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The Episode starts with Baa asking Roy to be away from Dhara. Roy asks her to leave it, he won’t talk. He asks Deepak what is he doing about cricket these days. He sees Dhara’s number written in saucer by Saroj, and talks to Deepak. He goes out and asks Deepak to try once, as Mihir is a good guy. Deepak says Dhara is happy without cricket, I feel we should not talk to her about cricket now, lets just drop this now, cricket was snatched from her and I could not do anything. Roy says if I have anything in heart, I do something about it, I will not leave this midway. He leaves.

Roy calls Dhara and talks to her. She says I have made cricket out of my life, don’t put me in trouble. He asks her to try once and talk to Mihir, you got 10 years training, you can play cricket, whats wrong in talking

to Mihir. She says sorry, this can’t happen. He says fine, as you wish. She ends call. She sees kids playing cricket and gets drawn to the game again.

She thinks Mihir took home in bad society, there is no proper bowler, batsman and fielder. She gives tips to kids. The boy does not understand. She goes to teach them and plays with them. The kids ask her to do batting. She says I can’t, I m wearing saree. They insist. She says fine and recalls her cricket game. She goes batting to show them. They say she plays solid and asks her to teach them. She asks them to practice daily, I m seeing you for first time. The kids say secretary banned cricket here. She asks who is secretary, I will talk. She gives them tips. The boy says secretary allowed to play on just weekends. She asks who is that rude secretary. The kids show Mihir. She gets shocked. She plays cricket infront of Mihir, which shocks Mihir.

Mihir asks will she play just cricket or come home. She goes with him and says you did not say you are cricket secretary. He says not everything need to be said, you did not say you are playing cricket. She says it was not my plan, I just saw kids and came here. He says it was not my plan too, I became secretary. She asks about banning cricket, was it any plan to ban it just before our marriage, 4 months ago. They come home and see the cooker bursting. All the dish spoils the kitchen.

Mihir looks at her and leaves angrily. She cleans the kitchen. He asks how can you leave house with gas on, if house blasted then… please become responsible, it’s a request. She says it was accident. He says no, it was not accident, you heard cricket sound and left, you forgot the gas stove on, this will become routine from tomorrow. She says I did not forget this when I started teaching kids, I forgot it when I came to know you are secretary and you stopped cricket before our marriage, I forgot everything. He asks what do you mean. She says I want to ask, why did you ban kids’ cricket and why before our marriage. He says its bad question, I will answer you, an old couple stay on 1st floor, that aunty is bed ridden, a kid shot mastershot, the window broke and glass hurt that aunty’s face, she was lying like that wounded till uncle came back, you did not try to know the reason. I m secretary and have to take care of everyone. He goes.

Dhara goes to meet that old couple. She introduces herself. He says this is my wife. He talks to Dhara from his wife’s behalf. Dhara says I got married 4 months ago, do you know Mihir, he is my husband. He says I know, that secretary. Lavanya comes there and says what a wonderful surprise, I thought to make Dhara meet uncle and aunty. Lavanya teases uncle and jokes. She says lets get serious now and gives the medicines. Dhara looks on. Uncle asks the payment for medicines. Lavanya says zero. He asks her to take some money. She says no, I have big agenda, once aunty gets fine, we will get divorce papers signed and then we will marry. She jokes. Uncle tells Dhara that they kept bed near window so that she sees kids playing here, the kids used to play earlier. Dhara says aunty was hit by ball. He says yes, but one year ago. Dhara gets shocked.

Dhara argues with Mihir and confronts him about his lies. He asks do you think its my conspiracy….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really appreciate the practical approach present by this show by showing how aspiring women have to face the orthodoxical& hypocritical society in our country especially in sports like M C Mary kom & others.

  2. And the “extra mile” of this show is that it shows the struggle of a woman after her marriage bcz her nonsupporting marital life doubles her hurdle.As its a common belief that after marriage woman’s life encircle around her husband & children and their get finished.

  3. Perfect timing as rebel of Dhara is seen in Women’s week .√√√

  4. And the “extra mile” of this show is that it shows the struggle of a woman after her marriage bcz her nonsupporting marital life doubles her hurdle.As its a common belief that after marriage woman’s life encircle around her husband & children and their career get finished.

  5. TTAMANNA well wisher

    I agree with u naaz

  6. Agree with u naaz..

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