Tashan aur twists (episode 22)

Hi guys… how r ull??? thnk u so much guys… thnk u… I hve got sme free time… so I’ld post some episodes… if I can I’ll post 2 episodes these days… coz then again I’ld need a long BREAK… plz bear it guys… wen I’ll take a break I’ll inform in the last episode b4 leaving… so now… Lets go to episode 22…

Scene 1

Next day…
Kunj goes to pay the last bill.. he goes to the designer dress boutique n says to the cashier- ur empty bill..
C- yess sir.. u’ve to pay 50,000/-..
K- I know that!! Bt plz tell me wat has been bought n who has bought it??
C- sorry sir.. bt I cannot give this information to u… m sorry…
K- ohh.. its okk… take.. here’s ur bill.. bt can u show me the bill plz..???
C- no sir.. I cant show u the bill without certain particulars..
K- ooohhhh.. ohkk.. its okk.. now I shld..
He leaves..

Scene 2(hosp)

Uv gets a message.. he checks n says.. ohh. Kunj.. thnk u so much for paying my bills.. I know u’ld be very upset if u get to know that I was the blackmailer so I think I shld never let u know..

Scene 3(SM)

Tanejas n luthras come to SM for marriage date fixing of twinj n yuki… n sarnas welcome them..
All sit in the hall.. along with twinj yuki n guruji..
B- to hamaare dono beto ki shadi hone wali h..
U- yess bebe m so excited that both of my sons r gonna get their dulhaniyas..
A- arre usha bebe.. uv ka to mujhe pata h.. pr kunj.. uski shadi kab fix hui… n whose gonna b the lucky girl..
B- usha rani!! U dint tell anita abt kunj??
U- haa bebe it just slipped out of my mind.. yess di that lucky girl is ur DIL’s elder sis..
A- my DIL’s elder sis?? Matlab chinki’s elder sis.. n that means twinkle!! (realizes wat she spoke) omg.. so that lucky girl is our twinkle.. oohhhh… congrats leela.. ccongrats usha.. bt m upset with u both.. y dint u inform me earlier n will u plz do the kasht of telling me wen did this marriage got fixed..???
L- vo anita.. just day b4 yesterday.. n sorry na anita.. plz don’t get upset.. plzzzz…
U- yes di plz don’t get upset.. m really sorry..
L n U together hold their ears- sorrryyyy!!!
A- ohkk ohkk… they share a cute group hug…
B- arre bhai ab sorry session khatam hua ho to aage baat kre.. guruji is waiting..
U- ohh yess yess..
B- to guruji.. here is the kundli of all 4 KIDS..
Twinj n yuki think- KIDS..!!! really..!!! do KIDS marry..???
Guruji sees the kundli n says- ye to bohut hi acchi baat h..
B- kya acchi baat h guruji??
G- the good thing is that both the couple’s marriage date can be next week..
A- wattt!!! That’s really a good news..!!!
U- haa di.. that’s wonderful..
L- aap dono sahi keh rhe ho.. ye to bohut hi change gal h..
Twinj n yuki r overloaded with happiness.. they r not able to express it.. coz smile on their face is getting broader evry moment…
B- chalo.. then wedding wld b on nxt Friday…
L- ohhkk then.. fix nxt Friday..
Uv gets a call.. he goes to attend.. after the call he gets tensed..(whose call it is.. will b revealed later..)

Marriage is fixed n then the tanejas leave.. after a while the sarnas n luthras get up n turn to go inside wen they hear- “HOW DARE U SID.?? HOW DARE U..??? HOW DARE U CHEAT HER..???”
All understand who the person is n get a smile on their faces.. bt don’t understand wat was meant by those words.. still they turn.. n uv runs n hugs the person saying- diiii- jaaaaaaannnnn!!! (ooops so this person is nisha..) she back hugs him n says “I missed u my dear bro..!!!” all r happy to see her back.. screen freezes on their happy as well as tensed faces…

Precap- lets see wat is nisha talking abt..?? n y is uv tensed for the phne call..

Hope u liked it guys… plzzz do comment if u liked it n even if u disliked.. so that I can shape my story accordingly… n yess plz do ‘mention’ wat “scenes u liked in the ENTIRE FF..” so that I can make changes n TRY to entertain u all…
Good bye…
Stay blessed…
Love u all…
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Credit to: Aliza


  1. Mahi

    Its awesome
    I think nisha don’t know that kunj is going to marry tw onlyit would be fun now
    Pleas next soon
    And ya u surprise me by updating this early very nice dear

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