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Hey all!! Me back again!! With an OS…. Crazy ideas keep popping…. I keep wondering…. Wondering…. Wondering and wondering…. What would I be if I had kept all of these inside me instead of exploring like what am doing now…. I’d be like how I was eight years ago…. Dedicating myself to my books…. No devoting…. I am now too…. My mom is like stop typing…. You’re gonna lose your fingers…. But I can’t help…. Once I start I never end….

Why do I end up ranting always?! Such a bore I am and I know it…. Sorry will try to minimise…. Or no blabbering at all…. That sounds better…. Sorry for doing it all the time….

Uff I’m doing it now too…. Stop it Shree stop it…

My conscience “ok stopped.”

Update dedicated to my Shri Ponne!! Sv!! Happy birthday my Ponne!! Stay stay stay stay blessed!! You’re a natural!! One unique piece…. May all your dreams come true and reach heights!! Have fun and keep writing and entertaining us!! Have fun
…. It’s your day!! Muaahh.… Love you so much ??…. Padichi sollu

Happy reading ??

“Arjun… Arjun… Arjun” came a voice.

“Let me sleep” he frowned as he turned around squeezing his eyes and pulled the quilt over his head.

“Idiot. Dumb head. Naaye (dog). Peye (monster). Panni (pig). Pisase (devil)” she kept on going.

“Keep going. Erumai (buffalo), toongu moonji (sleepy head), somberi (lazy bundle) and etc” he frowned as he pulled the quilt more.

“Tamil terila, aana idhu mattum nala terinji vachidukan” she scowled.
(He doesn’t know Tamil, but knows all of this very well.)

“Now what are you scolding?” he asked.

“You at least understood I’m scolding. I’m so happy” she gave a sarcastic reply.

“Stop the sarcasm and let me sleep. Please Shri” he pleaded.

“Ada stupid. Ippo nee elundrika poriya illiya?” she beat him with the pillow.
(Stupid. Are you going to wake up or not?)

“Shri. Tookam. Please” he pleaded.
(Shri. Sleepy. Please.)

“You’re learning. Good. Now stop all this maska and get up. You know you can never win against me” she said and pulled the quilt in a swift motion.

“I’m bearing you just because you’re my best friend. Female you’re just too much” he scowled as he got up from the bed.

“Your best friend or Neil’s?” she asked “Oh and thanks for noticing that I’m female” she rolled her eyes.

“What’s wrong with you early in the morning?” he sighed.

“This is early? Early in the morning? Arjun you’re acting like an animal on hibernation. It’s 9 in the morning. My problem? You’re asking me about my problem? I need to wake you up every morning. Do you know what tedious task it is? And you have a meeting in the next half an hour and you want to sleep” she rapped all in one go.

“Meeting?! 9?!” he gasped.

“Yes. Stop acting innocent. Go brush. You stink. Freshen up. Breakfast’s ready. Neil’s here with Sam. All are waiting for you” she said and walked out of his room.

He smiled as he saw her walk out. His best friend she was. He loved troubling her. Especially in the mornings. It was his main aim from childhood. To make her curse in Tamil. He understood only some curses and few words. He’d hide his face under the quilt and laugh at her struggles to wake him up. He was acting all these years. She was his lucky charm. Poor she. She didn’t know that he was doing it all… all these years to trouble her. She was Sam’s cousin. Neil was happy he could impress Sam in a go as Shri was a good friend of his and gave him a green signal to go ahead. The four of them stayed together and worked in the same company. Neil and Sam were on vacation and had returned in the morning.

He had a quick shower and got ready in his expensive tuxedo looking like a Greek God that made all girls go on knees. His smile was a drug to every girl and made all of them fan themselves. He came down and saw the three of them waiting. Neil, Sam and Shri.

“Avan enna pandran? Tirupi toongitana?” Shri scowled.
(What is he doing? Did he sleep again?)

Wow she was not in a good mood. Arjun prayed for his luck and tiptoed.

“Shri amaidi” cooed Sam.
(Calm down Shri.)

“Arjun come forward. No need to tiptoe” Shri snapped.

“Damn. How do you know?” he

“The floor creaked. Disadvantage of having a wooden floor” she smirked.

“Eesh” he muttered.

“I can see your reflection on that glass wall opposite to me. So, no use” she chuckled as she pointed out to the glass wall opposite to her.

“Genius. That’s why you sit there” Neil smiled.

“So you knew Arjun tiptoes everyday and would sit when you go to the kitchen to get juice?” Sam asked.

