Which show will you miss more – Tamanna or Dehleez?

Star Plus’ Tamanna is going towards its closure on 26th June 2016, along with the more popular Dehleez. Both shows started few months back. Star Plus has been testing a lot of concepts and following a finite concept structure, and pulling off shows much before expected.

Tamanna is the story of Dhara Solanki, who is a superb cricketer and gets bounded by her marriage. Her husband turns out to be a pretentious guy, who never loved her truly. After seeking divorce, Dhara sets out to lead her life on her own, along with her little daughter Shubhangi. Courage, independence and self esteem are portrayed by Dhara. Dhara then leads a school cricket team as their coach. She would now make the team win the cricket tournament and run a cricket academy for girls towards the end of the show.

Dehleez is the story of an IAS officer Adarsh Sinha from the influential Sinha Family, and Swadheenta Ramakrishnan who started law practice recently. After the couple’s love, marriage and togetherness, huge misunderstandings get between them. Swadheenta’s brother Asad is tagged as a terrorist and murderer of Adarsh’s brother Abhay. It gets tough for Swadheenta to prove Asad innocent. Even then the girl is going strong and standing against her mum in law Suhasini to get justice for Asad as well as Abhay. Both Tamanna and Dehleez can be regarded as inspirational stories, showing women’ determination and courage. Which show will you miss more – Tamanna or Dehleez? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Rhimjhim

    dehleez of course as the story line is extremely strong and inspiring as it is difficult to stand against ur own people for someone who is ur own too…

  2. Ishita

    Dehleez is awesome which is reflecting today’s scenario. People are taking it to their Herat’s, myself when I wake up I think of dehleez. When todays episode gets finished immediately I start waiting for next days episode. Its heart touching story. Role of suhasini is awesome. Its leaving such an impact that everyone needs this kind of mother and mother in law. Very sad that its getting closed.

  3. Percy Dainel

    Dehleez is full of family, love and affection.
    Women courage, inspiration to fight what is true and more over adrash and swadheenta a are very cute couple.

    Tamanna is a story of cricket lots of ups and downs but there is no positive male character or male lead who can support dhara.

    Both the story are really good but i would miss dehleez a lot.

  4. Anisha

    It’s dehleez ……such a gud serial I donno why they want to end it soo fast..plz don’t air off dehleez

  5. nb

    Dahleez of course. It is different than normal sas bahu serials and presented in quite alogical and real way. Some episodes were heartbreaking, but moreover the best of Star Plus.


    Dahleez of course, its so awesome serial and swadarsh they r the best couple .I LOVE U SWADARSH .PLZ PLZ DON’ END THIS SERIAL

  7. Tahzeeba

    obvio its dehleez .. Plz dont let dis show go off air … All the series are so boring saas bahu ypes and it only showcases the hypocrite way of character dehleez is a far way better than that it has high standards dignity n a gud story line .. Please dont let go off air plz

  8. Swapna

    Senseless saas bahu nonsense serials SNS YRKKH MAM last for ages..but good serials with a good story line end up very soon.

  9. Padu

    Loovvee Dehleez. Great cast and good story line. Very true that it was high in production value.

  10. Ragini


    |Registered Member

    Star plus has lost its charm they show boaring serials.They should show serials like swaragini krishna dasi and Naagin

  11. princess

    Don’t end dehleez I only love to watch this please don’t end it swadarsh are awesome together..

  12. ash

    It is sad they are finishing these two shows when the other saas bahu programmes carry on without any story for years

  13. karishma rathore

    I really love to watch dehleez. this is the only show I watch on ★ plus. I like concept of this show. please don’t go off air dehleez, I am huge fan of this show..??

  14. Reem

    Why this stupid people just don’t end shows like saath nibhana saathiya and yeh rishta kya kehlata hai instead of ending very good and awesome serials like diya or baati hum, tamanna and now dehleez… :3 i guess i should just stop watching star plus… they could have taken a leap in diya or baati hum and tamanna…!! :/

  15. Rumaisa

    I will miss dehleez alot.
    Star plus should eñd saas Bahu dramas añd the dramas which are ruññiñg for more thañ 5 years like sñs, yrkkh.
    Chemistry añd LOVE Betweeñ swadarsh is awesome .

