Tangled Love (CHP 4)

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Tangled Love – Chapter 4

At Aarav’s home
Vinnie – Your parents aren’t there?
Aarav – No.. Dad is in office and Mom is a dance teacher so she is probably in the studio and my sister Meher is at college.
Vinnie – Wow! I love your house.. Its sooo big.
Aarav – (smirks) Lets go to my room.. All the supplies are there.
Aarav and Vinnie go to the room. She trips over his computer charger and almost falls when Aarav catches her in the nick of time.. They have an eyelock before Vinnie moves away from him.
Aarav – I think we should do the project on the latest Greece crisis.
Vinnie – No! The 2008 crisis is better.. We can go into more depth and get more economic charts.
Aarav – No Greece!
Vinnie – I said 2008 crisis.

Aarav – You have to listen to me.. My dad is a business man.. I know more about economics than you..
Vinnie – Your dad is a business man not you.. Dont be oversmart..
Aarav – You are sooo stubborn!!
Vinnie – I am stubborn? (Looks around) The only stubborn person I see around here is you!
Aarav pushes Vinnie.. Vinnie hits Aarav
Aarav – Aaah! You manaic!
Vinnie – Bye! Iam going.. You do your project and I do mine .. We will tell sir that we both didnt want to do it together..
Aarav – Thank god! Doing it alone is much better than doing it with a girl like you..
Vinnie throws a pillow on him and walks out slamming the door..
Aarav – Bhagwan bachaye! (May god save me)

Vinnie enters her house and slams the door in anger.
Kabir – Someone is in a vey bad mood today.
Vinnie goes into the kitchen keeps her bag and sits on the sofa.
Kabir – What happened?

Vinnie – Nothing Bhaiya.. We were assigned an economic project in pairs and I was paired with a boy in our class called Aarav Malhotra and he is such an arrogant person I tell you. We had a fight and he called “me” stubborn. Like i? Stubborn?
Kabir – (starts laughing) For once someone is right! You are as stubborn as a salesman who refuses to bargain..
Vinnie – Bhaiya!! (Hits him with a pillow)
Kabir – What was his name again?
Vinnie – Aarav Malhotra
Kabir – (shocked) You mean the son of Ashok Malhotra? The Malhotras?
Vinnie – Hmm
Kabir – Wow! You are friends with Aarav Malhotra!!
Vinnie – Friends? We are enemies.
Kabir – By the way I have some good news, mine and Sanjana’s engagement has been fixed.. Its on 28th August .. Vinnie – Yay! Congratulations Bhaiya! (Hugs him and pulls his cheeks)
Kabir – Hey! Dont do that! (Smiles and kisses her cheeks) Sanjana will be coming any minute now.. She is saying that she wants to take you for wedding shopping. She believes you have good fashion sense..
Vinnie – Ok! I will go with bhabhi.. But only if you help me with my project.
Kabir – (smiling) Has there ever been any project I havent helped you with.
Sanjana – I’m here.
Vinnie – Hi bhabhi.. (Hugs her)

Sanjana – Hi Vinnie.. How are you doing?
Vinnie – I’m great.. How are you?
Sanjana – I’m very happy, afterall I am getting engaged to your brother!! Vinnie laughs and Kabir hugs Sanjana
Vinnie – If you both need time I can come back after 5 minutes.
Sanjana – No need! I just came to pick you.. Shall we leave for shopping?
Vinnie – Yup Im ready!
Sanjana and Vinnie link hands and leave.
Kabir – Girls!

Vinnie – Bhabhi.. My best friend Kiara’s sister is a designer.. We should check out her store
Sanjana – Ok! Where is it?
Vinnie – North Bandra.. Street 11 Sanjana and Vinnie arrive at the store
Saleswoman- How may I help you ladies?
Sanjana- We are looking for indian wedding dresses.
Saleswoman – Sure ladies.. Please follow me.

After a lot of thinking Sanjana and Vinnie chose their dresses. Sanjana chose a light pink lehenga with silver embroidery and Vinnie chose a mint green lehenga with black and gold.
Sanjana – Shall we go for some ice cream?
Vinnie – Yes please.
After they both take their ice creams they sit on the car
Sanjana – You are awfully quiet today.. Something wrong?
Vinnie – Nothing .. Just thinking..
Sanjana- About Aarav?
Vinnie – What? How do you know?
Sanjana – I heard you talk to Kabir before I came.. Do you like him?
Vinnie – No way! We are enemies.
Sanjana – (smiling) Nowdays every love starts with hate only…, Nafrat paas aane na de.. Mohabbat door jaane na de ( hate doesnt let you come close and love doesnt let you go far)
Vinnie – Bhabhi! We only met today and on top of that he doesnt like me nor do I..
Sanjana – (laughs) We will see in the future,
Vinnie – Maybe.. But first atleast let us be friends.. We dont even wanna see each others face for now.

Sanjana – Ok! Here we are. Thanx Vinnie for helping me shop. I had a great time..
Vinnie – Me too bhabhi.. Bye!
Sanjana – Bye!

Kabir – How was the trip?
Vinnie – Great! We bought our dresses.
Kabir – Good! BTW do you still want help? Cause I am free for only the next three hours and then I have to go back to hotel.
Vinnie – Yes Please!
Two hours later
Vinnie – Whew! Almost everything is done except the query and standard report.. I can do that myself.. Thank you bhaiya!
Kabir – No problem! There is still an hour left! Wanna play Xbox with me? I bet I can beat you !
Vinnie – You wish! If I win .. I get anything I want!
Kabir – Deal!
In between the game
Vinnie – I’m tired!
Kabir – Okay! Even I am tired. Lets sit.. Its a draw . No one wins!
Vinnie – Oh shit! I need to go! Kiara called me to Nehru Park.. Bye Bhaiya.. Love you.
Kabir – Bye! Take care.
The next day at college

Vinnie – You guys go.. I need to get a book from the library.
Sana – Ok! Come soon.
Kiara – We will save a seat for you.
Vinnie goes to the library.
Vinnie – Oh no! Aarav is also here?
Aarav – Hey Vinnie
Vinnie – Hi!
Aarav – How is your project going?
Vinnie – Great ! Yours?
Aarav – Umm. I was going to talk about that.. I was wrong.. There is no development on Greece. You cant make a report on that.
Vinnie – (looks at him and starts laughing loudly)
Librarian – Silence please!
Vinnie – (smiling) Sorry sir! I told you.. But someone is too ‘stubborn’ to listen..
Aarav – Umm.. I am sorry
Vinnie – What did you say?
Aarav – Sorry!
Vinnie – I cant hear you.. Louder please!
Aarav – I said i am sorry!
Vinnie – Ok! Good.. You can work on the stability growth and query.. I have done the rest..
Aarav – Ok! Thanks Vinnie!

Vinnie – No problem! But that does not change anything between us! I still don’t like you!
Aarav – (smirking) I dont love you either.. I .. I .. I meant like you..
Vinnie – (embarrassed)
Aarav – Man! Why did I say that?
They both leave the library in opposite ways.

Precap – Aarav hold Vinnie by the waist so they are standing only centimeters apart while the others look on..

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