Tanu’s truth Out-OS


Hi, guys… this is my first one short….

As i’m fed up of real KKB’s track i just want to give a full stop to this drama………….

After champak entry…. Pragya is now fully shattered..becoz, now her love..her life Abhi also doubt’s on her…which she couldn’t take it any more…….


Early morning…While all r sad becoz of B’day’s incident….Pragya is still in her room ..crying vigorously….But, Abhi didn’t even look at her for once…..and left to his music room…..

After some time: Pragya slowly wipes her tears..Now, her face is some determined……..and call’s some one…and tells him something[which was muted] At night, She calls Nikkil by Abhi’s mobile and ask’s him to come soon to MM..[ she make purab talks in Abhi’s voice].Nikkil calls Tanu and tells Abhi called him to come soon… Tanu tells may be he is pleased with ur favor in party by giving those photos of champak and pragya…even i too manipulate him and keep on reminding him about ur favor..so, i thought he want’s to give something worthy…. u just come know…why we have to loose his great chance…But nikkil feels some thing fishy and tells tanu..tanu say’s ” ur problem is this…u never give importance to my words at all…Now, Abhi is mentally, emotionally weak… and About Pragya, she is still weeping in her room…….Now, she didn’t have anything to prove or explain..becoz Up to this day, she always believes Abhi loves and Trust her…but it’s just vanishes in one night..so, better u stop thinking about this…come soon else u will miss this golden chance..nikkil…. Nikkil too gets convinced and soon reaches MM… Abhi just leaving from his music room and saw Nikkil..He comes towards Nikkil and ask’s about his sudden visit…… Nikkil is shocked ….

Just then, Pragya comes down and say’s He comes here on my saying….Abhi stares at her and tries to leaves from there..But, she stopped him and ask’s him to stay here for sometime..becoz, Know it’s time for something Imp…..

Soon, purab comes with a lady doctor and with some files….. He handover that files to Pragya….and stands by her side… Soon, Daadi, Akaash, Rachana… comes there and stands by pragya’s side……… Pragya then calls some one..and ask him to come to MM… Mean while Nikkil finds some thing fishy…and tries to leave from there..but, Purab and Akaash stops him and slowly places gun on his backside…Nikkil is just shocked but still remains unmoved…. Soon, Police reaches with Champak ….. Abhi is shocked by seeing this…

Police say’s to pragya that ” yes, ur right mrs. pragya..he is a very big creep..now, he is on bail…he trapped u for earning money….” Champak’s face shows clearly show’s he had full coating in police station… Pragya stares angrily..and Slaps him hard………. Abhi is hell shock he really don’t know what happening…

Pragya starts to speak and tells ” Mr.Abhishek mehra… Now, It’s time to know..everything..becoz, now i can’t tolerate this anymore..and looks Angrily towards Nikkil…. she then takes a C.D and play’s in t.v it’s a vedio in which Nikkil get’s readying champak and say’s About pragya’s every movement to him…and tells him to act well ..by this, Abhi mind have to fill with doubts on pragya…

Abhi is shocked and Angrily stares at Nikkil… By this time, tanu enters and shocked to see vedio..and tries to manipulate Abhi…that it’s a just fake vedio…blab..blab… Pragya ask’s tanu to stop ur nonsense for sometime..else i will not spare u though ur pregnant..and warns her .. She then shows Abhi fake photo’s of her and champak…and also photo’s of nikkil and champak…

She then, plays another C.D in which Tanu reveals about her secret including Sarla’s kidnap and accident and also money robbing ……Tanu is hell shock… and tring to say this is just fake…something something..Then, pragya signs lady doctor..and gives DNA report to Abhi…Abhi is hell shock seeing his DNA is not matching with tanu’s baby..and also see’s other paper in which Nikkil’s DNA matches with Tanu’s baby…” He still remains in shock….and angrily stare at tanu

Pragya continues,,” I’m really a big idot..i just always believes in my path i.e; Right path,..but, know i realize to prove one’s truth we should follow their’s path only..and say’s how she bribed Nikkil’s watch man and get’s his CCTV photage… and also how she collects her missing phone in which she saved tanu’s truth vedio…..

