Tantra 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati’s concern for Akshat

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From the speaker, Damini speaks to Bharat that he will soon understand who she is. He must first deal with her three goons. She recalls giving the goons some balls which might fill extreme power in them. They stuff their mouths, and to everyone’s astonishment their eyes turn red. They then head to clutch Bharat’s neck and attack the others. Niyati’s hand was injured which in return charges Akshat. Bharat fires bullets towards the goons, but they weren’t unconscious. The three run out of the hall into open grounds. Bharat orders them to stop right here. The police force had gathered around. The three began to slap each other, then dived down a steep cliff to lose their lives. Bharat asks the team to look in the cottage again. The team returns with two cell phones which Akshat recognize as theirs.

home, Prithvi was concerned for Niyati’s hand. Niyati requests Prithvi to try and protect Kanchan, she was attacked for helping their family. Prithvi assure he spoke to the commissioner, Kanchal won’t suffer what their neighbor did.
Bharat came over. Prithvi asks Bharat about the goons. Niyati comes from behind and explains the goons jumped off the cliff. Akshat says their eyes were wide and strange and they even behaved weirdly. Bharat says the post mortem is going on. He informs Prithvi about the sketch artist’s arrival. Prithvi insists that Kanchan is still recovering, he will contact him soon. Akshat tells Prithvi that the lady on speaker said she killed Mohan as well. A glass breaks somewhere behind them, and they find Geeta run away crying.
Niyati comes to Geeta who mourned for Mohan. Prithvi and Sumati come to console Geeta and assures a full responsibility of her child.
Damini applies lipstick and a black mark over someone.
Niyati walks around the corridor. Someone follows her, Niyati was protective. It was Akshat astonished by her odd behavior. Niyati hugs Akshat and was worried what if something wrong had happened. Akshat claims to be a superman since childhood, but why Niyati jumped to protect him and got herself hurt. He narrates a Veer Zara’s movie, to be such friends that you don’t care for life then. Niyati tries to recall the exact dialogue, and says ‘If someone can lose life…’. Akshat qualifies he tried his best. Niyati corrects they were lovers. Akshat claims they are lovers as well. He holds Niyati’s hand in his, looks into her eyes and says he can give his life for her. Niyati was nervous and goes to look fro Kanchan.
Downstairs, Kanchan had just arrived. Prithvi asks how she feels now. Kanchal replies she is fine sir. Niyati says Kanchan may call him uncle. She gets a call from her mother who was concerned. Kanchan assures to be safe and be home soon. Prithvi offers to speak to Kanchan. Kanchal instead cuts the call. Kanchan explains that her mother is extremely ill, she was tensed due to the murder in the house so she lied to her mother that she was doing catering at some Mr. Khurana. Prithvi understands Kanchan’s concern for her mother. Kanchan says recognizing the woman is extremely important for their family’s safety, she must not go to police station. Prithvi sends Akshat to make arrangements for Kanchan. Afterwards, Prithvi tells Niyati that Nisha and her family are coming over and he needs to discuss the plan with her mother.
In the room, Sumati says a lot has been going on in the house, but its fine if Prithvi wants to invite Nisha. It will bring some happiness for the family.
Damini smirks that there she stands between Prithvi Khanna’s happiness. She turns the screen on. Nirwan stood in front of the mirror, combing nervously. Damini forces the brush entangled in his hair and pulls a bunch of his hair as he forces it out. She then plucked hair from the brush. Niyati comes to Nirwan’s room. She teases Nirwan for being nervous, then assures everything is in his favor. Nirwan was worried what if Papa doesn’t approve of Nisha or he scolds him. Niyati dislikes his hairstyle, then notices the hair brush moved by itself.

PRECAP: Kanchan dictates the sketch of the lady. Bharat Rathore was determined to bring the lady to jail.

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