Tasha-E-Ishq (twinj ff) – no one is perfect but we make each other perfect (Chapter 3)

Intro and Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Twinj are sitting in the care quietly
Twinkle in her mind= OMG he is so boring , if he cant talk he can play the music . she decides to break the silence.
T= can I play the music please

K= yeah sure
She switches on the music system and the song dramaqueen from hasi toh pasi is playing in the blackground.
Kunj chuckles
T= what happened?
K= this song totally suits you he said and continues to laugh
T= shut up
K= im saying the truth

T= yeah whatever
K= anyway forget all this and tell me how life has been after graduation
T= it has been well thanks to babaji , I have been helping mum in her business…. You tell me how had London been?
K= London has been good … thankfully our business has been going good. Now I can settle here for a couple of years…. I missed everyone a lot.
T= we missed you to she said and smiled
He smiled back at her
K= so how come you stopped modelling ?

T= my only dream was to become miss Amritsar and successfully I became it…. Modelling was something I enjoyed doing but it gets worse the more famouseyou get and I don’t want to cross the limits and spoil my mothers upbringing
K= so where do you want to go an eat ?
T= our favorite masala bites outside near college
K= ok
They have some normal conversations and reach the restaurant
K= can we have 2 masala chips and cola
T= you still remember
K= ofcourse I do

Their food arrives and they enjoy it
T= so kunj did you make any girlfriends in London
K= no not really, there was this girl Alisha but I heard that she always wanted guys money , luckily cherry bhaiya told me
T= that’s good
The drive back home
K= thanks for coming with me and helping complete my dare
T= it was my pleasure
K= thank you babaji twinkle never created any siyappas today
T= shut up saru sarna …. You can never be sweet
K= yeah yeah whatever
The day ends with there nok jok

Precap = bebe entry

Kunj = siddarh gupta
Guys I hope you enjoyed it
Guys if the ff is boring please let me know I will not continue. I am only saying it as I am not getting a lot of comments
Take care

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  1. No no no pls don’t stop this ff
    Episode was amazing and your ff is fabulous…..
    don’t dare to stop it
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  2. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice !!!!! And don’t dare to leavethis ff in between …. and continue soon…
    Take care
    Keep smiling ????

  3. Ramya

    Hey simmiy Amazing super
    Bt plss dnt stop
    Plss don’t dare
    Love u

  4. Hey simyy.. amazing epi.. loved their cute talks.. Plz don’t end it.. do cont soon ?

  5. No dont end …. Its amazing…..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  7. Romaisha

    Heyy dii!! Awesome episode today! Really enjoyed there sweet talks..
    Sorry for late comment..
    Post soon
    Love u ❤

  8. Kruti

    Hey simmy sorry for d late comment…..the ff isnt at all boring infact i am loving d progressing story a bit by bit

    Nice epi
    Continue soon

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    Sorry Simmy for the late comment 🙂
    Loved the episode and your ff and boring No ways Please post soon Do continue 🙂

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