Tangled Love (CHP 2)

Tangled Love – Chp 2

Neel – Where were you?
Aarav – Nothing! I just bumped into a crazy girl!
Neel – Oh ho! Girl? Wow! Was she beautiful?
Aarav – She was pretty but I don’t think she is my type. She looked to simple and cuchee coo types.
Neel – (elbows Ishaan) She was pretty but not his type (laughs)
Aarav – Leave the topic!
Neel – Now lets go. We have economics class first.. Followed by business and then stocks .
Ishaan – Guys look there (Points at Sana )
Neel – Wow! Man she is so pretty!!
Aarav – Who are you guys talking about?
Neel – That girl! (Points at Kiara)
Ishaan – Abe yaar! I am talking about the girl on her right!
Neel – And I am talking about the girl on the left.
Aarav – Oh shit! The girl in the middle .. She is that girl I bumped into!!
Ishaan – What! That girl! She looks the prettiest!
Aarav – Keep away from her! She is very short tempered.
Ishaan – Why are all of these three girls walking together? Are they sisters and if they are then let me tell you .. We are gonna be each others brothers in laws. (laughs)
Neel – Go. If you are daring enough ask their names.
Aarav – Aaj to tujhe thapad padne wala hai [today you are so gonna get slapped]
Ishaan walks over to Sana

Ishaan – Hi! Are you new to this college?
Kiara – I am so sorry ! But my best friend does not talk to boys like you!
Ishaan – I am trying to talk to you so why is your jealous friend interrupting in between.
Sana – Look ! She is right .. I am not interested in talking to you. If you could leave me alone that would be better.
Ishaan – But..
Vinnie – But what? She said na that she doesn’t want to talk to you!
Ishaan – Look I want text you, chat with you, snapchat you and talk with you on the phone till midnight! You know why? Because you are so pretty!
Sana slaps him
Sana – Pervert!
All three girls leave
Aarav – Padi. Padi use ! (Laughing)
Aarav – Why? You got slapped didn’t you? I had warned you before!
Neel – (laughing)
Ishaan – Why the hell are you laughing?
Aarav – Chalo ! Class ka time ho gaya hai!

In class
Proffesor – Good morning class!
Everyone – Good morning sir!
Sana,Kiara and Vinnie enter class together
Vinnie – Sorry that we are late sir!
Sana – It wont happen next time
Proffesor – Its okay! Please find a seat and settle down.
Aarav,Neel and Ishaan enter the same class
Aarav – Sorry that we are late sir
Neel – It wont happen next time
Proffesor- What is this? Is this some kind of prank? First three girls enter my class late, apologize and sit down .. Then three boys enter a class again say the same things?
The entire class starts laughing and the girls look at each other
Proffesor – SILENCE!!!
Proffesor- Sit down boys! But this wont happen next time!
Ishaan – Yes Sir!
Proffesor- Okay! So since today is our first class.. We wont study! You all will come up here in the front and describe yourself using three adjectives..
Aarav – Neel! Ishaan! Now we will come to know the girls names.
Ishaan – Exactly!
Neel – She slapped you but you still want to flirt with her.
Ishaan – I tell you I can feel love in her slap.
Aarav – leave him.. He has gone mad!
On the other hand
Kiara – now we will come to know the names of those crazy boys.
Vinnie – The guy in the middle.. He is the one I bumped into … He was so rude he literally crossed all limits.
Proffesor- Ok! So lets start from boys! You start first by saying your full name.. And describe yourself.
Ishaan – Me?
Proffesor- Yes you!

Precap – Aarav apologises to Vinnie while Kiara and Neel go for a walk.

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  1. Hey..how are you?..wow the chapter was so incredible..it was amazing…like I want to read more and more and more..seems like I’m watching a movie with all those teenage times and all that…perfect as it is..don’t mind but please can you write a big chapter hehe I’m greedy?? but I love it that’s why…I can’t get enough of your story…it’s so amazing..lol and ishaan got a slap hehe…let’s see how the characters love each other ..and yeah the slap part kinda reminded me of mein tera hero..hehe…the episode was really incredible…can’t wait..byeee…love you

    1. Hi Bella, I’m great! How r u? Thank you so much for your appreciation.. It makes my heart leap with joy :).. College based stories are my fav too <3.. Next time I will write a bigger chp.. Hehe 🙂 Ya.. the slap scene was inspired by Main Tera Hero! I absolutely love that movie :).. Byeee.. LY <3

  2. Loved it.. Update soon na…

    1. Thank You Ananya <3 I will update as soon as I can <3

  3. Superb episode dear. Ishaan was too fast. Lol. Will be waiting for next update. Luv u..tc..

    1. Thank You Lakshmi <3 Ya, the character Ishaan moves fast 🙂 That's just how he is! I will update as soon as I can <3 LY!! Thank You For The Appreciation Once Again..

    1. Thank You Ruby <3

    1. Thank You Swara <3

  4. grt.wonderful.luv ur ff

    1. Thank You Atulya <3

  5. grt.wonderful.luv ur ff.fabulous

    1. <3 I Appreciate Your Words

  6. Awesome episode, just awesoooooome, loved it very much. ..the slap scene was quite funny….convo in class was really cute…wowwww keep it up. eagerly waiting for tthe next episode, love you loads

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