She then call’s lawyer and ask’s him to handover one file to abhi..and she took another file in her hands… The file which is given to Abhi.. has written that” All the properties have been transferred to Abhi’s name”… Pragya say’s ” Now u got all ur properties on ur name..now, U have full powers on ur properties…and say’s ” if i had any interest in ur money then, i will never give this to u…at least now, i hope u had known who i am? and looks deeply in Abhi’s eyes.. Pragya then ask’s Police to arrest Tanu, Nikkil and Champak..and also handovers all evidences to them . Abhi notices another file in pragya’s hand..and ask’s about this… Pragya walks towards him and handovers the file…Abhi opens it and in hell shock ..it’s DIVORCE papers… Abhi looks at pragya shockingly.. Pragya say’s ” I should give this to u long ago…but i just have faith on my love and on our marriage…but, i learnt very lately that Every relation starts with TRUST..if there is no TRUST then, there will be no place for any Relation…or Love…I always loves u and believes u though u never believe me… u doubt at my character and trust that i have an affair with Purab..who is like a brother to me…. After learning truth also u never accept ur fault..and always supports ur sister Aaliya…and Tanu… Then, once again u doubts on me and trusts i have a affair with Suresh..so called my friend..And ur so great that u gave me a timeline to prove my innocence……I just tolerate this ,just by thinking..it’s all my bad time..and with a hope..u will understands me and trusts me…. but u always proves me wrong… After, this u develops some feeling on me and gave it a name ” LOVE”..Now, i just want to ask u.. Though u never trust me..then how can u feel love on me? ha? answer me Mr. Abhishek…. U doesn’t have atleast one answer to prove ur self right….and stares at him angrily… Abhi has tears in his eyes..but still looking towards pragya… Pragya continues” How big idiot am i? though u never trust me..but, i always trust u..i trust u when tanu tells u sleeps with her….up to this day, i always trusts you and believes u… But, I too a human..i too have some feelings and some limitations….. I just tolerate everything but, not any more…Becoz u again doubt on me..about my character..if i forgives u. This time too then, there will be no meaning remains for word ” Self Respect”… And starts to leaving with her luggage… Abhi runs towards her and say’s ” Pragya! i’m sorry for everything… which i have done with u…but, I’m ur husband..and I L… Pragya stops him and say’s ” Don’t dare to call u as my husband… becoz u never gave me my rights of a wife… u never respect me and my feelings as a real husband does… Now, i’m not ur wife anymore becoz, i already signed on DIVORCE papers…” and continues walking…suddenly stops reminds some thing..Abhi looks at her with tears… Pragya comes towards him and handover’s her luggage..and say’s ” These r buy by ur money… Now, As our Relation , I don’t want to take anything which belongs to u..” and starts leaving with empty hands… Purab, Akaash Rachana and Daadi starts to leave with pragya.. Abhi run’s towards Daadi and pleads to not leave him Dadi say’s” Abhi u just lost ur daadi.. I just waiting for that movement..when u will win Pragya’s love and trust..but, u make me fail as all ways.but, i too get vexed seeing this all..now, i just have only my grand daughter pragya… and leaves with pragya… Abhi remains still in tears…….

Hope, u like this… i really don’t know…is it Right ? or not?


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  1. no yaar this is not right

  2. great job!!it is thousand times better than real kkb..

    1. Thank u so much..Keerthi

  3. its loooot better than d real track…..even im vexed of d real track……..this one was good

    1. Thank u.. Varsha dear

  4. Pls continue n reunite dem pls

  5. Yes. Good. Pragya should leave MM. Stop being a spineless emotional idiot. They don’t deserve you.

    1. Thank u..so much Tuti..

  6. Nice yaar bt it’s incomplete whatever happens bt I want abhigya to get united…

  7. It was awesome 100% right if it happens in real kkb then it will be more super

    1. Thank u…Monesha.

  8. Divchan

    100 percent true , this should happen in real kkb, what to do … but what to , we don’t abhi and pragya to get separated …. cvs are playing with it …

  9. it is better than real kkb but unite abhigaya we love them nice ff hav a nice day God bless u

  10. Actually tis s ryt but i want ten to be united aftr tat☺

  11. Krish

    its a gud decision rathr thn sobbng as in te real kkb but watevr it may be but i cant see them separate they must get united aftr tat……

  12. It is a good episode but try to have a binding end for the Abhi & Pragya.
    Abhi must realise that he had done much wrong to her for not trusting her.
    Truth, Love, Righteousness play a very important part to all viewers which will
    give harmony in the home.

  13. Superb…this is 100 times better than kkb.keep it up adhya….

    1. Thanku so much ..Vennela

  14. Riyashri

    Adhu Darl ………..u r tooooooooooooo good !! Amazing Os !! Loved it sooo much !! It is soooooooooooooooooo right !!!Keep Rocking !!!Love u Adhu !!

  15. Awesome

  16. Vaishali

    awesome adhu dear it was really really nice superbbbb and better than real one yaar awesome dear..

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