Helo guys, i’m samiksha
Guys i was not able to think something good to write for SWASAN JOURNEY OF LOVE so while doing that i got a new story line to write upon……….

So here it is……….
At night on terrace a girl is shown writing dairy having tears in her eyes……..

“Today two years got completed Since you have gone leaving me all alone in this world,……you promised you wont leave me i miss u a lot each day everytime…..why? Why you left me plz i wish you come, i am alone and incomplete without you plz……

i know i have promised you i will move on and wont cry, you will be glad to know i am trying to move on…….but i am not able to.”

The girl closes her dairy and goes to sleep but the sleep is far away from her eyes….

sunrays hit the girl’s face and hrr gets sleep get disturb and we can see her face which is a little dull but very beautiful, eyes are heavy due to crying at night……..

She gets ready to go to college…..

So guys thts it for today let me knw where you like it or not and again as i always say if u thnk there should be any kind of improvement or something is lacking in story so plz plz tell me
So tht i can improve more as a writer……

And one more thng i will very soon update swasan journey of love
Thnk you

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  1. Hey!
    Dont you have another update of this story?? Or if you are having, Im not able to find it :l can add a link to it?? BTW, this so INTERESTING!!!

    1. Samiksha_29

      Yeah there are updates of it you can search on net by tanhaiyan ( swasan) you will find it and surely i will add link to next updates and thnk u, i am glad you liked the story
      Keep comenting

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