Tantra 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Damini hunts Kanchal and Akshay

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Niyati leaves her bed at once hearing the sound of someone crying. She opens the window to look out as well, then walks outside the room to trace the sound. She feels the sound was from somewhere behind her room’s mirror. The energy in the mirror of dresser flashes as she turns her back to it. Niyati looks around the corridor and finds a doll lying on the floor ahead. It was strange as used in black magic and jumps down the stairs on its own. Niyati gulps hard then steps down towards the doll. She slips down the stairs as they turn flat. One of the sculptures slip over Niyati who skips death by seconds of stabbing by the knife it held. She was terrified and runs the other way. The God Father’s clock moves towards Niyati. She hears a voice from behind the wall where someone called for help. She brought

her ear closer to the wall, Mohan’s face appears from the wall calling Niyati for help. Niyati tries to grab Mohan but the wall pulls Niyati into it. Niyati screams No! She opens her eyes to wake up in her own bed. She wonders what a strange nightmare it was. She looks ahead towards her dresser, Mohan knocked from inside but she jerks the thought that it must be because of her nightmare. Niyati was afraid at once as someone place a hand over her shoulder, it was Geeta. Niyati says she had a nightmare and wish everything is fine. Geeta wished for Mohan’s return so that their child is not born orphan. Niyati tells Geeta there is a good news, they will so know about the culprit and she plans to speak to her Papa about it soon.
Kanchal prays in front of her house’s temple. Her mother weakly coughs from behind. Kanchal’s mother gulps the medicine and asks Kanchal where she was. Kanchal doesn’t reply, she tells her mother that she got a catering order. Her mother asks whose party it was overnight. Kanchal says it was Mr. Khurana.
Niyati sat with Prithvi in the garden and says Kanchal had seen that lady. Prithvi says they can get the sketch of that lady through Kanchal and asks Niyati to call Kanchal. Niyati calls Akshat. Niyati asks Akshat to pick Kanchal as Prithvi wants Kanchal to help them draw a sketch of Kanchal.
Damini stops by Kanchal’s house. Kanchal’s mother asks her to get ready, she might be late for her job. Kanchal was confused as the catering company might not keep her for the job. All at once there was a knock at their door. Kanchal opens the door not there was none; the door continue to knock until Kanchal walks outside into the garden. Damini walked behind Kanchal as she walks ahead. Suddenly a crow bathed in blood fell right in front of Kanchal. Kanchal consciously turns around to see Damini who throws sand over her face. Kanchal’s eyes blink. Damini place her hand over Kanchal’s forehead. Damini look behind, her men drive Kanchal in their van. Akshay wonders where is Kanchal going with these men and decides to follow Kanchal.
Niyati runs to Sumati and Nirwan who had returned from hospital. Sumati says everything is fine. Niyati wished to see the reports, Sumati dryly asks if she is a doctor? Nirwan gets a call in front of Niyati, then forbids her to come home as he hasn’t shared about her at home. Niyati smiles and asks Nirwan if this friend was Nisha? She inquires what the status of their relationship is. Nirwan says he is in love and wants to marry Nisha. Niyati cheers and hugs Nirwan. Both were stunned as Prithvi appears behind them.
Akshay chased the van which took Kanchal. There, Damini worked with her Tantra. Suddenly, stains of blood appear on Akshay’s car mirror.

PRECAP: Niyati tells Prithvi that Nisha is a nice girl. Sumati taunts that Nisha will now be acceptable to Prithvi and taunting assures Prithvi she will attend her son’s wedding. There, Akshay follows Kanchal down the forest when he steps over a magic doll. Damini takes him under her own control.

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