Recap: ragsan moments……..

Ragini and sanskaar are standing in front of the Dubai Mall which is the city’s premier mall and provides entry to the Burj Khalifa as well as the Dubai Aquarium.

Ragini happily screeched and holds sanskaar’s hand… Sanskaar smiles seeing her childishness…..

Ragini: omg sanskaar…. This is sooo big…… It was my dream to come here with my family…… ( she gets choked but composes ) thank you so much

Sanskaar: ragini its just the beginning aage aage dekho hota hai kya???

He winked at her and they moved in hand in hand. They roamed in the mall for half an hour and played games and had snacks….. Ragini was full of joy forgetting all her tensions and worries…. Sanskaar was happy seeing her and his heart smiled seeing her smiling……………

Sanskaar: come…..

Ragini: where??

Sanskaar: arre come na…….

Ragini nods and goes with him…. Ragini was dumbstruck to see the TALLEST building of the earth….. She looked up and up and up and ultimately was abt to fall back but sanskaar held her… They both have a cute eye lock. Ragini stands up straight blushing. Sanskaar smiled nervously…..

He signed her to come and they moved inside the building….. They came om the 124th floor of the building to see the view of the city… The views across the city skyline from this bird’s-eye perspective was simply staggering.

They clicked many pictures there and talked and were having a good time together…… It was just a month that they knew each other and they really got along and bonded well………

Next they went to dubai museum.. Sanskaar who was living here since last five years so knew everything abt the place and was thus telling ragini abt the same…..

Ragini: I hv heard that here mosques are also there. …..

Sanskaar: yeah… Do u want to go there???

She nodded.

Sanskaar: Then ur wish my command madam… Come… I’ll take u to Jumeirah Mosque which is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Dubai’s mosques.

Ragini: really??

Sanskaar: yeah come…..

And they entered the mosque.

Tere darbaar mein dil thaam ke woh aata hai
Jisko tu chaahe, hey Nabi tu bulaata hai
Tere dar pe sar jhukaaye main bhi aaya hoon
Jiski bigdi haaye Nabi chaahe tu banata hai

(( Sanskaar turned to see ragini but couldn’t find her anywhere. He got worried and looked around for her. This was the terrible feeling which he was experiencing. His heart sank even at the thought that something bad might happen to her in this new place….. ))

(( Sanskaar: ragini where r u??? Ragini……. ))

Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad,
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali (x4)

Band deedon mein bhar daale aansu
Sil diye maine dardo ko dil mein (x2)

Jab talak tu bana de na tu bigdi
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali

Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad,
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali

Bhar do jholi.. aaka ji
Bhar do jholi.. hum sab ki
Bhar do jholi.. Nabi ji
Bhar do jholi meri Sarkar-e-Medina
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali

(( He looks around the mosque and also asked few ppl showing her pic whether they hv saw her oe not.. …. He completely went blank and cursed himself for leaving her hand…. He pulled his hair out of frustration. …… ))

Khojte khojte tujhko dekho
Kya se kya, ya Nabi ho gaya (x2)

Bekhabar dar-ba-dar phir raha hoon
Main yahan se wahan ho gaya hoon (x2)

(( ” whenever u hv any problem, remember god n he’ll make everything fine… “))

(( He remembered his mother’s saying and looked towards the mosque. He was a Hindu….))

De de ya Nabi mere dil ko dilaasa
Aaya hoon door se main hoke ruhaasa (x2)

Kar de karam Nabi, mujhpe bhi zara sa
Jab talak tu.. jab talak tu..
Panaah de na dil ki
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali

Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaaunga khaali

Bhar do jholi meri Tajdaar-e-Medina
Laut kar main na jaaunga khaali

Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaaunga khaali

(( ” how can I go inside a mosque… This way i’ll cheat with my religion……. ( he was confused ) no I can do anything for ragini…. N love is the biggest religion…. I can do at least this for ragini……. ”

He moves forward and covers his head with his handkerchief! He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. ))

Jaanta hai na tu kya hai dil mein mere
Bin sune gin rahaa hai na tu dhadkane (x2)

Aah nikli hai toh chand tak jaayegi
Tere taaron se meri duaa aayegi (x2)

(( He moves inside the mosque, joining his hands. His eyes were moist. He looked around but couldn’t see ragini as there were so many people…..))

Aye Nabi haan kabhi toh subah aayegi
Jab talak tu sunega na dil ki
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali

(( He comes where the people pray and sits down looking at others. ( he didn’t knew anything.) He closed his eyes and joined his hands in prayer position and prayed to Lord to help him find ragini…….))

Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaaunga khaali

(( ” please bhagwan ji… I plead pls give my ragini back….. After so many years I hv again started smiling….. After my mother I got someone who cares for me……… Pls god pls return my ragini back……. “))

De taras kha taras mujhpe aaka
Ab lagaa le tu mujhko bhi dil se (x2)

Jab talak tu mila de na bichhdi
Darr se tere na jaaye sawaali
Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad
Laut kar main na jaaunga khaali

(( he bowed down n touched his forehead to the ground and the priest placed the peacock feathers on his head, blessing him…… He looked up, his eyes filled with tears……. He once again bowed his head and turned to leave…….))

Bhar do jholi.. aaka ji
Bhar do jholi.. hum sab ki
Bhar do jholi.. Nabi ji
Bhar do jholi meri Sarkar-e-Medina
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali

Dum dum Ali Ali dum Ali Ali
Dum Ali Ali dum Ali Ali…

(( as he was walking towards the exit his eyes fell on a girl who’s head was covered with the dupatta ( like a muslim girl wears ) ……… He was dumbstruck to see her coz she was none other than ragini……..))

He thanked god for making him meet ragini again… He moved towards her absent-mindedly……. She was engrossed in her prayers… He didn’t wanted to disturb her so straight away went outside keeping an eye on her. He stood at the door so that he can see her……

” y is she praying like this as if she is a muslim and knows everything abt this culture….. ”

He doubted her.

” ragini Khan – na… Ragini Khanna….. ”

He recalls how she fumbled while saying her name…..

” no no sanskaar u r thinking too much…… U also went n prayed there so may be she also………… Let her come i’ll directly ask her……. ”

Ragini: arre sanskaar y r u standing here??

Sanskaar: ragini…..

Ragini: y r u crying sanskaar?? Is everything fine??

Sanskaar: where did u went without telling me???

Ragini thinks.

Sanskaar: where? U know how much worried I was??? Can’t u tell me or u just wanted to hide from me n pray inside…….

Ragini: sa….sanskaar…….

Sanskaar: yeah…. I saw u inside praying like a muslim girl….

Ragini ( hurt, teary eyed ): if u don’t know then don’t speak sanskaar……. Like u thought I’m lost I also thought that I’m lost therefore I went inside to pray that I can meet u……

Sanskaar: wht???

Ragini: thank you for everything sanskaar but now its enough…. I’m going…. Bye…….

She goes from there wiping her tears. Sanskaar looked at her teary eyed.

Sanskaar: fish…. Wht I thought n wht happened?? How could I even do this??? O Lord pls forgive me……

He runs behind her… But she keeps on moving and reaches the long stretch of white-sand beach, south of Jumeirah beach which was opposite to the mosque… …..

Ragini was moving ahead n sanskaar was running behind her and pleading her to forgive him….

Ragini: I don’t want to listen anything…..

Sanskaar: I’m sorry ragini……

Ragini: leave me alone sanskaar……

Sanskaar: it was a misunderstanding yaar….

Ragini: it was urs so u deal with it…..

Sanskaar: I’m sorry yaar….

Ragini: get lost sanskaar…..

Sanskaar: no I won’t…

Ragini: why???

Sanskaar: coz I love you…..

Ragini stopped there itself…

Ragini ( turning towards him ): wht did u just said???

Sanskaar: yeah…. I love you…..

Ragini: wht non sense???

Sanskaar ( angry , clutched her shoulders ): I LOVE YOU RAGINI KHANNA!

Ragini ( teary eyed ): u r hurting me sanskaar…..

Sanskaar ( loses his grip but doesn’t leave her ): sorry ragini….. But yeah for few minutes u went away from me n I thought my whole world was coming to an end…. For u, being a Hindu I went n prayed in a mosque….. In last one month I hv learnt how to live n not just breath….. N u r the sole reason for my smile ragini…… N I don’t want u to go away from me…… I know I did a stupidity by doubting on u but u only call me idiot na so pls forgive give ur idiot coz idiots only do mistake n smart people like u forgive us……. So pls forgive ur idiot………… Please…….

He looks at her with puppy eyes which she always makes. Ragini looked at him and then burst out laughing leaving him confused. She kept her head on his chest n one arm around his neck and laughed continously……….

Sanskaar: wht so funny??

He asked supporting her by keeping his hand on her waist so that she doesn’t fall.

Ragini ( looking in his eyes )): just look at ur face…. U look so cute……..

She pulls his cheeks n his lips form a wide o listening to this……

Sanskaar: how dare u call me cute???

Ragini: arre coz u r cute…. My cutie pie…..

N she again pulls his cheeks. Irritated by this he holds her hands and pushes them towards her back n brings her closer….. Ragini stopped laughing due to his sudden act n breathed heavily sensing their closeness. Her cheeks turned red…..

Sanskaar: y r u blushing??

Ragini: me?? No I’m not….

Sanskaar: So shld I make u blush???

