Tantra 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati’s attempt to bring Sumati and Prithvi closer

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Niyati brings Kanchal to Prithvi. Prithvi notices the vase had been broken. Kanchal says she can’t return Prithvi’s feelings associated with this vase; and can only return the money. Prithvi inquires how much she earns? Kanchal says she can work her whole life and it doesn’t matter how much her salary is. Prithvi asks if she wants to impress him? Her mother taught her to face her problems and mistakes. Prithvi was impressed by her self-respect and says the vase only cost 2000 that Kanchal can give to his daughter. He advices Kanchal to always maintain this self-respect for herself, it will lead her to success. He wishes her good luck and moves on with Niyati.
A manager had spotted the lady in the garden and follows her into the dark street. He inquires who she is and why she came over to Jalsa.

The lady rubs her hand over his face and says her name is Damini. She blows some sand over him, and says now he will do whatever Damini will tell him to do. She tells him to remove his hand from over his shoulder and jump into the valley on his left. The man runs fast and jumps down the valley. Niyati hears the scream and wonders what this was.
The party continued.
Damini came into the foundations of Tantra and was furious over everything been ruined. She things there is surely something in the house that put her Tantra to sleep. She unpacks her required material.
Everyone enjoyed dancing together. Niyati drags Prithvi to the stage as well. Nani goes down to bring Sumati up on stage as well. Sumati only stared and didn’t want to join. Niyati observes this, then goes to the DJ requesting a change. The DJ announces that its turn for a favorite song of Mrs. Khanna that has been dedicated by Mr. Prithvi Khanna. Prithvi looks towards Niyati who signals him in request. Niyati was happy to watch Sumati and Prithvi dance together. Niyati comes to the stage and dances with Prithvi. She then swirls around Sumati who also enjoys the dance; but this was only a daydream of Niyati. Prithvi hugged Sumati during the dance, both sense the thread of closeness. The family gather to take a selfie with each other.
Niyati runs out of the house, crying. Someone approaches from behind. It was Akshay and strictly tells her to tell him the truth. They must go to Prithvi and ask why his daughter is crying, away from dance floor. She didn’t take a single picture in the party as well. There is surely something wrong. Niyati cries and says these are happy tears. Akshay says Niyati doesn’t consider him worth sharing her secrets. He had turned to leave. Niyati cries and calls behind that Sumati Khanna isn’t her mother. She tells him about being the illegitimate daughter Sumati had to bring up. Akshay asks if everyone knows about this? Niyati says Sumati feels Prithvi loves her more than others. Akshay asks if Niyati decided to distant herself so that they can come closer. But this isn’t a solution. Niyati thinks she has to connect her parents again. Akshay asks what about Niyati? And her real mother? Niyati says only Sumati Khanna is her real mother. She places Akshay’s hand over her head and takes his promise not to tell anyone.
Damini worked to lit the Tanta again. The smoke emitting from it filled Jalsa and soon fire alarm rings in the party. Everyone was alert. Damini was worried what if someone comes here, this will eat her up if someone catches her here and she is unable to complete her Tantra.

PRECAP: The police and intelligence men find the manager’s dead body. They discuss that they already have a complaint from this house. The old lady in their neighborhood was found hanging. The intelligence officer says there is someone who doesn’t want to truth to come out.

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