tashaan e ishq..wahi jodi nayi love story episode 2


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Episode starts-
All the four twinke , uvi , kunj and alisha reach college
Kunj alisha and twinkle are in the same class but uvi is senior
Twinkle enters the clg but some senior boyz stops her….
They asked her to entertain them…as being a fresher she has to perform something bcoz its the rule of clg
Twinke- i cannot able to perform anything…plz let me go
Suddenly one of the boy asked her to propose the guy who came first through the gate…
Twinkle- ok sir
Then kunj is the guy who enters through the gate….
Twinkle walks slowly towards him….but when she come closer to him….she get hit by a stone and is about to fall but kunj holds her…
They share an eyelock ( sajna ve plays)
But alisha came there and shouts kunj….
Both came to their senses and compose themselves
Twinkle to kunj – i..i…i luv u

Kunj – excuse me
Alisha – listen just stay away from kunj…he is my bf
Uvi came nd shouts at all the senior boyz…he told them that she is his sister nd ask them to stay away from her….
Bell rings…everyone goes to their respective classes
Alisha fumes in anger when she came to know that twinkle is also in the same class with them
Alisha- kunj baby…if u luv me….then u have to stay away from that twinkle
Kunj- yeah baby
Kunj self talk- i also want to stay away from her bcoz when she propose me , the innoncence in her eyes makes my heart melt….i cannot risk that …..
Episode ends

Precap – kunj helps twinkle

Credit to: Akanksha

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  1. It was superb episode.

  2. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Innocence makes people go crazy.
    Nice episode.

  3. Omg !!! Twinkle and innocent. . lol
    well ur episode was soooooooooo fab

  4. Thnk u all for your support

  5. Very very interesting

  6. haha.. u made twinkle uv’s sister ..haha

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