Tantra 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati decides to follow the strange happenings

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The call network was disrupted. Kanchan comes to Nisha and warns her to get over emotional, else her mother will also be inside the wall along with Mohan and Geeta. Nisha sobbed at a corner of her room and says she loves Nirwan dearly but is helpless even after knowing everything.
It was night, Niyati brings a huge hammer to break the wall of Jalsa. Damini watch this from the screen, her Tantra works. Niyati was thrown away from the wall and she flies back to the hall. Damini thinks Niyati must not dare to even touch the hammer again. Niyati finds the cake piece under the chair which was rotten and worm ridden. She wonders how this cake can rot so badly within hours. She held a knife and decides to finish this girl off at once, she can’t stake her planning anymore.
At home, Kanchan sat on

her bed while her mother was asleep. She gets a call, someone called her outside. She walks out into her garden to meet Damini. Damini was upset and says that Niyati attempted to break Jalsa’s wall and now she got the cake piece. Kanchan was worried that Niyati might soon understand that Jalsa is surrounded by Tantra. Damini says either they must change their way or remove Niyati from it.
Niyati calls Akshat who was asleep. Niyati tells him to meet her in police station as soon as possible. Akshat was worried.
Kanchan thinks how Niyati connected things. She says Niyati is vital to their plans. She will take care of Niyati from now on. Kanchan’s mother comes looking for her and asks what she is doing at this time of night? She asks who the lady she just saw going was. Kanchan says the lady astray, she guided her through the right path. She tells her mother that her catering business got a huge order, she must leave to prepare for a grand party tomorrow. Her mother goes inside.
Akshat convinces Niyati that this is not any horror story but real life, here walls never engulped people. If she has gone insane and wants to complain in police? Niyati says her Papa didn’t believe her this time, she needs a friend and if Akshat can’t support her then he should also go home. Akshat assures Niyati of his utmost support, they go inside together.
Inspector Bharat laughs at Niyati’s story. He jokes that he must get the warrant and arrest Jalsa; then questions if she still trusts things even being educated. Niyati says she is sure something is wrong. She opens the box of cake that was filled in worms and smelled badly. Niyati says no cake gets worms within half a day and in such cold. She insists that the lady is behind all this, the goons of that woman acted so strangely. Bharat says the men were under the influence of drugs according to post mortem report. Bharat says he will get that woman soon, they will discover what’s going on.
Outside the police station, Niyati tells Akshat that they must as well make attempts to find that woman. She is extremely nervous and doesn’t want things to get ruined. She shares a plan with Akshat and says she is determined, she can no more let the woman harm her family. A woman in Muslim veil sat in the garden.
The next morning, Niyati prays in the temple that she wish for success in her mission. Kanchan stood behind with a box of gift and thinks no one can turn the tide of storm that Agarwal Family is going to face today. Dadi and Niyati greet Kanchan. Kanchan says she came to help them in engagement preparations and hands a box of Prasad to Dadi that she and her mother specially brought for Nirwan.
Akshat drives his bike. He calls Niyati and warns that this all can cause trouble for Nirwan’s engagement. Niyati says she wants to find out how that cake rot so quickly and none at home even remember that wedding had to take place years later. She spots Nisha and Damini’s car arrive at Jalsa and says this will now make Akshat’s job easy.

PRECAP: Niyati asks Nirwan when he met Nisha. Nirwan replies it was at 28th of Nov, exactly a month ago. Niyati says it was a day Mohan was lost.

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