Tanhaiyan (swasan) episode 1

Helo, here is the seconds part

The girl gets a call…..

Minal- swara where r u we are getting late i am waiting come fast
Swara- yeah yeah coming hold on
Minal- ohk
They reach the college……..
Swara recalls something…..but was disturbed by minal.
Then minal and swara goes towards there group of frnds…..

Raj, ajay, sona, priya, druv
( Guys these all r couple only swara is alone…..so pairs are raj- priya, ajay- sona, druv- minal)

All are 3rd year students….

Druv- yaar tum dono ne kitna time laga diya aane mai why u both r late
Swara- (coming out of her thoughts) sorry because of me we got late now you dont start ohk

Ajay- ohk relax
Sona- guys we are getting late prof.yadav ka lecture hai common lets go
Ajay- tht wht i was thinking why were you quite till now. But you proved me right you can never stop speaking
Sona- wait i will show you saying she runs behind ajay….
Swara smiles seeing this and then again gets sad…..
Minal notice this and keep hand On her shoulders….
Minal- kya hua swara r u recalling arjun again…..
Priya- (to divert the situation) arre chalo we are getting late
All other nodes sensing the situation

Just then a tune is played….a music comes. Swara listening to the song runs towards it while all her frnds runs after her and comes in music room.

A boy is seen playing the song
Swara- (with teary eyes says) arjun
Listening to it the boy stops playing the song and turns back( yes that is our sanskar)

Swara looks shocked and sanskar confused that what was going on
Swara runs from there crying and all her frnds goes behind her…..

Swara crying hugs minal
Swara- why why this is happening, why i am not able to move on
Minal- swara u have to relax we all are with you
Ajay- oh ho meri swaru aaj kya pure ganga jamuna bhanae ka plan hai kya
Druv- common swara now smile
Sona- swara you have to be strong
Priya- swara arju is with us always and he can never ever leave us
Raj- yes swara time heals every Thing. We all there for you

Swara- ok guys i wont cry i will be strong
All at once thts like our swara
Swara smiles……
Minal- chalo lets go to canteen
Raj- ok
All nodes…..
Swara- guys you all move ahead i have work in library. I will soon join you all.
Priya- chal swaru i will come with You
Raj- thn who will spend time with me( acting to be sad)
Minal-( little flirting) i am der na baby let her go
Dhruv- oh god why you did this with me, i am cming to you
Ajay- dude thts too much
Sona glare at him….
And all start fighting and pulling leg of each other
Swara shouts stops

All look amazed at her
Swara- thts it guys you all move towards canteen i will be der by 30min promise
Ajay was about to say something….
Swara- no more arguments ok
All nodes and move towards canteen……..

Swara while going towards library slips in between but someone holds and save her from falling, (Yes thats our sanskar)
By fear of following swara closes her eyes and sanskar was just gazing her and then swara opens her eyes and shocked to see the person

Sanskar- r u ok?
Swara nodes yes thn no thn yes thn no
Sanskar asked confusingly yes or no
Swara – (standing back) yes And goes from there before giving chance to sanskar to speak…..

so thts it fir today….bye…..bye
Hope you like it

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