Tanu’s Exposure OS

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One fine morning all MM members are present in dinning table except pragya. Pragya is sitting on sofa in hall. She made a phone call to Nikhil and ask him come to MM by saying tanu’s life is in danger. Meanwhile pragya called police officers and lawyers too. When Nikhil entered MM all the members moved from dinning table to hall. He see tanu, who is enjoying her breakfast. Abhi said to him what a pleasant surprise and reason for his visit. Nikhil is blinking and pragya answered I only called him. Just then a man and purab enters MM and gives some file and a mobile to pragya. Pragya keeps those things safely with her.
Pragya asks everyone to sit patiently for sometime and then she calls champak and asked him to come to MM. Now champak too came. Pragya is speaking with lovable words to champak which makes abhi irritating. Inturn champak too spoke in lovable words. Pragya ask him shall we get married. Champak says off course. Pragya says but I need one persons permission for ur marriage. He ask who is that person?? Pragya calls a lady( champak’s wife ). Champak was shocked on seeing her. That lady taunts champak like anything. Pragya shows proof of champak and that lady’s marriage being already married. She shows marriage certificate and some pics. Pragya asks champ why he lied as we are having affair. If u didn’t say the truth you will go to jail as police officers are ready to arrest you. Champak in fear of going to jail blurt out all truth. When he points Nikhil and says he gave money me to act as pragya’s boy friend and to spoil bday party. Nikhil was shocked to hear this and said no its not true. What’s the need for me to do this? Pragya says there is a need and you will come to know about it shortly. Pragya shows the video in which nikil is giving money to champak in which he also says u have a great job by creating doubt in abhi’s mind and lowering her image as a characterless girl. Nikhil is shocked as well as abhi. Abhi asks Nikhil that I thought that u r my friend, being a frd how can u do like this ?? Pragya interrupt and said I have not completed. Pragya says the reason for this is tanu. Tanu is shocked to hear this and confronts her. Pragya ask her to relax and sit for a while as pregnant women should not stand for long time. Tanu ask her to shut ur mouth. Pragya says in bday party u spoke I listened now its my turn u just listen what im saying. Pragya then take the mobile phone (which was given by a man along with some files). On seeing that mobile phone tanu was shocked and started to manipulate abhi. But pragya says if don’t shut ur mouth u will be inside the jail. Pragya says this was the mobile which was went stolen few days back ( while Ronnie ghost drama ). Now I got this mobile through this man. This man is a great detective who helped me in collecting proofs against tanu Nikhil and champak. Pragya then shows a video in
the mobile in which tanu herself blurt all the truth( including sarla ma kidnapping and accident). Abhi was shocked to hear that Nikhil is father of tanu’s child. Tanu confronts pragya saying its lie and fake videos. Pragya then takes DNA reports from the file given detective( while detective was spying tanu Nikhil n champak he took DNA test for tanu andnikhil without their knowledge) and shows it to MM members. She also shows some video recording of tanu and Nikhil enjoying in which Nikhil says to tanu, marry abhi with my child and after marriage u have to get CEO offer for me in abhi’s office. Tanu says okay. On seeing the video Tanu and Nikhil confronts pragya. Pragya again proves that tanu has an affair with Nikhil by getting tanu’s mobile and shows some pics( this pics are uploaded by purab in tanu’s mobile without tanu’s knowledge). Abhi was shocked to see all this and atlast tanu Nikhil accepts their guilt and police arrests all the three( tanu Nikhil and champak).
Pragya asks the lawyer to give the papers to abhi. In that paper it is written that all the properties have been transferred to abhi’s name. Pragya says I have returned all your properties to u. I m the same fuggy u have loved so long. To expose alia tanu Nikhil and raj I have changed as mogambo. I have acted as if I hate you and I have interest only on money and not on you.
Dadi too joined pragya and says when pragya came to know the real face of tanu alia she doesn’t have proof to expose. To gather proof I only asked her to change her as mogambo. Abhi was still in shock that his dadi also hides abt pragya to him.

Guys this is only my imagination. Do u all like it ???

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  1. love it

  2. Riyashri

    Superb !!

  3. i like it very much

  4. I loved it. I enjoy reading n was so happy that the truth was revealed.

  5. this is never ever happen real kkb……………..

    we r u image of sce…………..

    1. Thank you guys for ur valuable comments
      I feel like flying in air. Since this is my first os. I have not written any ff still now. Maybe in future I may write. And for the very first time I am getting appreciation for my work. Really happy and once again thank you guys ?

  6. fitty moon

  7. Ofcourse.. I loved it..

  8. It was awesome I really loved a lot

  9. I really want the CVs to look into it.
    Nice creative Roli

  10. Some awesome da sweety i think u guys become kkb writers now days real kkb is so boring abhi is so dumb always pragya has to prove herself as usual abhi doesnot believe her what a rubbish very nice os da hav a nice day God bless u

  11. Nice yaar hope in real kkb too tz shd happen tat too soon…

  12. I’ve posted the comment in common but it has been published in reply

    Thank you so much guys for ur appreciations

  13. Just send this as soon as possible to the show who can implement this cause I am super irritated when Tanu talks and like Pragya or Abhi has no mouth to talk only Tanu has.

  14. May be real kkb also will do this one but we have to wait for that so long it will take one year also.superb os write it as a trur one u r absolute prethinker good job.

  15. Divchan

    Very nice , good story , far far better than current story move …

  16. Superb dear it would be nice if it happens in real kkb but superb dear loved it???

  17. Absolutely fantastic. You forgot to mentioned that Tanu gets s*xually tortured in the presence of Nikhil in prison and there isn’t a damn thing he could do but watch helplessly!.

  18. This track is super….

  19. Krish

    awesomeeeee dr……….

  20. Feeling awesome after reading this ???

  21. I thank each and every one who read this os. And thank you for appreciating my work. Im really delighted to see positive comments and have thought to continue writing os

  22. I want the writers&CVS to must c this & change their bakwas storyline into this amazing OS…??? I must apriciate this writer
    U done a great job???
    Keep on rocking✌✌✌

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