Tamanna 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Saroj doing tilak to tractor and making all girls sit. Baa asks Deepak to take them to fair. He asks how will I manage to see so many girls, its fair. Baa insists and they leave. They all reach the fair. Baa asks the girls to hold elder’s hand, if they get away then they should come to enquiry counter. Dhara and the kids go inside the fair. Dhara asks Deepak to buy goggles for her. Deepak says no, eyes will get bad. Baa says miser, buy it for Dhara. She gets goggles for Dhara. She sits relaxing on her armchair. Deepak sees Baa with goggles and says you look a queen. Baa says ask Dhara, she wanted goggles for me, not her. Deepak says I knew it, so I said no. Baa says I m having fun.

Dhara and the girls enjoy in the swings. Baa takes Dhara to other swing and asks Deepak

to guard her chair. They all go to take instant pic. A lady tells about a Mahapurush donkey, who tells future. Baa also enjoys with the girls. The lady asks donkey to show who will get groom like Amitabh. The donkey goes to man. Lady asks men not to wear women like clothes. She says my wallet got stolen, I have to call police. The man asks her to ask donkey. The lady says fine, I will ask him. Donkey goes to Baa. The lady says I will check you. Baa says I don’t have. The lady gets wallet from Baa. She says its just game, and asks who will get groom like Sachin. Donkey passes by and Dhara stops him by forwarding her leg. The lady says this girl will get groom like Sachin. Dhara smiles.

Dhara tells Deepak what donkey said, that she will get groom like Sachin, and he also said Baa stole the lady’s wallet. Deepak laughs. They send girls to another swing. Baa says you stand here Deepak, I will also go. Dhara sees few boys playing cricket outside fair and smiles. Baa asks the girls did they enjoy. Saroj asks Baa where is Dhara. Baa says she was here. The girl says Dhara went. Baa says maybe she is with Deepak, and asks him. Deepak says Dhara is not with me, and looks for her. They all look for Dhara and get announcement made for her. A man tells Deepak that Dhara is outside. Deepak shouts Dhara and goes to her. He asks what are you doing here, and raises hand. Baa says don’t beat her, its your mistake, not her. They all come back home.

Deepak tells Dhara that she spoiled everyone’s day, how could she go without informing. She says no one would have allowed me to go. He says we were mad finding you, cricket is boys game, you will play with girls, not at cricket ground. Dhara sleeps. He sees she slept. He says cricket passion…

Baa scolds Deepak and says every girl wants to go to fair, and your daughter fearlessly went out of fair to watch cricket, I told you not to teach Dhara cricket, her life will be ruined, you will be responsible. Deepak says I did not know this would happen. Baa asks him to stop playing cricket. He says I will say no to everyone after tomorrow’s practice session. Baa asks Deepak and Saroj to go to room, Dhara is sleeping.

Deepak tells everything to his friend. He says Dhara was standing lost there seeing the fielding, Baa got very angry, she gave ultimatum to quit cricket. Deepak says I will not come for few months, I know she is talented, but she is girl. His friend praises Dhara and says see she has come. Deepak scolds Dhara and she argues saying she did all work told by Baa. He says you should not come. She asks why. He gets angry and drags her. Deepak gets Dhara home. Baa says leave her, she is girl. Deepak locks Dhara in room. Dhara screams. They all get shocked seeing blood drops there.

Deepak asks is everything fine. Doctor says fingers got smashed in door… Deepak worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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