“Yes. I didn’t want his struggle to go in vain. But now I think it’s enough. So Mr. Mehra just come and sit instead of tiptoeing” she smiled.

“Now what are you looking at my face for? Come sit” she said and Arjun sat quietly and had his breakfast.

There were just five minutes left for the meeting. Arjun panicked.

Uh oh.

They had to reach office and it was 9:25 already. His dad was going to be mad. Just then he saw his employees entering his mansion. They all went towards the boardroom in his mansion. He had made one in case of an emergency. He looked at Shri who was busy with files and Sam was explaining her. Neil on his laptop making final changes to the presentation the four of them had worked on. His dad entered in the end, who rolled his eyes at him, muttering words under his breath. Arjun knew he was cursing him. His dad smiled at Neil, Sam and Shri.

“Why are they all here?” Arjun asked.

“Did you see the time silly? Too late. That’s why Shri made a last minute change to keep the meeting at home. Uncle was angry, but she managed it” Sam replied.

“Polama?” Shri asked.
(Shall we move?)

“You always have a habit of talking to me in Tamil and irritating me right?” he smiled.

“Yes. Tit for tat” she replied as she moved.

“Thank you. You always cover up for me” he whispered.

“You can thank me later. For now, come” she said and they went in.

The employees worked for the day in the mansion and were given an early let off. Arjun was working on his laptop, his dad came in. Arjun was so engrossed that he didn’t notice this father’s intense gaze on him.

“When are you planning to turn responsible?” asked Ankit, his father.

“What dad? Hi. What responsible?” he asked as he worked on his laptop.

“You still can’t wake up by yourself. You need someone to wake you up. No punctuality. On top of it, you refuse to get married” Ankit sighed.

“Dad please not the marriage thing” he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Uncle we were working late. That’s why he overslept” Shri replied from behind.

“Can you stop covering up his mistakes and let him learn?” Ankit sighed.

“I’m not uncle” she smiled.

“Then what beta?” Ankit asked.

“I’m just telling the truth. Coffee?” she smiled.

“Yes please” grinned Arjun.

“Idiot” she muttered.

“Isn’t that Neil?” Arjun asked.

“For Sam it’s Neil who is idiot. For me it is you” she replied.

“Oh God” Arjun rolled his eyes.

“Beta make it idiot-1, idiot-2. Will be more easier” Ankit chuckled.

“Nice idea uncle” she smiled.

“Dad not you too” Arjun sighed.

“Yes me” Ankit laughed and Shri too joined along and Arjun as usual rolled his eyes.

“Ok, now to the presentation. It was good. But… the quote could have been better” Ankit said as he sipped his coffee.

“Ok uncle, we’ll work on it next time” Neil said as he came in.

“I’ll go help Sam in dinner” Shri said as she walked out.

“This Tamil best friend of mine” Arjun smiled as he shook his head.

“She really covers up for him. Wish Sam did the same for me. She does the opposite though she’s my girlfriend” Neil pouted.

“It’s k Neil. You’ll get the hang of it” Ankit chuckled.

“Sam uses Tamil, which I hardly understand. Man but she does scold bad. Good thing she doesn’t use frequent Tamil like Shri” Neil blew a breath as he shook his head remembering things.

“No one scold as bad as Shri in Tamil Neil” Arjun smiled.

“There’s one more” Neil said “worse than her” he sighed.

“Who?” asked Aniket.

“Shree” he replied.

“Are Shri is Shri na” Arjun clicked his tongue.

“Are ours is Shri. S H R I. But the one I’m talking about is S H R E E. Shree” he explained.

“So, Shree it is. Man, pronounciation same. But spelling different” Arjun chuckled.

“Man she’s PhD in scolding” Neil held his head.

“You’re talking as if you were the victim to her tongue” Ankit grinned.

“I was. Not once, but twice” Neil fake cried.

“Twice?! Wow!! Now I really wanna know. How this this happen without me knowing?” asked Arjun as he rubbed his chin.

“It was a coincidence. You had bunked both the days” Neil grinned.

“Bunked?” Ankit cocked his eyebrow.

“Idiot” Arjun cursed under his breath. His dad never knew if his bunkings.

“Yes uncle bunk. He was on a coffee date. Both the days” Neil grinned more wider in mischief.

“Yet he didn’t end up with a girl” Ankit sighed.

“Uncle it’d hardly last for a date. Leave the date, he can’t sit with a girl for five minutes. Forget about him liking one and then falling in love and then getting married and then settling down with kids and then, last but not the least, growing old holding his wife’s hand. Ufff no way” Neil shook his head vigorously thinking of the long process that Arjun will never be able be make up to.

