nxt one

    1. Thnk u sooo much kruti… n i cant leave my TU frnds.. n may i know frm wer u r …??

  15. hey u aliza…………..u cheater……..just joking haa dill par mat lagaana actually i tell u cheater coz u had not updated from long n i was like a farmer waiting for rain wen der is not a single sign also………..anyways like always u rocked n i m shocked of uv tension
    u will get punishment of not updating for long!!!
    chalo koi ni punishment to milegi lekin aap ki koi badi sochni padegi isliye on next epi i will giv u punishment
    now,dont take tension meri punishment hard nahi hogi…………….
    i know i know u must b thinking who is dis pakaao,talkative,jhalli girl
    so i m a big fan of urs n ur ff…………n haa remember BIG SILENTREADER OF ALL D FF::::BUT NOW NO MORE
    as i also write a ff name junoon wala ishq do read haa?
    or haa my name is……….i will not tell my rreal name but will tell my pet name
    so my name is Aamu
    pta to hoga hi bohot famous hu meri school me(lol)
    i m just joking
    now u must b thinking if i m writing a essay so…no actually aajkal me long cmnt deti hu dis cmnt is for 1-23 epi tak ke liye
    so now hisab brabr
    plz now gaali mat dena haa
    ab jaa hi rahi hu
    so bahbye
    or ready rehna panu ke liye
    dont think much panu means punishment
    loads of love
    or haa bolna mera essay kesa lagaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. So.. my BIG WALI SILENT READER haa.. thnk u so sooooooooooooooooooo much 4 ur essay comment… 1st time i received such a wonderful comment.. thnk u sooooo much fr it.. oh thnx nhi bolna tha.. ok sorry bolna h.. ok then love u soooooooooo much…. my sweet sissy.. n ur essay was toooo good… n yes of course… i wld b waiting fr d panu.. urf punishment.. frm u…

  16. Amazing epi loved it

    1. Thnk u queen.. keep supporting…

  17. Thnx ria.. n yea i wld TRY MY BST to take time to read ur ff.. thnx again..

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