Tantra 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Damini as Nisha’s fake mother

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Outside Jalsa, Niyati calls Prithvi and Sumati outside. She recognizes the woman in the sketch. Damini walks outside behind everyone and asks if there is some problem. Prithvi replies there is one, they are apologetic to have left her alone. Sumati scolds Niyati for shouting while such an important meeting. Niyati apologizes as she was only being able to recognize the woman. Damini asks what brought such troubles like police to their house. Bharat asks if they don’t recognize her at all. He offers to drop Kanchan but Prithvi asks Kanchan to stay for dinner.
On the dining table, Damini asks if they liked Nisha. Prithvi replies he likes Nisha but he wants that the wedding takes place two to three years later; meanwhile Nirwan may get time to settle. Damini appreciates Prithvi’s principles. She

sends Nisha to bring the cake from the car. Nirwan joins Nisha outside. There was Jalsa’s photo over the cake. Damini says Nisha baked the cake and upon her request she placed Jalsa’s photo over it. She was always appreciative of the house at such a height. She makes Nirwan and Nisha cut the cake and watch everyone eat it. She asks Niyati to have the cake, but Niyati takes the cake for Akshat, as Akshat loves the cake. Everyone was under the influence of cake.
Niyati finds Damini and Akshat speaking on phone near different poles. She fumes over them. After Akshat had cut the call, Niyati complains if he is done with flirting with Kanchan? Akshat replies Kanchan stands there, why he would speak to Kanchan on phone? He was speaking to Bharat about the sketch. Niyati prays to God for being able to find the woman. Akshat enjoys his share of cake. Damini awaits until Niyati has the cake too. Niyati’s cake was spoilt by the heavy wind but Akshat doesn’t share his portion. They return to the dining table. Prithvi tells Niyati to make the arrangements, Nirwan and Nisha will marry each other in a few days. His words were controlled by Damini now. Niyati was confused about the switch in his decision. Damini notices Niyati hadn’t eaten the cake. Sumati tells Niyati that a man becomes responsible himself after marriage. Both Prithvi and Sumati value each other. Niyati was confused but watching Nirwan happy she was convinced that everyone is happy and she herself forced Prithvi to meet Nisha.
While leaving Jalsa, Sumati tells Damini to take care of Nisha. Damini thinks no matter what, Prithvi’s decision agreement for wedding will never change. The gate of Jalsa opens by themselves. At a distance on the road, Damini stops the car. She warns Nisha to continue her drama else she as her fake mother can badly harm her real parents. Nisha was fearful and agrees to do whatever Damini wants her to.

PRECAP: Kanchan was walking down the lane when Damini’s car stops behind her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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