Tamanna 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara’s team addressing the people and requesting them to stay united, and not snatch their future. Basheer, Imran, Manoj, Virat and everyone talk to the people. Virat says we are making appeal to you all, as you all have big heart, you are elders and will give us what we ask for, like Lord gives everything by answering prayers. Basheer says we want riots darkness to end here, we came to make a fresh start, we have two options here, you all have to choose one thing. Everyone look on. Basheer says we have papers with stories of our charity trust written on it.

Basheer tells about Vishwamber, someone burnt his shop in riots, he went to save his shop and his wife was supporting him, they got in the fire and turned to ashes. He gets the old woman and says Vishwamber’s mum and

his daughters are surviving and fighting with their hunger, who is responsible for this, they are cursing their fate, it was not their fault to lose their family. Dhara says these children have told everything, now decision is in your hands. They will get stories and peaceful roses for you, think what you have to choose, if you choose the bloodshed stories, this city will become a story too, we forget that those we kill is also human and he has family too, is this justice to break someone’s house.

Sanjay says we have to break this hatred wall, so that we stay peacefully. Veer says riots do not see any Dharm, we are made by Lord, we should not insult Lord’s creation. Arjun tells another story of Daulat, he has beaten up and killed by some group of people, he pleaded to the people to leave him, as he is the only person to take care of his parents, he was brutally killed by the sword, his father is still in his death shock. Chaurasia calls Arjun’s dad, and says he is going against our religion, and favoring others, come and see how is he ruining our respect. Basheer asks them to end the enmity. The guys explain about the enmity which just results in death, its no one’s benefit, we should not forget our unity.

Basheer says staying together is not tough, look at us, we play cricket together, we study together, we feel we are same, we are working hard since many months for our same dream, we want the city to have brotherhood, peace and harmony, we all can be together, we want peace, but how to end this enmity. Manoj says we have a key to end this enmity, that’s apology, everyone want to forget wounds, love can heal the wounds. Basheer says I forgive that man who killed my dad in such riots, I understood revenge does not end revenge, just forgiving can end the revenge feelings, I could not understand this before, but Dhara has filled this light in my eyes, I wanted to find those murderers, but Dhara trained us in cricket and humanity too, I m forgiving that murderer today, and I choose this rose to give him, so that he can say life is like a rose, let it essence stay.

Dhara asks them to think what will they choose, peace sign rose, or blood sign stories, I beg you for these children’s future. Pervez takes roses and papers to everyone. The people choose roses. Dhara, Sanjay, Mishra and everyone get glad. Dhara says all stories on these papers are true, just choose peace and then see no power can fail us. Muslim and hindu guys hug. Chaurasia looks on. Sanjay and Salamat smile. Arjun’s dad comes there and stops Arjun. He gets angry on Dhara for risking their children’s life, this time she used them and crossed the limit, you tell me why did you do this. He scolds Dhara.

Dhara talks to other parents and says even if you make me leave from this city, you can’t make my thinking leave form here, this is my promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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