Tashaan e ishq…jodi wahi nayi luv story episode 7

Thnk u guyz for your cmmnts ?…
Episode starts
Kunj and twinkle both wake up in the morning….nd chnge their clothes
T- no what kunj…
K- let me think siyapaa queen
T- what did u jst called me
K- siyapaa queen….if u cannot walk properly…then why is there need to do catwalk near the river
T-and why did u jump then?? you are the one who want to become a hero…mr kadoos sarna
K- i jump because a cannot see you drowning in front of my eyes
Twinkles eyes him lovingly
K- come lets go and find the way to the hotel
Both walked for an hour before they can reach the road….from their they took a bus to the hotel..
At hotel…everbody is concerned for them….they both reach the hotel…
Teacher- thank god you are safe…i went to the police also bt they cannot file the complaint before 24 hrs
Alisha comes from behind and hugs kunj….twinkle feel little jealousy
A- baby i missed u soo much..promise me u never leave me alone
K- alisha i m tired …i need same rest
Teacher- yeah…everybody go to your room and rest
All students came back from trip the next day

Taneja house
Leela- twinkle puttar i am so glad that you are back
uvi- yeah sis…we missed u soo much
They share a family moment together …same in sarna house…
Usha- kunj there is some gud news for u
K-yeah mom tell me
U- tomorrow your sister mahi is coming from london…she wanted to finish her last year in india with us
K-wow mom…great news….i m very excited
Alisha came…
U- come alisha…you and kunj talk…i ll go …
A- baby i m going back to london for a month as there is a modelling assignment for me
K- yeah…u can go….
A- thnk u baby… And she went
Kunj room
Kunj self talk- why i donot feel sad when i hear alisha is going for a mnth…i mean she is my gf…its like i donot feel for her anymore….may be because i knoe .. in the relationship..all the efforts are from my side only and she only focused on her career ….i need a girl like twinkle…ummm what twinkle…why i am thinking about her ….i thnk i should sleep now …..both twinkle and kunj sleep in their respective rooms
Episode ends

Credit to: Akanksha


  1. Amazing episode… But I think there should be someone for twinkle also so that Kunj would be jealous.. This is just my opinion… Or else ur story is really good..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.