Tashan aur twists (episode 17)


Hey guys… m really sorry as m late as usual plz fogive me…??lets begin..

Days pass by..
Kunj is in love with twinkle.. it is love at first sight… bt he is afraid if twinkle denies.. their friendship qld also break down…

Twinkle's project comes to n end… she along with nisha n kunj r sitting at a coffee shop near their uni. They r having some talks.. twinkle says..
T- thnk u so much sid.. if u were'nt there I cldnt hve completed my project so early.. I was sent here for 2 weeks as all thought it will take the time… bt bcoz of u I've bcome free in only a week.. thnk u so… (all in a breath)
K- (cuts her off) bass karo… u speak so much together… n anyways there's no need to thank me coz u r my dear… umm I mean my dear sissy's best friend.. so u r my friend also.. right?? So theres no thnk u in friendship.. okk…??
Moves his hand for a handshake… n twinkle shakes hand… nisha is busy watching n old type romantic film (of twinj- lol..??) n giggling within herself.. she then speaks off..
N- so u guys r really boring… n teases them with a weird face..
T- maybe ur dear brother.. I mean cousin bhai wld b boring… u know me very well.. n do u think I ever bore u off?? Haa.. tell me..
N- ohh ha ha tee.. I know u dont bore me bt I also know my cousin.. he is not sort of boring…
K- heard u.. miss tee?? My behna knows me better..
T- ohhoo.. badi taarifein sunne ko mil rhi h na.. mr. Sid…
N- ok ok guys dont fight plz… bt I dont understand 1 thing…
Twinj together- whattt???
N- relax u both… I wanna say that I dont understand u both individually r so interesting ppl then wen u r together y did u bore me off??
T- that u know..
K- actually she is right.. that u know nishu…
They hve some more gupsup…

Next day…
There is a party for all those who had come for their projects.. so twinkle was invited.. n it was party from k/n's university therefore they too were invited..

In the evening..
Twinkle was ready… she was called by nisha n kunj who were waiting outside her room… niaha n kunj were also ready.. kunj in a black pant.. off white shirt n chocolate brown waist coat.. n nisha in a beautiful blue narrow top till knees.. twinkle opens the door n comes out… kunj is mesmerized at her simplicity… she wore a flawless pink long gown with 1 side sleeve.. n was looking amazing in open hair curled with a puff… they were heading towards thw party hall.. bt while coming down twinkle's gown round up in her heels n it twisted n she was abt to fall of the stairs wen our hero saved her on time n she was bending in his arms.. with kunj holding her by her waist n her arms around his neck… they shared a sweet eyelock… few moments later… nisha coughed to tease them.. n they composed themselves…

They reached the party venue..
All were enjoying it wen there was n unexpected announcement for couple dance… many of them got excited  while others were left shocked including twinj… nisha had planned it for them… she excused herself n hid behind to see wat wld twinj do now… kunj slowly asked her- will u b my partner.. my life partner (not in senses as he was completely lost in her)
T- wattt?? Wat r u saying?? R u in ur senses??
K- arey no I mean.. will u bcome my dance partner??
T- nods in a yes n agrees weirdly..
The song plays n all dance on Teri meri kahani.. twinj hve a very romantic dance.. even after the song ends they r still hugging eo.. normal lights r back n they realize their position n compose themselves..
It turns to b late night.. they return back…

The next day kunj decides to confess his love to tee (twinkle) he thinks now I cant live in this confusion.. today to either iss paar ya uss paar..
Twinkle thinks wat do I feel for sid.. I know him as my friend bt y do I feel so secure wen he is around me.. y do I always think so much abt him.. y y y??? Is this the feeling called love.. do I love him?? Twinkle's soul speaks yes this is the feeling of love.. u love him…
Twinkle realizes she is in love with him…
During lunch kunj gathers all his energy n then after lunch.. he sits on his knees near twinkle n then..
K- tee!! I dont know how this happened bt truly to say.. I LOVE U!!! It was love at first sight for me.. I srsly wat u feel abt me bt vl accept me??
Twinkle nisha n the whole of canteen is shocked.. nisha whispers twinkle to accept him.. n teases twinkle..
T- I LOVE U TOO!!!! (echoes in kunj's mind as she makes him stand)
They share a passionate hug.. n evry1 clap for them.. nisha gets tears in her eyes in happiness.. twinkle notices it n breaks the hug.. n hugs nisha.. kunj joins…
Screen freezes..

Precap- twinkle sad.. kunj n nisha cheer her up..

Hope ull like it!! Plzzzz do comment… plzzz!!

Credit to: Aliza

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