Tangled Love (Introduction and Chapter 1)

Tangled Love (Introduction)

Is ‘love’ always blissful? Is it always a happy ending? Has any love story never seen a hurdle? A hurdle that can divide two souls? A hurdle that can tear them apart? What happens when two people with idealistic views crash and fall in love? Will their story be a lake of tears and a valley of pain? Or will it create a magical world of rainbows and glitter where misery is a word never heard of? Will they be pawns or creators? Read on to find out….

Characters :
Vinnie Verma – (Female Lead)
Aarav Malhotra – (Male Lead)
Kiara – Vinnie’s BFF
Sana – Vinnie and Kiara’s BFF
Kabir – Vinnie’s Brother
Neil – Aarav’s BFF
Ishaan – Aarav & Neil’s BFF

Other characters will be introduced as the story proceeds ahead.

Tangled Love (Chp 1)

Vinnie: Maa? Maa? Where are you? I am gonna get late ! Its the first day of my college!
Vinnie’s Mom: Yes beta.. I am here only. I am preparing your lunch. Aaj tumhare favorite chole banaye hai! [ today i have prepared your favorite lentils ]
Vinnie descends down the stairs. She has worn a sparkly pink t shirt with tight denim jeans and flats.
Kabir: College jaa rahi hai ya modelling karne ? [ Are you going to college or to do modelling?]
Vinnie: Bhaiya? You have become so big but still you never leave a chance to pull my leg!
Kabir: And this habit of mine will never go… I will never stop pulling your leg ( laughing )
Vinnie’s dad: Accha Bacho! [ok kids] Vinnie? Today is your first day in your new college! Be careful and dont mess around and Kabir today you have a new deal’s meeting in your hotel right? Is everything ready for that?
Kabir: Yes dad , dont worry everything is fine.
Vinnie sets the dining table with her mom and the entire family sits to have breakfast together. After finishing breakfast Vinnie gets up., takes her bag and leaves.
In college

Kiara: Hi Vinnie. Kitni der kar di yaar? Hum dono wait kar rahe the! [ you are so late.. We both were waiting ]
Vinnie: Sorry!
Sana: BTW what are our class schedules?
Kiara: First three classes are the same for all of us and then the next two classes you and me are together and Vinnie has a different class and then we meet in the canteen for lunch!
Sana: Ok Great! BTW what are you guys doing after college.. Lets go for some shopping together na!
Vinnie: Ok!
Kiara: Hmm … Chalo now! We are getting late for first class.
All the three best friends leave together on the way Vinnie bumps into Aarav
Aarav: Cant you see where you are walking? You dropped all my books!
Vinnie: Excuse me? It was your fault. You were texting on your mobile and didnt see where you were going! And for your information even you dropped all my books!

Aarav gets annoyed and picks up his books and by mistake picks up one of Vinnie’s books. Vinnie also picks up her books and leaves.
Vinnie: Khadus kahi ka! [ Grumpy person ]
Aarav: Nautanki kahi ki! [ Drama queen ]

Hoped you enjoyed the first chapter ☺

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