Tashan aur twists (episode 19)


Hey guys aliza's back.. I felt a lil better so I thought to write 1 episode.. n also its vacation time so picnics n marriages r sources of being late.. plzz forgive me.. now no more chapad chapad.. so lets begin…

Scene 1(SM)
Kunj's room..

Twinj n uv hugging eo..
Usha calls them.. twinkle kunj uv kahaan ho tum teeno..
K- haa maa aa rhe h..

They go down…

L- twinkle party chhod kar kahaan chali gyi thi??
T- vo maa actually kunj took me to show his room…
L- thats ok but u shld hve told me n gone na..
T- maa m sorry..
L- its ok beta..
T- chinki n twinkle u both go home.. I'll come in sometym..
C- okay maa v r goin.. byee.. byee usha aunty.. bye anita aunty..
A- byee beta.. bt not anita aunty.. u shld call me mom..
C- blushes off.. as u say.. MOM..
A- thats like my girl.. live long n always b happy..
L- ahaa.. anita.. seeing ur DIL she listens to u so sweetly n if I wld hve said smething.. she wld never do that so easily…
T- achha maa.. v r goin…
Twinkle n chinki leave… uv n kunj bid them secretly..
Anita n uv also leave..
Kunj goes to his room..
Others hve already left..

Only bebe usha n leela r present..
L- I think twinkle n kunj know eo very nicely as they r so friendly..
U- haa leelaji I also think the same.. they r so good friends as they said they r besties…
B- bt I think there is some misunderstanding.. I dont think they r just friends or besties.. maybe they like eo or maybe still deeply related.. otherwise they wont dare to hug eo in such a party.. wat u think??
L- yess bebe u r right… I dint think that first..!!
U- how cld I forget?? They were stammering wen we asked them if they knew eo.. maybe there is something… we'll hve to find it soon..
L- then wat shld we do?? Shld we ask them for marriage??
U- yes leelaji.. bt not now.. tomorrow or day after wld b perfect…
L- hmm.. great.. then I think I shld leave.. its already late..
B- ohhk leelaji..
She leaves…

Scene 2(Luthra's mansion)

Anita is sleeping… uv is not able to sleep..
He thinks that its good that two lovers get married.. bt it is not good that they dont inform their parents.. I know they hve taken promise from me that this shld not b leaked n I cant break my promise… thinks something n then… hmmm.. nice idea.. then I'll start my work tomorrow… he sleeps with a happy mood..

Scene 3(TH)

Leela is sitting in hall thinking how will she ask twinkle to marry kunj… while on other side twinkle comes down thinking how shld I ask maa to marry kunj again… leela gets up n starts moving towards staircase n twinkle coming downstairs.. they both in their thoughts n then wat?? Obviously BANGGG!!!! They collide with eo..
L n T together- vo kunjjj..
L- hainnn.. kya kunj… waise tujhe lagi to nhi..
T- nhi maa m fine.. aap thik h??
L- haa puttar m fine.. waise menu na tujhse na ek baat kehni thi…
T- haa maa…
L- not like this.. come n sit…
They sit in the hall…

L- dekh twinkle.. chinki ki to shaadi pakki ho chuki h.. ab mujhe teri shadi ki chinta khaaye jaa rhi h…
T- cuts her off.. maa u know m very happy for chinki.. n m goin to look the best in her wedding… n u know m goin to do so much shopping for me n chin…
L- interrupts.. arre haa.. u do shopping n evrything bt I wanna tell u to think for ur marriage…
T- umm.. soo wat hve u thought??
L- hmm.. vo.. vo… vo actually 2 days back there was a proposal for u.. twinkle tightly packed in tension… n dont u worry u know him very well.. n u both's friendship is also nice.. I know that…
T- umm so will u tell his name plz..
L- ah his name is KUNJ SARNA.. yesterday u met in the party na… so do u like him??
T is very xcited from within bt doesnt express.. she enacts formal- vo actually maa.. he is really nice n as I told u he is perfectly nice person to marry n I agree also bt..
L gets annoyed- wat bt twinkle.. wat bad is in him?? Nothing.. absolutely nothing.. then wat bt.. I m telling u twinkle..
Screen freezes…

Precap- uv's plan…

Did u like it?? Oooopps… lot of suspense.. lot of tashan.. lot of twist.. lot of surprise.. n also lot of shocks… stay tuned to know wat is going on twinkle n uv’s minds!!! N plzzzzzz do comment…!!!

Credit to: Aliza

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