  16. Ani Dina

    Both show dahleez n tamanna. Both their story r unique n strong plz keep dahleez it’s really great history

  17. SAAZKA

    Don’t end the serial DEHLEEZ its awesome …..
    End other serials like sns , dab ?rtc all rubbish ……
    Miss u if gone…

  18. Adhya


    |Registered Member

    plz..don’t end DEHLEEZ serial…it’s just awesome story…how can u end this soon..by leaving other dragging shows….in star plus….plz don’t stop DEHLEEZ…it’s just not only me..but a lot’s of people’s request……………

  19. Nil

    Dehleez is very nice and the overall concept is also very unique.I love Swadarsh..They creates magic on-screen.Please don’t stop this serial.Stop sathiya.

  20. kanchan

    Both the stories are really nice & unique and not like the usual saas bahu type.
    Lovely concept and good actors in both series…
    Will love to see such fresh serial.

  21. shnaakht

    I like the show dehleez more than any others….pls done end this serial very much soon……i love this show…pls dont stop this…..pls pls pls pls

  22. Nethra


    |Registered Member

    gonna miss both shows. .. humble request to not to shop the shows n come again with new twists in the story. .. both r women inspiration stories….. which shows the value of women n her dreams n her life . .

  23. Tilak Shankar Mukherjee

    Please don’t end Dehleez. Let it continue. It is my humble request to you. Please do something.

  24. P Shylaja

    I Like both the serials very much. From starting onwards I never missed one episode also. Especially in Tamanna I like Dhara and Mihir being togehter.

    • Lubna

      Stop dat SNS , DAB,….. Its to worst… Plz don’t stp DAHLEEZ….JUZ FEW MONTHS IT CAME….. Plz star plus don’t do this to us …..Don’t break our heart by doing lyk diz….. Plzzzzzz

  25. Muqaddasa

    I’ve been watching Tamanna since it’s preliminary episodes and I’ll miss all the inspirational dialogues. I really liked the Meerut Chapter.

    I watched Dahleez on and off (due to it’s late timing) and I’ll miss it too. I’ll miss both Tamara and Dahleez but will miss Tamanna more! =( Two really good shows going off air!

  26. Lucy

    Please do not end dahleez it is best show of now on, I like it very much please end Yeh Risha Kya Kehalata Hai & Diyya or Batti hum.

  27. Puja96

    DAHLEEZ..!! It is the only serial which I watch.. I used to watch ipkknd previously that also was stopped.. Pls dont stop this serial atleast..!!serial is going good.. I will miss dahleez a lot 🙁

  28. Manish

    Please end saath Nibhaana Saathiya ASAP.. nobodya is interested in wacthing that serial… pls pls

  29. preeti

    Please dont end the serial Dahleez. It is different from other serials of star plus. its story is very interesting and touching heart. plz dont end this serial. other serials like Saathiya, Diya aur baati hum, Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai, become now boring.These serials are running from long time. plz stop these serials now.NOt End the Dahleez

  30. sushma

    if you feel very necessary to stop the show why cant stop the many other shows which are unnecessary.

  31. Dhaval Patel

    dont let it go both shows are awosome its bringing positive thinking i was getting bored of watching sas bahu and family drama if you keep taking away good shows then soon we will stop watching this starplus bcs their is nothing like plus

  32. Sneh Chakraburtty

    Whenever you have good serials, they end up with a moral and not the story that needs a conclusion for viewers which REALLY should be the moral of the story- when will that stop?
    Then we have dummy ghost and the so painful Gopi in all her avatars as ???most viewed’????

  33. dipalshukla

    plzz dont end this serial…..plzzzzzzzzz…dude this was 1 show which was a normal 1 nt like others

  34. deepak

    please tridha do any other show with adrash in hindi please
    and dehleez is good show
    please directer do other show with tridha n adrash

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