Tashan aur Twists (episode 1)

Hey guys….really sorry for nt replying any1 coz my xms r goin on…. bt thnk u so much smita sanam naira aarush forever fan of twinj nataksha aakanksha lara tamanna n zikra….thnk u n smita its obvio TWINJ………….n yes its Amritsar…..no more bakbak here’s da episode 1

Scene 1(Taneja House) (I’ll jus name it TH)

Leela is shown busy working with preparations of food n others she tells her workers in kitchen…..
L- Cheti cheti haath chalao (work fast) twinkle aur chinki meri dono bacchiya kisi bhi waqt aati hogi

Scene shifts to airport

A girl with pretty blue top n black jeans is bringing luggage out n another girl with pink top n blue capri is calling her : come na …maa wld be waitin for us….her face is shown she is Chinki n d other is Twinkle, waitin for a taxi n callin out…..suddenly a car comes in front of dem..driver comes out n says Leela madamji asked me to pick u from here but soorrryyy I got late due to traffic

Twinkle-Its ok now we want to go home fast..
Chinki-(interrupts) yea maa wld be eagerly waitin fr us n m waitin for maa’s hands’ chhole puri jus luv to have it n I missed it so much…..
T- Bass kar chinki …kitna bolegi… ghar jaana h ya nhi…chal baith gaadi mein…
C- ohkk di!!!( makes childish face n sits in car)
T- (sits in car) 1 minute…kya kaha tune…di?? Don’t call me dat ..i told u b4 also…
C- ohhkk twinkle di v r goin 2 reach now
T- chinki u na…..mai tujhe chhodungi nhi agr phirboli toh….
C- (gets out of car n runs) ohhk sorry twinkle di…
T- (goes behind) chinki…u naa I’ll nt spare u…
C- maa …maa wer r u…see na di is trying to beat me…..

Leela is in kitchen chinki comes der n hugs her from behind…

C- maa ..save me..plz…dis di gone mad now….
T- (comes der) maa…… how r u maa??
L- m fine bt y r u both fighting like cats n dogs???
T-see na maa she is calling me di again n again ….
L- so wat twinkle? She is smaller than u so she is calling u di…..wats d big deal??(chinki tease her by making weird face)
T-maa it is a big deal….she calls me di n den ppl think me 2 be sooo slderly(makes crying face)
L- acchha dnt cry…u both came jus now n started 2 fight…cme I’ve all ur fav dishes…try dem…
T&C- v knw maa all ur dishes have magical taste …. v luv dem ….


A boy is riding off his bike..he reaches collegewer he gets a call….his face is shown..he is none other than our KUNJ…..

Scene3 (TH)

Twinkle n Chinki hve da dishes n r delighted 2 hve dem… dey go on complimenting n eatin…..

Precap-Twinkle feels dizzy while goin 2 her room wid chinki…she faints outside der room……

Hope u like it.. n plz comment…!!!!

Credit to: Aliza


  1. forever fan of twinj

    I Think u got so inspired by our comments dat u wrote n awesome epi.
    Hatzzzz off….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Aakanksha

    U r a fantastic writer dear…keep going…and plzz post the next 1 asap….and all the best for ur exams

    • Aliza

      thnx aakanksha … n u r better than me….. i’ve posted it… it may come after smetime maybe….. do wait till den…..:-):-):-)

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.