Tangled Love (CHP 3)

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Tangled Love – Chp 3

Ishaan – I should start?
Proffesor – Can you see another Ishaan here? Stand up
Ishaan – Hi guys and girls! I am Ishaan Nanda! I feel I am bold, heroic and very hadsome!
The class starts laughing
Sana – He is definitely bold, not heroic and definitely not handsome..
Neel – I am Neel Sharma . I believe I am hard working, humorous and easy going.
Aarav – I am Aarav Malhotra and I am industrious, kind and hilarious.
Proffesor – Just like your father.. For those of you who don’t know Aarav’s father.. He is Ashok Malhotra.. The biggest industrialist in India!
Aarav smiles and sits down..

Vinnie – Very industrious. Not hilarious and not at all kind… More like arrogant!!
Proffesor – Good job boys! Now lets move on to girls.
Sana – I am Sana Peston and I am introverted, intelligent and lovable.
Kiara – I am Kiara Dhawan and I am outgoing, crazy and hyper energetic!!
Proffesor – I can see your positive energy today. Maintain this kind of energy throughout the year.
Neel – She looks sweet . Oh! Now its that girl's turn.
Aarav – Hmmm
Vinnie – I am Vinnie Verma and I am open minded, bright and optimistic.
Aarav – She is literally none of the above. But I like her name .. Vinnie!
Proffesor – Ok class. I enjoyed getting to know all of you but now since we have some time left I am going to give you. A course project..
Class – Nooooooo!
Proffesor – Ok! So the topic is economic stability and you have to prepare a report on it. To make it easier for you all I have made this a pair project. But I will decide the pairs. Sana and Kiara , Neel and Ishaan ,and finally Vinnie and Aarav.

Vinnie and Aarav look at each other.
Proffesor- You all have two weeks for this project. The class is dismissed! Everybody heads out.
Neel – Hey Kiara!
Kiara – Hi! Neel right?
Neel – Ya! I was wondering if you wanted to have ice cream with me afterwards?
Kiara – I would love to but actually my bff's and I decided to go shopping later.
Neel – Oh! So why dont all of us go together. We can all have ice cream and then you girls can go shopping.
Aarav – BTW Vinnie! I think we both need a new start before we start the project!
Vinnie – Ya!
Ishaan – So Ice cream it is then.. After school?
All girls – Ok great!!
At the end of the day the bell rings and everyone walks out..
Kiara – OMG!! I am soo excited.. I feel like he asked me out… Am I looking good?
Vinnie – Control Kiara! And you are looking fab! Dont worry!
Sana – Love is in the air!

All girls laugh while on the other hand
Neel – I really like her yaar.. I dont want to mess it up this time.
Ishaan – Chill yaar.. You wont mess it up. It will be fine.
Aarav – She likes you the way you are.. Just relax and keep calm.
Neel – BTW Aarav .. You better make up with Vinnie. If me and Kiara are gonna date in the future I dont want her best friend and mine to always keep fighting
Aarav – Ok! I will see what to do.
Everyone reaches the gate and they leave to eat ice cream.
Ishaan – Which flavours girls?
Sana – Chocolate
Vinnie – Butterscotch
Kiara – Strawberry
Neel – Coffee
Aarav – Chocolate Chip
Everyone enjoys ice cream
Neel – Hey Kiara! Do you want to go for a walk while we eat ice cream?
Kiara – Ya. Sure , why not!
Sana and Vinnie grin.. Neel and Kiara leave
Aarav – Hey Vinnie , I wanted to say something to you
Vinnie – Even I wanted to say something.
Aarav – Okay. You say first. Ladies first..

Vinnie – No, you say
Aarav – You say..
Ishaan – Both of you say together.
Vinnie- Im sorry!
Aarav – Im sorry !
Sana – Finally you both made up..
Vinnie – Aarav!
Aarav – Ya?
Vinnie – You know you aren’t as bad as I thought you were..
Aarav blushes.. Sana and Ishaan smile..

1 hour later

Neel and Kiara come back from their walk.
Sana – What happened?
Kiara – I will tell you later at home..

Ishaan – Kuch baat bani? (Did you guys have a talk)
Neel – I will tell you later but first tell me if Vinnie and Aarav made up.. Did they apologize?
Sana – Yeah! They did..
Kiara – Where are they now?
Ishaan – They left to Aarav's home to complete the economic project.
Neel – Ishaan? Even we have to complete it right?
Ishaan – Yeah.. I was waiting for you only.
Kiara – Now that Vinnie’s left we can postpone shopping later.. I guess even we should start working on the project Sana.. Ok guys! Bye! (looks at Neel) Bye Neil!
Neil – Bye Kiara!
(They have an eyelock before all of them leave)

Precap – Aarav takes Vinnie to his house.. She trips over a wire and he catches her…

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