“Idiot now tell me how you turned to be her bali ka bakra?” Arjun laughed.

“Yes please tell” Ankit places his face in between both of his palms, supported by elbows on the table like a little kid.

“Fine I will. One day I was parking my car and her car was next to mine. I brushed against her car and it gave scratches. To my good luck she was there. She was furious. Her face turned red and she did her tandav. Rudra tandav of Tamil curses. I understood it was Tamil as she used panni (pig) and erumai (buffalo)” he sighed.

“Lol. Rudra tandav. Omg” Arjun laughed out and Ankit too joined.

“Not funny” Neil pouted.

“Next one” Ankit said as he composed himself.

“Yeah, the next one. We were just walking by. Opposite to each other. We then stared at each other and slowed down as we neared. I really wanted to take revenge for that day. She stood smirking at me. I then decided to have a competition of scolding in bad words. In any language. But the words should not be repeated. She too agreed. I thought I’d win as I was going to be using Punjabi and she was using Tamil and she won’t be knowing it as she was Tamilian. I asked her to go first and she rapped all the bad words she knew in a minute or two. When I started off, I kinda like got stuck in 45 seconds but managed to think hard. But I repeated a word I had used already by mistake, I knew it but still carried on. She stopped me saying I repeated and she knew some basic Punjabi. She then started to rap again and my ears started to bleed, though I didn’t understand anything. I ran then. That’s all” he sighed as he came out of the dreadful memory, which made Ankit and Arjun laugh out loud.

“Talking about my Ponne?” Shri asked proudly as she came in.

“Yeah. Her” Neil replied.

“It was totally your mistake the second time. She was passing by. And you….” Ankit laughed out.

“How did I not know her?” Arjun asked.

“She was in the science department and we in management” she replied.

“Oh. That’s her name? What is her full name?” Arjun asked.

“It’s just Shree Arjun” she replied.

“How do you know her if she was in a different department?” Ankit asked.

“She was my friend in chemistry and biology tuition. And we clicked well because of our names and obviously Tamil. She has a witty Tamil tongue though she’s a Malayali” she smiled.

“Oh” was all Neil could say.

“I’d like to meet her once” Arjun smiled.

“Sure. She’s in Mumbai for now” she said.

“For now. Phew” Neil heaved a sigh of relief.

“Idiot. She’s not going to bite. You’re so scared of her” she laughed.

“It’s me who faced her and her fiery tongue. Not to forget mood swings” Neil snapped.

“She has no mood swings, but sure has a great tongue” she smiled.

“What do you mean for now?” Arjun asked.

“She’s here on a conference. She’s one of the renown nutritionists from Bangalore” she replied.

“Nutritionist. Then I think Neil needs to meet her. He eats a lot of junk food and is growing fat. No workout at all” Arjun frowned.

“Oh no. Not again. She’ll kill me with her diet chart instead of her tongue. I think her curses are better” Neil frowned.

“Now dinner time” she said and all of them left for dinner.

“I’m worried about him not finding himself a girl” Ankit sighed to Shri as it was only them left in the cabin.

“He will find one soon uncle” she smiled.

“Why not you find one for him?” he asked.

“Oh no uncle. I’m his best friend. I can’t control his life. He has his likes and dislikes. He’ll find a girl for himself. Don’t worry uncle” she smiled.

Ankit left after a good meal by Sam and Shri. The next day was going to change Arjun’s life. He got ready after Shri’s efforts and left for office.

There were new employees who were needed. Arjun moreover wanted a Personal assistant. There were a lot of people. A lot of girls. Girls who looked overconfident that the could lure Arjun with their looks. Some in the medium range, who actually didn’t care if they got the job or not. It’d be good if they got it, else it was okay. But there were countable number of people, who wanted the job and feared the interview. The mood of the interviewer. The questions. How well the answers had to be delivered and the presentation and confidence. There was a girl who was chewing her nails, but not literally biting them off. Arjun who was passing by saw her in the waiting room and his heart skipped a beat. She was in a black skinny jeans and a crisp white shirt tucked in and the silver buckle from her black belt shone. Her black five inch pencil heels. Her midnight black long hair falling down her shoulder to her waist. He kept staring at her without blinking. His heartbeat racing.

Shri cleared her throat to pull him out of his trance.

“Shall I cancel the interview bosss….?” she smirked as she stressed in the word boss. She knew that he hated her calling him that.

“Huh what?” he stammered “female stop calling me that” he scowled.

“You still didn’t answer me boss” she smiled innocently.

