Tantra 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nirwan as first victim of Jalsa’s Tantra

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Prithvi comes inside and wish the family to sleep well now, its their first night in Jalsa.
While driving her car, Damini wonders what gift Jalsa will bring for Prithvi Khanna on his first night.
Kartik comes to his room and sense something strange on his bed. Harsh also slips in the corridor for no reason. Dadi notices a vase move around by itself, then the bead string slips from her hand. Nani feels as if the wardrobe behind her opened by itself. Niyati stood beside the window of her room, the dresser’s mirror door opens by itself. Nirwan hurries into his room. The door behind him opens by itself. He suspiciously looks outside then locks the door.
Damini recalls crossing Nirwan’s photo and says this Tantra will take away the life of Prithvi’s son. Nirwan realizes the bolt hook

of his room was not in place. He drags a table in front of the door to close it. He then calls Nisha promising to meet her tomorrow. He pours a drink for himself.
Akshay was looking for Niyati and didn’t know her room.
The bottle of Nirwan’s room slips and the drink spills on the floor. Nirwan slips over it, falling over the wire of phone.
Akshay reaches the door of a room. Someone pulls him from behind. It was Niyati who brings him to balcony and asks how can she kidnap him in her own house? He tells Niyati that the investigation officer took Kanchal. He requests Niyati to speak to her father. Niyati then gets a call from Nisha, she introduces herself as Nirwan’s girl and asks Niyati to check as Nirwan is in a problem. She was on call with him when he stopped speaking, and she heard his scream as well.
Niyati and Akshay run towards Nirwan’s room. They peek through the keyhole and find the wire around Nirwan’s throat tightening. Sumati and Prithvi also reached their. Niyati goes through the window, breaking one of its glass. She then unbolts the door for others to come in. Niyati realizes that the switch board sucked wire of the phone automatically and was startled. She then breaks the bottle of the drink lying nearby the cuts the wire. Nirwan had fallen unconscious. Everyone cries around him, worried.
Damini watched this through the screen in her room.
Niyati cries and prays for Nirwan’s life while rubbing his hands. Nirwan finally opens his eyes. They were all relieved. Kartik calls the doctor.
Damini was furious that Nirwan was alive. She wonders if Niyati even realize she is being a hurdle of her way. She wants a sacrifice from Prithvi Khanna’s house within seven days.
The doctor inspects Nirwan and says it seems only minor bruises. They must bring him for an X-Ray tomorrow.
Shaam comes to clear the broken glass. The cut lemon itself rolls to the other corner.
Nirwan tells Sumati he was busy on phone and slipped near the phone. He still wonders how the fan was on. Prithvi point towards the wine and calls him irresponsible, he must be so badly drunk that this lifeless power overpowered and suffocated his throat. Niyati asks why Nirwan would even turn the fan on. She says the socket sucked wire by itself. Sumati says Niyati is lying, she was staring the socket when the wire tightened in Nirwan’s neck. When Niyati realized she noticed her, she then tried to hide her own mistakes. Prithvi clarifies that this all happened because of Nirwan’s irresponsibility. He takes everyone to their rooms so that Nirwan can take rest.
Niyati stood in the balcony still thinking about the strange socket. Akshay comes there and asks Niyati what she is thinking. Niyati says she felt the socket herself, the closer she tries to get to her mother the farther they get. Akshay says there is a lot going on in this house. He tells Niyati that Kanchal didn’t return yet. He isn’t flirting, he is only worried for her. She is alone in this city, and wonders how that officer must be treating her.

PRECAP: Damini watch Akshay and Niyati. She says Akshay will bear the consequences for being a superhero. And Niyati witnessed what she shouldn’t have. They will both have to die really young

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