Tamanna 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Deepak getting some ration. He asks Praveen why so much items. Praveen says Baa told me to send all this, I can’t do anything, talk to Baa. Deepak calls Baa and asks about the items. Baa says Dhara will keep 5 day fasts, get all that I said. Deepak says its items for 5 months. Baa says I know how much everyone eat, get everything. Deepak gets the items on his scooter and people ask him to buy tempo and pity on scooter.

Saroj and Baa show Dhara the tree growing fast and say Dhara will get a nice groom. Baa cooks food at night and asks Dhara to eat well, as her fast will start from tomorrow. Dhara asks will the groom also fast, does he not want a good wife. Deepak laughs. Baa says grooms don’t fast, they don’t need to keep fast, as girls are good already. Dhara eats

a lot. Deepak looks on surprised. Baa smiles.

Its morning, Saroj makes everything ready. Baa gives money to some little girls and thgen Dhara. Baa does the puja and makes Dhara do aarti. The women sing aarti and make their daughters do puja. Dhara and the girls play around with Baa. Baa tells them to take two tiffins to school, one from their mother and another from Baa. She tells Deepak that girls are so happy, now you understood why I ordered so many things from Praveen. Deepak greets her. She asks him to come home early.

Its evening, Baa gets Deepak to have food. He says I m not hungry. She asks Deepak to have roti fast, Dhara will be coming its matter of 5 days. Deepak asks Saroj about her fast. Saroj says I kept fast for 14 years. Deepak asks how much did it work. She says fifty fifty, 7 years worth. Deepak says no, its double, 28 years, you would have not got groom like me. Baa says I m glad seeing you both, eat food fast Deepak.

Dhara comes home and Baa gives her food. Baa says I don’t want to have this. Deepak says I will throw from here and you catch it. Dhara sees the food plate hidden by Baa and takes it. Deepak says Baa has hidden plate, I was eating openly. Dhara says I will eat food, and argues with Baa. Baa stops Dhara and asks Saroj to get curd and dry roti for Dhara. She calms Dhara and says you will get good groom, every girl is keeping fast. Dhara asks why did they make good dish at home then… I want to eat it and shouts. Deepak says you can’t eat it, we told you. Saroj says you will get good groom. Dhara asks her to write it and give. Baa says I will write, tell me what type of groom you want. Dhara shows Sachin and smiles. Baa stares at Deepak angrily. Deepak’s smile goes and he leaves from there.

Its night, Dhara is sleeping. Saroj gives food to Deepak. Baa says see Dhara showed Sachin’s pic. Deepak asks what shall I do. Baa says nothing, have food. Baa asks him why is he not having veg dish. He says he won’t eat as Dhara did not eat that dish, he won’t talk about cricket now. Dhara turns and Baa hides plate again. She says sorry, have it now. Deepak asks shall I eat like this for 5 days, its better I keep fasts. Baa says see she is snoring now, she has to do jagran also. Deepak says she is keeping fast, that’s enough. Baa says I m in tension seeing Sachin’s pic shown by Dhara.

Baa shows a movie to the kids and asks Dhara why is she not liking it. she saks Dhara not to sleep, and feels sleepy. Saroj asks Baa to go and sleep, Deepak is here to keep Dhara awake. Deepak asks Saroj to go and rest, as she is tired too. Saroj asks Dhara not to sleep, and goes. Dhara lies down. Deepak asks Dhara to get up and not sleep. He says I will show you some other thing, come, it will be fun. The kids ask what. Deepak says Kapil’s trick.

Deepak shows Kapil’s cricket match to Dhara. Her sleep goes away and sits watching the match. Time passes. Deepak says I have seen this match by being awake all night. Baa comes and sees this. She switches off the tv and looks at them. All the girls fall asleep, and just Dhara and Deepak stay awake. Deepak says I donlt know about others, Dhara likes the match and stayed awake. He hugs Dhara and smiles.

Deepak and everyone try finding Dhara in the market, and make announcement.

Update Credit to: Amena

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