“Stop calling me that” he snapped “why do you want to cancel the interview?” he asked.

“Cause you found the one. Your heart knows. I can hear your heart racing” she teased.

“Nothing like that. Just get started with it. Send everyone in one by one” he stammered as he went in.

“You’ll realise soon” she smiled at his disappearing form.

All of them were sent in one by one. Arjun literally kicked out the girls who tried to lure him with their looks. He liked some of them, but he didn’t want them. Seemed boring. His thoughts were stuck to her.

Only her.

Her big brown eyes that had a neat stroke of Kohl, filled with nervousness and innocence. She was perfect. He was growing impatient. He wanted to talk to her. Keep watching her all day long.


Not look. Pick her and run away. Far and wide, so that no one could reach them. Shri had purposefully made Radhika the last candidate. She was watching Arjun’s growing impatience. Was a treat to watch. Just then, she entered. All nervous. And looked at her top to bottom. She took her seat and Arjun couldn’t take his eyes off her. Neil who knew of what was going on, rang to his phone in the office and cut it immediately, pulling Arjun out of his trance.

“Your name?” he asked.

“Radhika Mishra” she replied.

“Why this position? You don’t have any work experience too”he said as he looked at her resume.

“Sir I’ll give it my best. I know you’re doubting me because of my zero experience, give me a chance and I’ll prove myself” she replied.

“You’re appointed” he clipped.

“Are you serious sir? Omg!! Thank you so much!!” she squealed.

“Yes. No more sir. Its Arjun” he smiled.

“Ok Arjun. Hanuman ji I told you naa, if I get job I will donate 100 coconuts. Now I will do it” she smiled as she looked up the ceiling.

Shri who was in the next cabin literally jumped off her chair and burst out laughing. She had heard everything of what Radhika had said. It was only a thick wall of glass separating their cabins. Radhika left and Arjun relaxed as a lazy smile crossed his lips.

“Well look at this. The Mehra heir smiling. I will donate 100 coconuts. Lol, she’s so cute and innocent” Shri laughed.

“That she is” Arjun smiled as he agreed.

“I get to plan your wedding!! Yey!!” she squealed.

“I just found myself a PA. Not wife” he clipped as he left.

Shri walked out and reached home by taking a cab. She was so angry. What had she told him that he reacted in such a way? Just then a girl entered the mansion. She looked into rooms. Found none. Finally she saw a girl sitting showing her back to the door and went to her and hugged her tight from behind.

“Ponne!!” she cooed.

“Shree?” asked a shocked Shri.

“Naane dhaan. Surprise!!” Shree squealed as she opened her arms wide.
(It’s me. Surprise!!)

“Ponne!!” Shri squealed as she hugged her tight.

Sam who had seen Shri upset was worried. She didn’t want to ask her fearing her scoldings. She was happy to see Shree and her sister calm. Both the girls danced on some crazy Tamil Beats and Shree ended up singing “Malare” from the Malayalam movie “Premam”.

Azhake… Azhakil theerthoru shilayazhake
Malare.. Ennuyiril vidarum panimalare

(O’ beautiful…your figurine is culmination of the charm
Malare (floret)…you are the dew drop, filling my very existence)

“Yen ponne? Ivalo feelings?” Shri asked.
(Why girl? So much feelings?)

“Nothing di. I love this song. Avalo dhaan (that’s all)” she replied.

“Kk” Shri smiled.

“Premam dhaane?” Shri asked.

“Yes di ponne” she smiled.

“Neil enga?” she smirked.
(Where’s Neil?)

“Inno marakala la?” Shri asked.
(Still haven’t forgotten right?)

“How can I ponne? That loosu (crack pot)” she laughed out loud.

“Maybe out with Sam” Shri replied.

“Oh” was all she could say.

“Shri look at what Sam is scolding me” came a complaining Neil, but stopped when he saw Shree.

“Hey Neil. Long time” she smiled.

“Yeah. Hi Shree” he fake smiled.

“Look at you. So fat. I think I need to give you a diet chart that needs to be followed strictly. Book an appointment. We’ll meet at the hospital” she clipped.

“No I’m fine like this” he said.

“Lol. You’re still scared of me aren’t you. Don’t worry I’m not going to scold you. It was all in the past. I hold no grudge against you” she smiled.

“Pakka?” he asked.

“Yes pakka” she smiled.

“Ok. I’ll leave. It’s getting late” she said as she got up to leave.

“Ponne stay for dinner” Shri said.

“One more day Ponne. Sorry” she apologised.

