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I got married to my husband Kunj Sarna 2 months ago. These 2 months have been like heaven. I was forced by my mother to get married to him. I told her I was not ready to get married but she made me promise her that I will get married. I met Kunj 3 days before we were to get married. He was very good looking. We didn’t get a chance to talk to each other as our families were around and it is considered bad if a girl and boy talk to each other before marriage in front of their family. We got married and I found out that Kunj lives in Mumbai. I was scared as I was going to live with a person I have never talked to before but now I am married to this person. However I had a positive vibe with Kunj. We reached Mumbai and he told me that he works in his father’s business that is in Bandra . We reached the house which was very spacious. He showed me around and took me to our room. He then left by telling me that he has a meeting to attend. We would talk to each other. He told me I was free to do anything. I changed my lifestyle. I became the Twinkle I was during college outgoing and Miss attitude. I would wear western clothes. He would never say anything.
One day he asked me if we could go out for the night together. I smiled and agreed. I wore a knee length one sleeve black dress with small black earnings. I applied red lipstick and left my hair open. I also wore black heels. Kunj looked at me and smiled.
Kunj= you look pretty
I blushed= thanks

We went out to a night club. We danced a lot. Suddenly Kunj phone rang and he excused himself. He went outside and suddenly 1 guy forcefully started to dance with me. I tried a lot for him to let go but that guy wouldn’t let go. Suddenly I saw that guy on the floor. It was Kunj who had beaten him up. I ran to Kunj and hugged him. He to reciprocated the hug and kissed my forehead. After that incident we began to talk more with each other. I had developed feelings for him and decided to confess it to him. I went to his office. I was wearing a navy blue skirt that had a slit on the side. My blouse was grey. I accessorized it with silver studs and wore my silver sandals. The receptionist did not recognize me and asked me to wait at the waiting area as he was in a meeting. There were some girls there who were talking about Kunj.
G1= hey what your name?
ME= Twinkle what about yours?
G1= I am Chaya
G2= I am Laila
G3= I am Vandna
Me= Are you guys here for a job interview?
They all nodded their head and started to talk about how they find Kunj good looking. I was burning from inside. Kunj meeting had ended and he saw me.
Kunj= Twinkle what are you doing here?
Twinkle= I came to meet you but the receptionist didn’t recognize me
Kunj= she probably didn’t know your my wife as you came here for the first time.
Twinkle smiled whilst those girls were shocked to know I am Kunj wife. The receptionist had came.
Res= Sir Mr. Bhakshi is here to meet you.
Kunj= Ok tell him to wait I am coming
The receptionist went.

Kunj= Twinkle what is your plan?
Twinkle= Kunj I thought to come and have lunch with you. But if your busy I can go. She was about to leave but Kunj held her hand.
Kunj= listen I just have to meet Mr. Bhakshi, then we will go out for the day. Twinkle smiled.
I waited for Kunj. He came after 15 minutes.
Kunj= shall we go?
I nodded my head and we left. We went to the shopping mall and he pampered me by buying me so many things. I refused but he still did. Unknowingly we held each other’s hands and were comfortable. After that we both became hungry and went to eat at the food counter. We ate pizza with fries my favorite.
Twinkle= Kunj can I ask you something?
Kunj= of-course
Twinkle= do you know those girls I was sitting near today they had all come for an interview. What position was it for?
Kunj= they came for a managers position why?
Twinkle= Just I was wondering
Kunj= Did you think it was for my PA?
I was shocked that he knew and nodded my head.
Kunj= just to let you know my assistant is a male not female. So you don’t need to feel insecure
I felt embarrassed and looked away. He looked at me and smiled.

Kunj= you don’t have to worry no-one will take your place in my life.
I was touched by his words and smiled.
The day was spent with us two only and we both enjoyed ourselves a lot.
We reached home left the shopping bags in the lounge. After that we entered our bedroom. I went and had a quick shower and changed into my night dress. When I came out I saw Kunj had already had a shower and was in his PJs. I felt like hugging his and confessing my love but I didn’t want to break our new bond. I went and laid down next to him on the bed. There was pin drop silence in the room for a few minutes that was broken by him.
Kunj= Twinkle I really enjoyed myself today. Thanks for coming with me.
Twinkle= it was my pleasure Kunj
Suddenly my phone rang and it was maa. She had face called me.
Me and Kunj both were speaking to her. I could see that she was happy to see me and Kunj together happy. Kunj was also talking to her as if she is his mum not mine. I couldn’t thank maa enough for choosing Kunj for me. She cut the call after half an hour.
We continued talking and didn’t realise we came really close. We ended sleeping with each other in embrace.

The next morning
I woke up and saw how closely we were sleeping with each other. I didn’t want kunj to wake up and see me in his embrace so I tried to free myself. His grip was too strong and I didn’t want to wake him up. So I again laid down in his embrace. He woke up after 20miniutes and slowly removed me. I could feel that he was looking at me. After a few minutes he came closer and I could feel him close to me.
Kunj= She looks so cute. Her eyes are so pretty . In just 2 months she has stolen my heart. I wonder what her feelings for me are like but I truly love her. I love You Twinkle he whispered.
I smiled as my husband had the same feelings for me like I did for him.
Me= I love you too I said opening my eyes.
He looked at me and we both shared a sweet eyelock.
Kunj= Why did you not tell me?
Twinkle= I thought you don’t have the same feelings like me.
Kunj= I loved you from the moment I saw you
We both looked at each other and smiled.
In no time our lips met. It was the first time and it felt beautiful. Kunj was over me. I knew what was going to happen and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled the blanket over us and we became 1.

The End

Happy New Years everyone
I hope this year brings lots of blessings in your life
Loads of Love Simiyy

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