Tasha-E-Ishq (twinj ff) – no one is perfect but we make each other perfect (Chapter 2)

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Next morning
Twinkles room
T- oh god…Baba Ji kaha pass gayi… I have to go out on a date and long drive with that saru….. Come on twinkle come up with a plan….. She thinks for a bit …. IDEA she said with a bright smile on her face…..
She gets her phone and rings abhay….
A- hey twinkle what’s up
T- hi abhay…. Hope you are well…. Tell Kunj I won’t be able to come as I have an important meeting to go to… Sorry
A- oh ok bye see you later….
Taneja manshio
L- twinkle beta Coe. Down quickly…..
Twinkle comes down and is shocked to see uv,chinki,abhay and mostly shocked seeing kunj
T- Jee mama
L- you never told me that you are going out with Kunj…..
T- wohhhhhhhh…. Maa I have a meeting so I won’t be able to go….
L- meeting she said suprised…. Today is Sunday so there is no meeting … Twinkle bites her tongue … Go get ready quickly… She is about to go upstairs but is shocked to see abhay,Uv and chinki smirking ….
Twinkle goes upstairs to get ready… In the mean while usha comes in with Anita

All the 3ladies are happy to see each other
L- Kunj when are you going back then putter
K- aunty I am Hereford a few years now
L- that’s good…
U- you are right leela …, at least I will be able to spend time with my daughter in law
K- mum not again
A- kunj usha is absolutely right … Cherry has been saying no to get married for a few years after chaaya (his fiancée ) died …. You are the next oldest son in the family
U- leela what have you thought about twinkles marriage
L- I want her to get married but I haven’t come across a good guy yet….
A- what about getting twinkle and kunj married …
Kunj coughed whilst uv,abhay and chinki laughed…..
Ab- look twinkle Bhabi is here… He said as twinkle was walking down the Stairs
K- shut up

Twinkle was wearing blue jeans and yellow and pink Kurti… She carried a pink duppata
T- namesty she said and greeted usha and Anita
Uv- do you town not want to go now
A- where are they going?
Ch- on a date she muttered under her breath
L- what did you say chinki
Ch- bua they are going out to meet some friends as they were in the same Economics class she lied
L- oh ok
U- have fun
Uv – we will go drop them outside
Outside taneja mansion
Uv- what ok I am coming
K- what happened
Uv- there is an emergency at the hospital so I have to go bye
Uv left
Twinkle winked at Kunj and told him through eyes to tease abahy and chinki
K- twinkle I think abhay and chinki should go out instead of us
T- even I agree
Ch- shut up please
Ab- I wouldn’t mind
Twinj- awwwwww
Chinki and abhay stare at each other and share a sweet eye lock
Twinj- ahem ahme
They compose themselves
Ab – you have to go and complete your dare…
Ch- bye
Twinj go in the car and drive off
Ab- so what’s your plans for the day
Ch- nothing much
Ab- come lets go my house and watch a movie
Ch- ok come on

Pre cap – twinj date and long drive and Bebe entry
Kunj- siddarth Gupta
Uv is a positive character and will not come in between twinj

Sorry guys i know there were not many twinj scenes but there will be in the next episode .
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