“You can’t leave without meeting me” said who entered and both the girls rolled their eyes.

“Arjun Mehra. See I met you. No, we met each other. Now happy? I need to go. Bye” she rushed.

“Seriously?” he cocked up his eyebrow.

“Idha paaru. Inda puruvata katra vela ellam enta vendam. Jakarda” she warned.
(Look here. Don’t so this eyebrow thing to me. Be careful.)

“Oh really?” Arjun crossed his arms to his chest.

He didn’t know what she said. But it was something. He put a face as if he understood.

“Ada poya” she said all annoyed and walked away.
(Get lost dude.)

“Shree” Sam called out.

“Sorry Sam I’m in a hurry” she said as she left after giving her a hug.

“What is wrong with you?” Arjun asked to an annoyed Shri. She had been ignoring him.

“Nothing. What’s wrong with me. Absolutely fine” she snapped and walked out.

Next morning Shri didn’t wake up Arjun. He slept in and got late. Neil was waiting for him when he came down all ready. Sam and Shri were not seen.

“They left for office” Neil said as he read the newspaper.

“Time?” Arjun asked.

“Exactly 9:45” Neil replied.

“Why didn’t she wake me up?” he frowned.

“Arjun you’re no longer a kid. Stop being dependant on her. You’re of marriageable age” Neil sighed.

“Uncle was right. She’s spoilt you a lot and covered up a lot for you” Neil sighed again.

“Why is she angry on me?” he sighed.

“Like I know” Neil replied.

“Is it because of yesterday? Oh god stupid me” Arjun cursed himself as he walked out taking his keys with Neil tagging along.

“Shri I’m sorry” Arjun said as he entered her cabin.

“You’re my boss. Bosses don’t apologize to their employees. it’s the employees who do it” he said as she turned around.

“Shri don’t say that” he said.

“What do you want sir?” she asked.

Arjun smiled in naughtiness “my best friend” he replied.

“She’s not here sir” she replied.

“She is” he said as he walked to her and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m sorry” he whispered.

“Let go sir” she struggled.

“You can’t be angry on me for too long. You’re my Shri, my best friend. I miss your curses early in the morning when you try waking me up. Your talks. Everything” he whispered.

“It’s hardly been a day and you’re doing all this drama” she pushed him.

“But I do miss you” he pouted, which made her laugh.

“So I’m forgiven?” he asked.

“Not yet. One condition” she smirked.

“What is that?” he gulped down.

“Go confess to Radhika” she smirked.

“What? I can’t” he stammered.

“Ok then. Forget it” she sighed as she turned around.

“I’ll do it” he said all determined as he picked up a red rose from the vase and walked to Radhika’s cabin.

“Arjun you here? You could have called me” Radhika stammered seeing Arjun in her cabin.

He was her crush. Her dream day and night. He here made her heart race.

“I need to tell you something” he smiled.

“Go on” she encouraged.

“I love you Radhika” he went on knee holding out to the rose.

“What?” she gasped.

“Yes. I love you” he said again.

Radhika bent down to his level and hugged him tight and pecked his cheek.

“Love you too” she smiled.

“I love you” he said again as he held her to him.

“What made you realise so soon?” she asked.

“Thanks to this Tamil best friend of mine. I realised” he smiled.

“Good. I need to thank her” she smiled.

“Thank God someone remembered me. And has the courtesy to thank me” Shri held her chest and let out a breath.

“Ok enough. Am I forgiven?” he asked with puppy eyes.

“Idiot. When have I ever been angry on you?” she smiled.

“So I get a treat” jumped Shree as she entered.

“Aren’t you a nutritionist?” Neil asked.

“Once in a while is ok. Not like you” she rolled her eyes.

“It’s ok Shree. Pizza order paniruken” Sam smiled.
(It’s k Shree. I have ordered pizza.)

“Nalla pulla” she smiled.
(Good girl.)

Arjun went to Shri and hugged her tight. Radhika who was staring at the two of them was pulled in by Shri. Neil and Sam fit themselves in. Shree was just staring at them tapping her foot to the polished wooden floor as she was totally forgotten. She was finally pulled in by Arjun.

“Thought we forgot you?” he whispered.

“I actually did” she replied.

“Curser you can never be” smiled Neil which only made Shree roll her eyes.

Another group hug again. The office was just starting at what was going in and then went back to work all smiling.

Ponne!! Hope you liked it!! Fingers crossed… aparama titiko.. edho eudiruken.. happy birthday again and have fun…. loved the birthday treat.. thanks di ??

The readers.. hope you all liked it too.. Tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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