He asked naughtily pulling her more closer. Ragini blushed more n lowered her gaze…..

Ragini: leave me sanskaar…

Sanskaar: first tell me do u also love me or not???

Ragini pinches his hand with her nails and runs on the beach away from him laughing. Sanskaar puts his hand in his mouth as it was hurting and looked at smiling ragini… He too smiled…

Sanskaar: ragini tell me…….

Ragini: I won’t……

She laughed and ran ahead… Sanskaar too ran behind her faster in order to catch her……. N finally after sometime sanskaar reached her n slides his hands on her waist from back n picked her up. She laughed and kicked her legs.

Ragini: leave me sanskaar….

Sanskaar: first tell me……

Ragini: as if u don’t know…….

She said blushing. Sanskaar put her down n made her face him n brought her closer by putting his arms around her neck. … She blushed.

Sanskaar: I want to hear form ur mouth. …..

Ragini: sanskaar…..

Sanskaar: pls….. I love you ragini……

Ragini: I love you too sanskaar….

Sanskaar smiled as happy tears flows from his eyes. Ragini looked at him shocked.

Ragini ( cupping his face): y r u crying sanskaar??

Sanskaar: these r happy tears ragini… After so many years in getting my happiness back…..

Ragini ( monologue ): which will again b snatched……….

Sanskaar: I’m really happy ragini that u came in my life……

Ragini: me too…. I never thought that a poor girl like me can hv u as my partner….. I’m so happy…..

She hugged him n he too reciprocated and hugged her tightly……

Ragini ( monologue ): I’m sorry sanskaar…. I’m so sorry but I don’t hv any other option……….

N she loses her grip on him. He breaks the hug and cupped her face. She looks on nervously. Sanskaar looked at her nervous face n nodded no…..

Sanskaar: there is still time for that… ..

He chuckled and kissed her forehead.

Ragini ( innocently ): for wht there is still time?,

Sanskaar: as if u don’t know….

Ragini: yeah I don’t know that’s y I’m asking. . …

Sanskaar: okay then I’ll tell u once v reach home… Okay??

Ragini nodded. He smiled at her innocence and asked her to come with him……. She nodded and he holds her hand.

It was now time for lunch so they went to Mall of the Emirates which is one of the city’s most famous malls with the spectacular (and surreal) Ski Dubai facility inside. ….

Ragini smiled looking at the big mall…. Sanskaar kept his hand on her shoulder and took her to the restaurant ? and they had a mouth watering brunch!

Then they did skiing ? there… Firstly ragini was not able to do that but then sanskaar helped her which got them some really cozy moments……

After having lunch n moving around in the mall , shopping they went to Aquaventure Waterpark which has the most amazing rides in the world…… Though ragini was scared of the rides which were at height but sanskaar assured her and they both enjoyed the rides and food there……….

Now it was evening ?.. Ragini was really tired. …..

Ragini: sanskaar I’m really tired lets go back……

Sanskaar: ya but come with na pls… There’s a surprise for u??

Ragini: surprise??

Sanskaar: yeah come……

And he again took her to Burj Khalifa which was now lighted beautiful…. Ragini’s eyes and mouth was wide open……

Ragini: OH — MY — GOD….!!!!! Is this real???????

She asked keeping her hands on her cheeks not believing the sight in front of her…..

Sanskaar: of course it is jaaneman!! Come……

He took her ahead and in front of the whole Dubai, in front of the world’s tallest building the world’s most handsome guy was on his knees proposing the world’s most beautiful girl with the most beautiful ring in his hand…………….

Sanskaar: ragini…. I love you….. will you u promise to stay with me , ur idiot for the rest of your life????

Ragini stood there tears in her eyes, feeling weak in her knees. She didn’t knew wht to say!!

Sanskaar: ik its a bit sudden but I cant take the risk of losing you…. So pls will u marry me???

Ragini: sanskaar…..

” say yes…. say yes…… ”

The crowd started cheering up for her and clicked their pics…. It was not less than any fairy tale view….. It was MAGICAL!

Ragini looked at everyone and then at sanskaar…..

Ragini ( monologue ): y do u love me so much Sanskaar??? Don’t do this…. .. Dont make things more difficult for me….. …… Its not easy wht I’m doing n u r… U r making it worse. .. ………

The episode ends with crying face of ragini and eager face of sanskaar in front of beautifully lit Burj Khalifa!

(( guys I hope no body felt bad the way I described the mosque scene….. . N if I did then I’m really sorry…. I didn’t intend to hurt anyone but still if I did the. I’m really sorry!!!!!!!))


Uffff!!!!!! So here was the next chapter of (maybe) one of ur favorite ragsan fanfic! So guys how was it do tell me !! I’ll be waiting ????

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