Tashan aur twists (episode 20)


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Scene 1(TH)

Leela is asking wat prblm she has in marrying kunj.. n twinkle then answers
T- maa actually I hve NO prblm.. bt I m just wanting to tell that u do chinki's wedding b4 me..
L- wattt?? R u crazy?? Wat will th ppl tell that both the daughter's wedding is fixed n both dont want to marry at the same time is ok.. bt the smaller 1 is more hurried to marry n how the mother she has to wed the big daughter 1st n then the small 1…
T- y r u worrying abt ppl.. they'll speak for smetime then will get back to work…
L- accha ok.. we'll discuss this later with sarnas n luthras bt u tell dat u r ready na for marrying kunj??
T- umm.. yess maa…
L kisses her forehead- thats like my girl.. jeeti reh.. rab tenu har khushi de..(live long.. may god give all happiness to u..)
T- okk maa..

Scene 2(SM)

Usha asks kunj for marrying twinkle… (same like leela n twinkle's talks.. so m not givin any convo..) kunj agrees for marriage.. usha gets a call.. she leaves..
K- bebe m goin out..
B- haa puttar.. go..

Kunj n twinkle both r thinking the same.. thnk u babaji.. maa ne mujhe saamne se twinkle/kunj se shadi k liye puch liya.. qki agar mai batata/batati to pata nhi kaise react krte.. mai twinkle/kunj ko phne krta/krti hu… they pick up their phnes together n call eo.. it shows busy.. pata nhi kisse baat kr rhi hogi/rha hoga.. kunj again calls her bt twinkle doesnt so she receives call.. twinj together- tumhara phne busy q tha..
Again together- mai tumhe hi call kr rha tha/rhi thi..
T- ok.. mai tumse abhi milna chahti hu..
K- hey mai bhi milna chahta hu.. 1 kaam krte h.. u come out of ur house.. I'll pick u n then we shall go somewhere n talk..
T- okk.. I'll come out in 10 minutes..
K- ohkk then m coming..

Scene 3

Leela n usha inform eo on call.. that twinkle/kunj hve agreed for marrying.. they congratulate eo n decide for a small ring ceremony.. which wld b 2-3 days later..

Scene 4

Twinkle n kunj tell eo… how their moms asked them for marriage n they dint hve to tell them… they felt so happy.. n decided to buy sweets themselves n then go home…

Scene 5

Kunj gets a call.. its an unknown no. He thinks maybe sme friend wld hve got no from uv.. he receives call..
K- hello.. who is this??
Voice- hellloo.. mr. Sarna..
K- yes.. who is this..?
V- dont u ask me who is this.. u just need to know y hve I called..
K- ohkk then.. y hve u called.. mr. Xyz?? (Its a male's voice)
V- now u've got the right que.. so I've called to inform u that I know evrything abt ur marriage.. or shld I say a runaway marriage??
Kunj is all shocked…
K- stammering.. wa.. wat.. r u sa.. saying?? Wat runaway marriage haa??
V- dont u stammer like that.. I know u n wats ur wife's name.. haa.. twinkle.. u n twinkle fell in love n married eo in london.. right?? N u hvent told this to ur parents.. bt m thinking to tell abt it.. hahahaha…
K- bt how u know.. n dont u dare tell to r parents n wat proof do u hve??
V- dont u worry abt proofs.. n I wont tell ur parents.. mai to darr gaya.. hahahaha??.. u hve to do a small favor for me.. n I wont tell ur parents abt it..
K- wat favor??
V- dat I'll tell u later.. u wait till my next call.. he cuts the call..
K- hello.. hello..
Kunj is all tensed.. he doesnt answer twinkle after so many times of her questions..
T- kunj plz tell me… wat happened.. whose call was it n wat he told that u r so tensed?? Plzz answer me kunj..
K- twinkle.. sme1 knows abt our marriage n has warned me to do as he says otherwise he wld open up our secret to our family..
T- wattt??? Wat the hell r u saying kunj..???
K- I m saying truth… sme1 knows.. bt v had told the matter to uv na.. only we 2.. uv n nishu knows abt this then how come sme1 else.. waitt..I think it is uv's prank.. ohh this uv na.. m not goin to spare him..
T- yess.. maybe it is.. call uv n find it out..
K- hmm I shld call him..
Just then uv comes there b4 kunj cld call him..
Uv- hi guys.. y u seem so tensed..
K- uv.. u called me na few minutes ago..??
Uv- yess I called u..
K- y did u give warnings that if I dont do ur favor u'ld tell our parents abt our wedding..
Uv- wat? Who said that… I cldnt converse with u kunj… I had called bt u dint pick n it showed busy… u check ur phne…
Kunj checks his phne n finds 2 missed calls of uv..
K- sorry yaar.. I doubted u..
Uv- bt wats the matter.. plz tell me..
Twinkle tells the whole matter of phne call…
Uv- omg.. this is a prblm now.. u wait till the nxt prblm now.. u wait till the nxt call n tell me wat nxt that person tells u.. okk.. now calm down..

Precap- next call…

Did u like it?? I know it was sort of boring… so chappals.. rotten tomatoes.. eggs all allowed… bt plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzz do comment… stay blessed… love u all… even the silent readers…

Credit to: Aliza

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  8. Amazing epi dear loved it…….. Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz……

  9. Hey guys… thnk u so muchhhh for ur commentsss…. u had made my day bt srsly to tell I vl post d nxt part on wed.. coz there r sme reasons n genuine ones.. which include my srs back pain.. m most of the time resting.. other reason is I m muslim n these r sme of r imp days.. a festive season.. n my cousins hve also arrived.. so I requessssstttttttt u guys to b patient… asap I’ll post it… n plzzzzzz forgive me for the delay….??????

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